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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. TJK81
    Just checked HifiChris web site. No mention about measurments of the V2. Just v1 and ZS6... and comparison of both. Maybe i searched wrongly.
  2. Superluc
    It may depends also on the shipment type you have choose. Try something different next time.
  3. Wiljen
    I misspoke it was Hakuzen that posted them. Start on page 1525 in this thread and he has FR charts for the Zs5 and Zs6 over about the next 4 or 5 pages of the thread.
  4. HiFiChris Contributor
    Nope, you're correct, I've only heard and measured the ZS5 v1 (one unit) and ZS6 (two units), and have never heard or measured the ZS5 v2.

    PS: For anyone mentioning me or any other user, it is advised to use "@" (such as "@HiFiChris") so that the user gets a notification that he was mentioned and can reply, since not everybody is always on every thread wherefore an important question or remark could be overlooked.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2017
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  5. Viber
    Ok, thats something to hold on to.
  6. AudioObsession
    I think I'm one of the few people that is actually HOPING I end up getting a ZS5 **V.2**
    I ordered mine (Gray, ,WITHOUT Mic) on September 26 (my first order on GearBest) and yeah, their tracking information is definitely awful.. It's rather nerve wrecking not knowing if it will even arrive, I ordered a ES3 (that I LOVE!) only 1/2 hour or so before I ordered my ZS5 yet the ES3 arrived over a week ago.. Why??? :-/ ...

    But again I secretly hope the ZS5 a V.2.

    The main reason I'm hoping this is, it seems like the V.2 is the best way to get a very close taste of what the ZS6 sounds like..
    Am I correct in assuming this??
    Thanks! :)
  7. TJK81
    I'm familiar with @hakuzen measurments. Maybe i'm dumb but IMO he never provided measurement of the v2. He has ZST's, ES3's, ZS5v1 and ZS6's and provided measurments with different kind of tips and cables.
  8. eaglesgift
    I haven't heard the ZS6 so I'm afraid I can't answer your question but they do at least have the BA drivers in the same position so you could be right. I ordered the ZS5 Grey without mic from Gearbest too, as I'd read posts by one or two others on this thread who got the v2 that way, so I think you have a very good chance of getting the v2 as well.

    I definitely prefer it to the v1.
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  9. hakuzen
    yep, i never measured a ZS5 v2 either, because didn't get success in getting a pair after 2 tries at gearbest (second pair was defective, btw; had to make a video of the inverted plug in one driver to get a refund, although photos were self-explicative); shipping methods have changed at gearbest to worse, so don't know if i'll try again.
  10. vector84
    I want to say there were a couple crude ones posted elsewhere, but I'm not sure if they ever made it to this thread (and sadly I didn't bookmark any of them or anything). If they're out there though, chances are decent they weren't taken with anywhere near the same level of standards compliant equipment that @hakuzen brings to the table though, so comparing them would be... questionable at best. Remember how you're not supposed to do that for data past 7kHz on different measurement rigs? :wink:

    And as far as I know, the v2 has never had an impedance curve posted, so information about how it reacts to sources rather limited.
    My guess would be the v2 has a FR shaped like the ZS6, but impedance shaped like the v1, but that's just a guess.
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  11. SomeGuyDude
    IEM measurements need a shitload of qualifications dude.

    I have the v1 and ZS6 and that gnarly treble spike really did go away after I put the foams on and just let them "settle" a bit.
  12. kiler
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  13. hakuzen
    well, i'll try to get a zs5 v2 again for the team. blue one this time, all gray ones i got were v1. fine tuning my rig meanwhile..
  14. hakuzen
    any good coupon for blue zs5 (mic/no mic) at gb now?
  15. vector84
    The generic KZ coupon for -16% still works "GBKZ"

    But there have been some way better short-term coupons popping up for them recently over in the GB thread.
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