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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Lord Rexter
    Thank you, to my ears the ZS6 is a little clearer, has better detail retrieval and bass is fast/punchy not boomy. The new bee foam tips are better than the original Comply tips, they do a great job at mellowing down the treble of ZS6.
    in my opinion ZS6 are a clear improvement on ZS5 in terms of build and sound. So you might want to wait for a great GearBest deal and order them. :gs1000smile: Hope this helps.
  2. eaglesgift
    Do we know when the v2 first appeared? I thought I ordered my first set quite early on (May 26th) but looking at them now, I am almost certain they have 2 BAs in the nozzles.
  3. eaglesgift
    Thinking about it, it can't be possible but if there's only one BA, it isn't centred.
  4. maxxevv
    According to this diagram, the the ZS5v1 BA is located co-axially with the earpiece nozzle.

    Note the centreline of the BA nozzle versus the earphone nozzle centreline.
  5. vector84
    V1 isn't centered, it's against the wall of the nozzle near the front of the IEM:
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  6. vector84
    I believe it was VinceHill24 that first reported the existence of the v2 long before anyone had one in hand. Again going off memory, I believe he said KZ told him that they began shipping out v2s in early August.
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  7. Rilke
    Finally it has been shipped :relieved:. In a message they said it can tracked after 7 days. So let's see.
  8. vector84
    BA near the front wall - my guess would be a v1, but check different lighting / angles / move your head and the light around and you should be able to see better if there is indeed a second circle.
  9. acia
    anyone cares to explain why v1 is better than v2?
  10. maxxevv
    It isn't. Its just some people who claim that it has hotter treble for the V2. But that's not the impression my ears have for them. In fact, I find the bass and treble separation on the V2s to be nicer compared to the V1s which a friend has. As in the bass doesn't muffle out the treble details as much on the V2s comparatively.

    Caveat : That's what my ears hear, so its highly subjective. And to me, they are not 'hot' in terms of treble either.
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  11. eaglesgift
    Assuming my blue ones from May are v1 and my grey ones from a few weeks ago, which 100% have two BAs, are v2, v1 is not better than v2 in my opinion.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2017
  12. eaglesgift
    I just spent a few minutes going back and forth between the two versions as fast as I could, just listening to the guitar chords on the intro to Back in Black, and they sounded brighter on the v1s. On the v2s they sounded a little more detailed and had slightly more weight/impact if that makes any sense. Pretty much the opposite of what I was expecting.
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  13. vector84
    Better is subjective.

    In measurable terms, there's a big spike in treble energy around 7-10kHz on the v2 as compared to the v1. There's also changes to the DD configuration that are less well categorized.

    As for the treble spike - people seem to expect it to translate simply based on what a 10kHz sine wave sounds like... but that's not how our hearing works. Mostly the perceptions of such a spike will fall into one of two camps: a) very detailed treble, or b) sharp/hot treble :shrug:
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  14. eaglesgift
    What instruments are going to be making noises at 7-10kHz? I can't think of any offhand. Would it only be percussion?
  15. vector84
    Percussion and vocals can contain larger amounts of energy there, but it's mostly harmonics and overtones that it's influencing, hence translating poorly versus a pure tone.
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