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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. c4rb0n
    Im going to try it later. Thanks for the info bro. For now im just sticking with my EQ settings -4dB on 8 Khz. Seems to tame the trebble for me haha. Oh i also tried it on my Benjie S5 and i find the DBB EQ setting matches well with the ZS6, at 11 volume anything above that its too treble hot for me.
  2. young59

    Can you guys listen to this song for sibilance I am using the ZS5 v2 and I can't listen to this sing without having lower the volume by a considerable amount.Is it just because of the iem being bright or case of bad recording?To me the vocal just sound too harsh.
  3. Wiljen
    Try dropping the 10kHz by -6db too. The Zs6 has a spike at 8 and another at 10 so cutting both may remove that harshness you are still getting.
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  4. Wiljen
    It is pretty bright at spots but what you are getting is partially Zs5. I just ran it through my Icarus III for comparison and while I did pick up an occasional harsh note it wasn't unlistenable. The video however is about as amateur a production as I have been subjected to recently.
  5. Chaosy
    Hello guys, I'm new to here(and also new to the sound industry). Just ordered my ZS6s and am really excited to give them a listen. Even though I have treble sensitive ears, I'm still willing to try them.

    Some people suggested me to get the Dunu 75 ohm impedance adapter to dampen the sibilance and looks like their suggestion originated from here( thank you @hakuzen ). I'm going to use my galaxy s8 as the source and I don't know If my s8 will have enough power to drive them. So I did some research on budget portable amps, I could only find 2 for the budget of $70, and they're Fiio A3 and Fiio Q1. But I can't decide on which one to get. A3 is more powerful but the Q1 has a DAC. Do I really need an ex-DAC or is the S8's DAC good enough? (ZS6+Silver Plated Cable+75 Ohm adapter+Comply foam tips. This will be my setup)

    Sorry for the long post, I'm just really excited because this will be my first setup and I don't want to mess it up.
  6. young59
    Sorry about the video I had only listened to audio on spotify and couldn't find a audio only version.So it a little harsh which is boosted or amped by the ZS5 right?
  7. hakuzen
    sorry for my english and for the terminology..

    sabaj da2 dac/amp is very portable, powerful enough, good quality sound. it's difficult to find a better deal at its price range. you could use it with your pc as well.

    but if you need to keep using your usual smartphone apps for streaming, a single headphones amplifier is the easiest solution. just watch out ampifier's output impedance, and the absence of output coupling caps in it, if you plan to use ZS5 on it https://www.head-fi.org/threads/kno...essions-thread.698148/page-1553#post-13777918.
    so i wouldn't suggest topping nx2 for ZS5 at all (it's >3.3ohms, and uses coupling caps), nor nx1s (same output impedance), old nx1 was <1ohm output impedance and no coupling caps, so better suitable for zs5, but had noticeable hiss, high gain mode had bass roll-off (design issue), and was not very powerful.
  8. kokakolia
    It's not just the ZS5, but the ATE too! I got used to it eventually. It's not the end of the world, but I expect something better! Earphones are cheaper than ever these days. And you can get something really, really good for $25 or less. (Marshall Mode...yeah, I'll shut up).
  9. mbwilson111
    I hope you love them! I do.

    I have always considered myself to be treble sensitive but I was very pleasantly surprised last night when I listened to my ZS6 which arrived yesterday. After all of the things that people were saying here, I expected to hate them. Well, I plugged them into my Cayin N3 at 10PM and the next thing I knew it was 3AM! :) I do not have any expensive IEMs but I will say that these might be the best ones I have (need to listen to my Uiisii CM5 again).

    Plenty of bass but not headache inducing. Sub bass where present... I use the title track of Bela Fleck - Flight of the Cosmic Hippo for that. Around 2:24 it goes as low as I have ever heard. Great vocals... male and female. Singer songwriters that I have seen live in small venues sounded as they should. Certain female vocals that can sometimes annoy me were fine. Strings were beautiful. Drums had authority. Cymbals shimmered. Great clarity. I had just planned on listening to certain tracks but ended up listening to entire albums. Love everything about them (I have the green ones) except for the over ear cable. I have long hair and it just gets all tangled up in the hair which is particularly annoying when I try to remove them. I know the memory wire can be removed. I did that with the ZS3 and just made it worse. Hard to even find the cable behind my ear mixed in with my hair. A new cable is coming from ali... not quite the same as stock. Hoping it will be nice.

    I feel bad for those who are experiencing too much treble because I would hate that too. But it did not happen for me. I do only use Daps (sometimes with an amp for higher impedance headphones)... have never listened out of a phone. As much tech as I have here, I do not even own a smartphone... haha. I am happy that way. I know that makes me a freak! Computers, laptops, tablets, e-readers... and daps give me all I need..,oh, and a landline:)

    Everyone has different ears, different music, different sources, different expectations... so I am not surprised that people are reporting varying impressions. At least this does not cost the hundreds of dollars that some do!

    Tonight I will use them with my Opus #1 which is what I meant to do last night but it was out of charge.

    had to edit... I listened from 10PM until 3AM (5 hours). I did not listen from 10AM until 3 AM LOL. I would have starved if I had done that -17 hours! Hard to eat with IEMs in... it sounds weird. I can drink tea:) Maybe that could be a new diet... just run all day long with iems in.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
  10. eaglesgift
    Can't you stop? If you seriously think they are so much better than KZ IEMs that's great but please take it to another, more appropriate, thread. They seem to be $40 generally anyway, not $25. The only ones I've seen at that price are on eBay, being sold 'without retail packaging' by a Chinese vendor with negative feedback for selling fake Sennheisers. 'Nuff said
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  11. Slater
    I was planning on doing the foam mod to 1 or both BAs. But after my ZS6 arrived and I finished BI, I found them perfectly fine. No treble cannons, no sibilance, and no fatigue. And I'm treble sensitive - the stock ZST was like a knife in my eardrums.

    Even with the stock Starline tips they sound great. Foams sound even better (at the expense of some sub-bass). I tried to tape the bass port and didn't like them that way (plus couldn't take the driver flex). They are the best KZ IEM by a wide margin, even when compared to the ZS5 v1.

    @BubbleWrap86 is right though - someone did it and said it worked great. Just follow the ZST foam mod procedure to a T. If it was me, I would start with just doing 1 of the 2 BAs. If it's still too much, then do the 2nd BA.

    Let us know how it turns out if you decide to do it.
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  12. mbwilson111
    I was surprised that I got a seal with the stock starlines. Plan to leave them on.
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  13. Slater
    Nice job.

    You could also use a diamond scale if you have access to one (ie a digital scale used to measure the weight of diamonds). They are incredibly accurate. So are the digital scales used by compound pharmacies and pharma scientists to measure milligrams and even micrograms of raw material
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
  14. hakuzen
    thanks, but it was @HiFiChris who suggested the impedance adapter, after trying and measuring zs6 with high output impedance sources. i only measured it.

    anyway, i listened to that combo (source+ impedance adapter + zs6) for a few minutes, and didn't like it. i prefer the foams + minor equalization to tame the highs.
    if you could get a decent equalizer app which could be used together with your usual playing apps, it should be a better solution than the impedance adapter, IMO.

    don't know the specs of the audio of the galaxy s8, but the zs6 are not hard to drive. i've tried them with benjie s5 just now, and found you can reach about 104dB SPL peak with low distortion. most smartphones are more powerful than benjie s5 (at least, those which i was able to find audio specs of, like iphones or xiaomis).
    i'll post the results and comparison with zs5 in a while.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
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  15. Chaosy
    Thank you. What exactly did you change on EQ, I know that it depends on the device but I want to try it once I get my hands on my zs6s.

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