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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Saoshyant
    Oh I did try using the tracking number on different sites and it comes up as a non-existent number. Hopefully they actually sent it out.
  2. Trisse
    Someone got a clue how to change language settings on my Bluetooth module? Somehow I managed to change the settings so when I start/ shutdown the headset it's on Chinese.
  3. eaglesgift
    Thanks. I'm not hearing any treble spikes from the v2s - not really sure why. My hearing may have deteriorated somewhat but I can hear test frequencies up to 18 kHz so I'd have thought I'd be able to hear them. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise; my eyesight is 20/40 or perhaps a little worse but I rarely wear glasses because the world looks so messy when it's completely in focus. I'm thinking I might have a hearing deficiency that means treble spikes don't bother me either :)
  4. vector84
  5. bsoplinger
    I've always used 17track.net for tracking shipping from Chinese stores. I use Deliveries Package Tracker by oRRs on my Android devices. The author is great about adding or correcting the various shippers. As soon as the gearbest web site shows any tracking information (its usually tracking information sent to shipper) I add it to the app and it tracks it well.
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  6. Slater
    Coil came up with the idea a few years ago, and he even made wood cover plates.

    I used the stock cover plates and metal mesh from some old Apple earbuds.


    You also have to close off a vent on the nozzle with tape or glue.

    The mod makes a big difference with the ATE. It's not even the same IEM with the mods; no comparison with stock.
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  7. vegetaleb
    11.11 of Aliexpress is not far and like every year I intend to get a new pair of KZ :)
    I think I am gonna get the ZS5, the ZS6 got not so good reviews specially for the price/SQ
    The ZS5 instead would be a great upgrade over my ZS3, If it's about 25-28$ today it should be in the 15$ at the 11.11 no?
  8. youngarthur
    I have the ZS3/5/6, and quite a few others, and in this group, my go to is the ZS6. The 3, seems to lack instrument separation to a degree, the 5 is better at it, but for me, the 6 has it, good separation,depth, width etc. I won't get into bass/ mid/ treble, that for you to decide.
  9. mono-type
    I'm planning on getting a pair or two of SpinFit CP100-M's. Would they work well on KZ's IEMs like the ZS3 or the ZS6?
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2017
  10. Slater
    Be aware that it’s very possible that you’ll receive the ZS5 v2, which has tuning very similar to the ZS6. The ZS5 v1 is harder to find nowadays, and there’s no easy way to tell which version it is without inspecting down inside of the nozzle under the mesh screen.

    Most sellers have no clue that there’s even a difference, much less what to look for (and how to do it). And that’s assuming they’re even willing to check by visual inspection (the same issue I had when trying to track down a ZS1 v1).

    So if your plan is to get the ZS5 to somehow avoid the sound changes reported with the ZS6, you may be in for a surprise.

    It might be easier to just get a ZS6 for the better build (metal housing). The treble isn’t as bad as many make it out to be. I actually like the ZS6; it’s different than the ZS5 v1, but I think it’s better overall (especially if you use foam tips).
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  11. xrk971
    Interesting to hear that there is a V2 with dual BA nozzles aimed into the ear canal.

    I can confirm that these T400 clone tips from eBay or Aliexpress work very well. Super fit and comfortable. Boosts the bass too with better seal.


    So looking at exploded diagram of ZS-6 now. I like the metal shell. I see a vented cover with mesh grill. This concerns me because one thing I like about the ZS-5 is that they are sealed (relatively except for tiny bass reflex port) and are quite good at isolating outside noise. A absolute requirement for me as a commuter on a noisy bus/train. Can anyone comment on the isolation if they have received theirs yet?
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2017
  12. mono-type
    Addendum on my own question: Should I get SpinFit CP100-M's or should I get foams instead (like Comply T-400's)? I plan on primarily using the aforementioned tips on my ZS6, as I'm looking on how could I tame the treble a bit; it's quite sibilant to my tastes.
  13. Slater
    Actually, the ZS5 has a number of vents, all along the “seam” where the back cover attaches to the shell. It looks like there’s a ‘gap’ in the seam, but if you look carefully you’ll notice all of the vents.

    The ZS6 seals the cover at the shell, and moves all of the vents to the rear cover (in addition to increasing the overall area of the vents).

    As far as the effect of the vent configuration on the ZS5 vs the ZS6, I have only noticed a slight difference in soundstage between the 2 (ZS6>ZS5), but as far as isolation ZS5>ZS6.
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  14. xrk971
    Hi Slater,
    Thanks for the clarification on isolation of ZS5 vs ZS6. Dang, never would have seen those micro vents on the "seam" unless you told me about them. Good to hear from you again... hope you are enjoying your amp still.
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  15. Mellowship
    Yes those tips work wonders! I use them in most IEMs with excellent results. Only in those that are hard to fit I use silicone ones. The ZS3 is great with foams but I always get a hard time twisting them around my ears to get a comfy fitting.

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