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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Fox2twenty
    Is this what you are recommending at ~100?

    Magaosi K3 HD Balanced Armature Dynamic Driver Hybrid IEM HiFi Audiophile In Ear Earphone
    (from AliExpress Android)
  2. Fox2twenty
    @Wiljen, is the K3 HD 60$ better than the ZS6?
  3. vector84
    Bright and detailed describe very different things, but they are commonly found together for good reason.

    Bright tends to correlate to an overall balance shifted towards a treble bias.

    Detailed tends to correlate to hearing microdetails and not having them painted over by other things.

    From there, it should be fairly obvious that an overall treble bias helps prevent your brain or your gear from painting over microdetails - however you want to think of it, both are probably true to some extent. :wink:

    And where exactly do you draw the line between "tricking your brain" and the nature of your reality?
    A and B are the same color. :shrug:
  4. HiFiChris Contributor

    Without the hot and sizzly upper treble and with a more decent stock cable (like the cheap but well-made braided/twisted Knowledge Zenith silver cable), I would say that a (very) low three-digit price would be absolutely justifiable due to the sound signature, not too shabby technical performance and great build quality.
    As it is and without any EQ corrections applied - maybe $35 (not including build quality) to $55 (including build quality).
  5. SomeGuyDude
    Trebly headphones are "detailed" in the same sense that turning off the subwoofers in a home theater system makes it more "detailed." You're hearing microdetails that aren't supposed to be plainly audible. Not surprisingly, these "details" are almost always artifacts that just so happen to exist way up on the frequency spectrum. Peculiar how no one ever describes a warm headphone as detailed. Hmmm...

    BTW, picked up those "Bee" foam tips from Amazon for $6. I think I prefer them to the Comply just because the shape is more tapered, makes them easier to sit in place.
  6. Keller2
    Unlock it, put carbon rom on it and you'll have a good software experience on it aswell.
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  7. Fahim Foysal
    That is deep man.
    Another thing i noticed is that bright iems are also the ones that give you that overly spacious and airy sound. You are supposed to hear details that are meant to be heard in a live recording and the sound is supposed to be as spacious and airy as it would in a live recording. I don't understand why many so called 'reference' iems with multiple ba driver iem have coloured upper frequecies. BA are supposed to produce more detailed sound by nature. Why overdo it?
  8. SomeGuyDude
    Because "audiophiles" have constantly praised brighter headphones for their accuracy and the anti-Beats backlash has caused a serious disdain for headphones with potent bass. It's definitely true, crank down the low end and crank up the treble and wow things are gonna sound "detailed" and "airy" simply because there's no bass frequencies in the air. Drives me nuts.
  9. -sandro-
    how much did the zs5 cost when it came out? and how long did it take to get to $15?
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  10. vector84
    There's no simple answer to this. Live sound is a directional experience (and has elements of touch in addition to hearing). Headphones and IEMs are not. In theory planars come closer but it's still not the same.

    It would probably be helpful for you to understand the nature of our perception of directional sound. In a live sound environment acoustic reflections produce gain and damping factors in relation to specific frequencies relative to others, these colorations along with stereo audio cues are decoded by our brain to place the sound in space while adjusting it to its "proper" coloration/tonality. This process is simply not possible when the speakers are strapped to your head - what you perceive as directionality then is a combination then of stereo cues (timing and volume bias) and whatever portion of the audio stream your brain chooses to decode as positional information, largely based on hints from those same stereo cues (which can include the coloration itself being interpreted as spatial information)

    You can find all sorts of research on this subject but we are yet again well off track for this thread :p
    Different hearing biases and preferences and different opinions on what monitoring and reference means in different contexts - musicians on stage might want a specific bias for any variety of reasons, for example.

    And a healthy dose of marketing voodoo. BAs by nature produce sound at increased electrical efficiency (lower power use). You can attach all sorts of other contextual connotations to them, but that is what they were designed to do, plain and simple.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2017
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  11. peskypesky
    I have serious disdain for headphones with less-than-powerful bass.
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  12. SomeGuyDude
    Same. Nothing ruins music faster than a weak rhythm section, IMO. If the bass drum doesn't feel like it's hitting me in the chest, then I don't want to be listening. My first test tracks are rock/metal songs that I know have well-recorded drums and bass guitar, because if that doesn't sound authentic I know I'm out.

    Still having moments of mild surprise with the ZS6's sibilance, though I'm not going to call it necessarily bad, just that hearing the cymbals sound more prominent is taking some adjusting to with an IEM.
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  13. Fox2twenty
    Are you serious about this optical illusion? You're blowing my mind!
  14. Fox2twenty
    The New Bee foams are super cheap on Gearbest.
  15. Wiljen
    $37 if memory serves on gearbest and less than 3 months later they are $17 on sale. I expect the Zs6 will be $29 by Christmas
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