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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. kokakolia
    No! That would add value to the brand, which translates to higher prices. I just love this idea of having this "top secret audiophile bargain".
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  2. Wiljen
    I think the crossover in multi-driver designs almost always represents a weak point and thus my request for a single BA. The Crossovers introduce problems with coherency. It is nearly impossible to keep the full range of sound at exactly the same level when mating multiple drivers and those overlapped regions suffer as a result since there isn't a hard cut-off at say 500hz below which the dynamic works and above which the BA takes over. The fact that the dynamic rolls off up to 850Hz or so and the BA extends down to 400 Hz means that overlapped range from 400-850 is subject to some really odd effects. That is what the R&D money you pay for a TOTL IEM goes for. Making those transitions between one driver and the next smooth and inaudible is a true art form. Granted single drivers have an inherent weakness in that one end or the other tends to be rolled off or lacks extension so the real trick on a single driver design is finding a driver with extension down to the low teens and up to the mid 20s before they are subject to severe roll-off. Most now opt for a driver with good bass extension and sacrifice some treble extension as that is generally more acceptable to the masses. To me, that produces a fairly lifeless signature as they lose all sparkle and cymbals and snare hits lack realism.
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  3. Fox2twenty
    OK, so now my opinion is that they should do 2 dynamics and 3 BAs in a 5 way crossover. Then if they keep the frequency responsibilities clean, it's worth more money. :call_me:
  4. VinceHill24
    Finally!!! Nicely done! Now the mystery is solved. We can now confirm it's not a QC issue and i'm not hearing things ! Lol

    I think it largely boils down to personal preference, source gear / cable matching, or probably brain burn-in which i strongly believe in since i've known a few who shares such experience with the ZS6.
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  5. Fahim Foysal
    Unless you buy the UE 18+ pro that is
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  6. Fox2twenty
    @hakuzen s graphs show that foamie fans are correct.
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  7. Fox2twenty
    Speaking of foamies, my Gearbest order came in..

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  8. Fox2twenty
    Only thing is.. My left ear is still clogged.. Should I try my gear out anyway?
  9. HiFiChris Contributor
    Photos are developed, review is uploaded. Save the date, it will go online this following Saturday at 00:06 am CET and will be accessible through the following link, as always with the usual translation options: https://kopfhoerer-lounge.blogspot.com/2017/10/knowledge-zenith-kz-zs6-review-german-deutsch.html

    Just a teaser:


    (Due to that the black instead of green ZS6 arrived some time ago, the photos were not taken at the location I initially had in mind (with everything already set up...), and this time I forgot one accessory that I had already prepared, but oh well, at least now all of the photos are legal which they wouldn't be in every part of the world if I had used an Idea that I had already used rather recently.)
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  10. Wiljen
    You still believe in the tooth fairy too don't you?
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  11. Fox2twenty
    Lol, touché
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  12. hakuzen
    great! one of the few samples where high source output impedance effects over low impedance BAs, usually nasty effects, helps a lot.

    i'm trying to get impedance curve of zs5 v1 and zs6. zs5 v1 seems to be lower impedance.
    shall try to find the maximum sound level you can get with zs5 without clipping nor significant distortion while using a current limited source, besides of getting the effects of a high impedance source.
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  13. vector84
    I thought current limited mode depended a lot on specific hardware implementations. I was under the impression that some setups are designed to perform just fine in current limited mode and just have limited volume in such conditions, while others distort, clip or compress when driven into current limited mode?

    But I don't know enough about amplifier design to speak to such things with any authority.
  14. hakuzen
    awesome photos, you really make art. green power.. :wink:
  15. hakuzen
    i guess current limitations depend of hardware implementation; specifically, of the opamps driving the phones output. i know little (as usual), so no authority either. each opamp have a working voltage range specifications, and maximum current before they clip and/or distort. when driving low impedance phones, current delivered is higher (at same voltage, same power). if the phones are not much sensitive besides (like planars) and some amount of power is needed to achieve enough sound level, current limit of the opamp can be reached, and clipping/distortion occurs.
    zs5 have very low impedance, but they are quite sensitive, so i don't think there will be issues. but some people talks about zs5 distortion and source dependency; some researching on sources-zs5 interactions may be worth it.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2017

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