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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. hakuzen
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2017
  2. Fox2twenty
    I love the he graphs
  3. Fox2twenty
    Wow, the foams really make a predictable cut to the treble spike.

    These are cool! Thanks man! :call_me:
  4. vector84
    5-8kHz is indeed typically associated with sibilance, but I think boosting around 5kHz also helps speech intelligibility quite a bit?

    And sibilance can occur well outside of that range in either direction, as even though it tends to be considered narrow band noise in the context of speech, it typically carries a fair amount of energy well outside its characteristic peak:
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2017
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  5. hakuzen
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  6. Viber
    Gotta say i'm digging the rock songs on this thread.
    Didn't know about KEXP youtube channel, thanks.
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  7. randomnin
    Of course what is written in that lecture is true, however it doesn't seem like KZ have paid much attention to those graphs either. If we use that data, then there should've been a steady drop from bass to other frequencies, but that's not what we see here. They more likely have found a single signature that seems good by ear to most people and have been using it ever since ZST (judging from hakuzen's awesome collection of graphs of KZ hybrids), maybe even earlier.
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  8. randomnin
    Oh,so would it be correct, if I concluded that all this expressive language regarding space, depth and positioning is unwarranted when it comes to IEMs?
  9. eaglesgift
    Why should there be a steady drop from bass to higher frequencies? That's what's happening in our ears - the frequency response of phones should be the mirror image of that (assuming a neutral sound was being aimed for) not the same. My main point was that a flat FR would sound awful and the high frequency peaks are roughly where our high frequency dips in hearing ability are.
  10. randomnin
    Definitely not at 2kHz, where comes the first weird peak.
  11. CYoung234
    First, my ZS6s are not here yet, so my comments will compare the ZS5. Your comparison to the Fostex T50RP is interesting, as I own a pair that I modded myself. I have never heard the LCD4. Frankly, the T50RP sounded like garbage unmodified, but pretty much glorious when properly modified. The ZS5 and I assume ZS6 have lots of potential. But, for me, the ZS5 sounds quite good right out of the box. So, they are not really a fair comparison from that standpoint.

    But, I think your point was that both are great bargains, and compare very well with more expensive products. For me, given that all audio systems are imperfect simulations of real life, it has never been worth paying for that last 5%, when you can get 95% of the effect for 10x or 50x less money...
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  12. vector84
    Not at all - though it is why people take issue with 3D imaging descriptions (Z axis) - much of that data is considered to be a result of the FR variance of the headphone/IEM itself, so those are more "fake" as it were, but that's still not a good enough answer honestly and research by groups like Harman and InnerFidelity continues on the subject.

    As for non-3D positioning (besides the obvious stereo cues, volume panning and delay), most of what I've seen currently relates it strongly to a combination of phase coherence and your brain's ability to recognize the reflections in a recording and correlate them with phase data to properly restore some pitches at least. For example if your brain is trained to hear the generic HRTF convolution used in positional audio for PC gaming, you're far more likely to be able to recognize it and take cues from it.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2017
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  13. vector84
    You should check out some Harman and InnerFidelity research. That peak makes you feel like you're in a room, instead of playing sound from infinity and beyond.
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  14. mrmoto050
    Well, I received my Z6's Saturday and popped them in OOB and they sounded decent. Swapped out tips for Comply's and wow.
    Overall imopression (IMHO), very fluid and airy layers of instruments (especially drums) very clear no distortions. Extremely satisfied. Source DX200 AMP1.
    Just remember that everyone has different perception to sound, but these are definitely a keeper. Have been listening exclusively for last 2 days.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2017
  15. snip3r77
    I'd wait for GB discount
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