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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    Yeah, don't sweat it. The 75ohm adapters are useful for a lot of stuff. I liked it with my KSC75 so much, I permanently soldered in a resistor right at the drivers.
  2. groucho69
    The only logical solution is to shave your head.
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  3. xrk971
    I love it, a $0.02 solution for what could be a pricey adapter. :)
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  4. hakuzen
    very interesting info, thanks. will search and read about it.
    i'm still learning, calibrating and defining a measurement protocol. not easy. trying to be regular with depth insertion, and using same tips. but who knows if they are the right tips, and exactly the right insertion; and when measuring different tips effect, insertion depth is not so consistent. will try a shallower insertion and see.

    this is what i got:
    ZS6_FR_tips_0.png ZS6_sources_Zadapter_foam.png

    looking forward your measurements, which sure will help to improve mines.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
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  5. mbwilson111
    Well then people could see my pretty green ZS6s...ok I will do it before my husband gets home from work tomorrow and surprise him.
  6. peskypesky
    Just received my second set of KZ ZS5's. My first set are gray, these new ones are blue. They look great...And man do they sound AWESOME! I may be wrong, but they seem to sound better than my first pair. Or maybe it's just that I've been using my KZ ED9s the past couple of weeks and have forgotten how great the ZS5s sound.

    I will obviously do a comparison when I get a chance to see whether they actually do sound different.

    Anyway, all I can say is....what an INCREDIBLE deal for the $18 I spent.
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  7. Slater
    Has anyone considered the effect the "cheese grater" aluminum nozzle screens are having on the FR of the ZS6? Perhaps this is having an influence on the 10k spike we're seeing?

    Besides it being a hard surface (reflecting waves in both directions), I already know from experience the effect swapping screens and/or removing them altogether has on an IEMs sound.

    This is the 1st time KZ has used this type of screen. And while this style is used on other manufacturer's IEMs, it's not used very often. Why it's not used very often, and why KZ specifically used it on the ZS6 and not the ZS5 v1 or v2 (or any previous models) is unknown to me.

    But as soon as my 2nd pair of ZS6 arrives, I'll be able to better A/B test mods. And nozzle screen rolling is 1 I definitely plan on testing out.

    It would be nice to see the effect on the FR curve though, so maybe @hakuzen could take a few more ZS6 measurements:
    • no screen at all
    • nylon screen (ie stock screen removed and nylon screen stretched under the eartip).
    • stainless mesh screen (available on Aliexpress for less than $0.10 each)
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
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  8. Slater
    I agree. Even though I only have 2 ears, I couldn't pass up snagging a backup pair of these KZ classics for $12.99 last week.

    I don't even care whether they're v1 or v2 when they arrive.

    I love my v1, but I like the ZS6 even more. So when the ZS5s arrive, if they're v2 that's perfectly OK with me!

    I also wanted a 2nd pair to mod with (venting the back cover, replacing the cover with carbon fiber or wood, etc).
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
  9. kiler
    Maybe the blue ones are v1 and your old ones are v2? Since they said Blue ones are mostly old stock and that's why you like em so much... nothing like A/B testing tho :b
  10. hakuzen
    i'm still trying. as @xrk971 has told, the exact location of the peaks depends of distances, so i'll measure again, using shallower insertion, to better locate the peaks, and shall try/error with eq to find if my individual ear channel lengths match them. only touching the high peaks, the rest is ok, so it should be easy after getting more accuracy about the frequencies.

    that's the combo i measured and tried. i forgot to say "..with foamies".
    only tried some minutes, so don't take my ear impressions so seriously. the highs peaks were tamed, no doubt, to a zs5 v1 level.
    i'd have to try it longer to find the disadvantages (others than having a longer jack/stick and having to raise volume..), if any.
    when you get yours, try and review.
    the foams and adapter are ways to tame the highs, but also is equalizing. i just prefer the latter (besides of foam), because use rockbox in most of my usual sources, and parametric eq is easy accessible.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
  11. wastan
    I have both the Monk and Monk+, both are great, the differences aren't that pronounced, so I'd recommend the + without hesitation. The originals are no longer made.
  12. hakuzen
    my rough (approximated) measurements of ZS5 v1 and ZS6 sensitivity, and example of how are they driven in Benjie S5.
    (note: voltage and current are RMS, dB are SPL.)

    ZS5 v1. (4.8Ω @ 1kHz). sensitivity: 122 dB/V (99 dB/mW).
    ZS6 (14.5Ω @ 1kHz). sensitivity: 127 dB/V (109 dB/mW).

    Benjie S5 (volume steps: 0-31):
    + ZS5 v1
    maximum volume setting with "low" distortion: 10 / 25mV / 5.20mA / 90dB peak.
    maximum volume setting with "low" distortion: 15 / 78mV / 5.38mA / 105dB peak.
  13. skajohyros
    Agreed. I'm using xduoo X3, nx1s(bass mod), and zs5 v1. Nice combo.
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  14. xrk971
    You measured 5ohm impedance with the ZS-5? They are rated 16ohms I think. I don't think too many headphone amps, let alone smartphones can drive 5ohm headphones well. Was this simply measured with a DMM? I have a Dayton Audio DATS-2 impedance tester that can do a sweep. I should try it.
  15. hakuzen
    used REW to get the impedance/phase curves. the graphs are somewhere in this thread..

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