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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    FYI, if you look for foam tips that are listed as “slow rebound”, it helps because after you squish it with your fingers it takes longer to expand back into shape. This gives you extra time so that you can get the IEM inserted (pulling back on the top of the ear), twisted around, and situated in place etc before the foam expands and locks everything into place

    Some foam tips rebound faster, and really don’t give you enough time. The KZ gel foam tips are like this as well, which is yet another reason why I’m not fond of them.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2017
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  2. Mellowship
    Yes, and even in this Comply imitation tips, they tend to rebound at different rates depending on colour. I have the impression the darker the tips, the fastest the rebound. Black ones also seem slightly harder than the light greys or the red/blue ones. Go figure that out...
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  3. xrk971
    I like using red for Right and blue for Left channels. Makes it so very easy to identify correct earpiece. I just did a quick unscientific test and indeed red one rebounds slower by about 2 seconds vs blue. Both are slow enough (ca. 5 sec) to allow fitting into ear.
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  4. mono-type
    Since we're talking foam tips here (I already asked a page ago, but I seemed to be ignored lol T.T), what works best with the ZS6? Should I get foam tips like the Comply T400 or should I settle for SpinFit CP100-M (in which I'm kinda leaning to buy)? I am aiming for taming the treble, as I said earlier, the ZS6 is a bit sibiliant to my tastes.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2017
  5. SomeGuyDude
    If you're looking to tame the treble, go foams. I grabbed the Bees off Amazon and they're perfect (5-7mm).

    Spinfits are awesome, but the regular spinfits don't really work for the ZS series because they're not a deep insertion IEM. The Blades, the cp240-m, do work a lot better, but I still prefer the foams for these.
  6. RomStar
    Firstly thanks all for answering my questions, ultimately I went for the Bee tips cuz of 2 reason. One: It was 20$ cheaper than comply lol. Two: I paid 8$ to get it shipped within a week, not bad I guess.

    Secondly, thanks a lot for clarifying the difference between Revision 1 and 2. As far as I understand Rev 2 is more zs6 esque with the dual BA at the nozzle. I know sound is subjective but I watched DSM3 TV retract his statement very recently. He says he no longer recommends Rev 2 of Zs5 due to the treble spike. Now I didn't blindly take his words, but I trust him and I'm a bit confused. And if the V2 sounds anything like the ZS6, apparently the treble is over whelming. That's what I saw in all the ZS6 reviews

    Kinda wish I had a V2 to compare against, but alas I can't. However I am getting the Swing Ie800, which is apparently treble centric but amazing supposedly, guess we will see ^^

    Thanks for letting me know, after looking back I could not see any 2nd BA. Just a question tho, what do some mean by this Revision 1 utilizes only 3 drivers? That confuses me :0
  7. xrk971
    I recommend the mucho inexpensive T400 clones. I can't justify $20/set for comply's.
  8. Wiljen
    No, both versions have 2 BA per side. In version 1 a single BA is in the nozzle and the 2nd is in the main body of the IEM. In Version 2 both BAs are in the nozzle.
  9. Viber
    So... Can we finally assume that the rumor about a Double Driver ZS3 was just a rumor?

    I really love the ZS3's shell, i'm disappointed that i dont hear anything about "the new model" anymore.
  10. TJK81
    Can you post some measurement of the ZS5 v2? i don't wanna to offend you. But i saw measurments/graphs of the v1 and ZS6 only. Expecting the v2 have similar spike to ZS6 at aprox 11-14kHz.
  11. vegetaleb
    And if at the 11.11 the ZS5 is in the 15ish $ and the ZS6 above 35$, is the SQ difference enough to justify such a gap in price?
  12. Wiljen
    Hi-FIChris posted a graph of all three - go back a few pages and it is there. It was very shortly after the release of the Zs6 when He and I were the only ones that had them.
  13. Wiljen
    I'm really hoping to find an LZ-A4 at a good discount on 11.11. Probably will grab a couple more Magaosi K3s for the wife and daughter if they come down at least $25 or so. Would love to see them on sale at $50 but doubt we will see a price quite that good.
  14. Superluc
    It's not a rumor.

    Hillsonicaudio as proved to be a trustfully report for what KZ tell at the retailer shops. If KZ have delayed that model a bit there is no need, as for now, to thinking that the production of that model was canceled or the info may be just a baseless rumor.

    See here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BZ01BrBFvjc/?taken-by=hillsonicaudio
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  15. Saoshyant
    17track can't find the number either, and about a month since ordering.

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