Kirosia has ordered a Zune HD, please show pics and say nice things to comfort him
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Sep 24, 2003
After years of not having a new portable player (been using an iaudio u2, 5g ipod before that), I finally decided on the Zune HD. I know it's inferior to the ipod touch, particularly in regards to functionality and apps, but in the end I wanted to prioritize music and video playback. I've been hit with buyer's remorse, and would like Zune owners to show me their HDs and give me their impressions. And I seriously hope I don't get dead pixels and stuff.
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I laughed when I read the thread title. Zune does have their unlimited music dl service at a ridiculous low monthly price.
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Don't really care for Zune Pass, though you do get a month free. Can't even use wi-fi at my school yet, no enterprise support. (Something they better add to their list of "**** the Zune needs quick")
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Any player has it's advantage and disadvantage, jut try to love the one you are getting on hand. Don't be too greedy. Some time Radio is a good way to appreciate music.
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Hope you got it heavily discounted at Amazon or Newegg.
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I originally wanted to get a discounted 16GB, but I realized I REALLY wanted a red player. So I got a 16GB with Nvidia graphic. ($240 total incl. shipping) More than I wanted to spend, but not enough to lose sleep over.

Any recommendations for a screen protector other than Zaggs? I've NEVER been able to put one on properly. I know the screen is glass, but people have reported scratches with regular use.
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YouTube - Zune HD - Screen Durability Test

I really don't think a screen protector is necessary... but if you're paranoid the zaggs are the best.

if you're waiting for it to ship to you... a good idea may be to download the zune software and get your collection all organized in it how you want. I found the software a joy to use with only a couple minor ui peculiarities.
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Well, from what I've read, even glass screens get scratched eventually. I don't like zaggs because I've never been able to apply one on properly.
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I can vouch that a glass screen can scratch, but after a year and 3 months of serious abuse, I would be surprised if my iPod touch had no scratches. I use no cases or anything. The first 6 months, I babied it. Now I thrash the person.

You should enjoy the HD, it is quite a nice machine.
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Optical out on Zune HD dock = Huzzah! Couple that with the Nvidia tegra chip inside and it is a multimedia powerhouse as compared to the iPod. Better games will be available if you are interested. It looks sexier (to me) when compared to the old and boring iPod design. It has a wonderful screen with amazing contrast and colors.

The only place where it is inferior is the raw CPU power (iPods don't support multitasking so it is pretty much a waste on them), and the apps. I think you can make do with that. More importantly you can add a dac and amp later using that dock and you are golden.

So from the perspective of a music lover it is far far better. You also have wma lossless to replace ALAC.

Using the Zune HD AV Dock | - Zune HD
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The fact that the OP called the Zune HD "inferior" to the iPod touch kinda irks me to some degree. Not trying to rain on a parade here but, it sounds like he/she/it already has his/her/its mind made up going in. For audio and even video playback, I wouldn't dare call the Zune HD inferior, not by a very very wide margin to the iPod touch (even the 3rd generation updated 32GB and 64GB models - the 8GB is just the 2nd gen with a lower price, same old hardware).

- Does the Zune HD play audio? Yes.
- Does it sound good? Yes, and by many reports, better than the iPod touch.
- Does it have very long battery life? Yes.
- Longer than an iPod touch? Supposedly, but from comments by owners, I'd say yes.
- Better quality screen? Definitely.
- A bit washed out in sunlight? Probably due to the nature of OLED, but how many people are watching movies on such a small device in direct sunlight, eh?
- Dock with useful options available? Yes.
- HD output if you actually require it? Hell yes.
- More powerful CPU? Pretty much the same, realistically.
- More powerful GPU? Hell yes.

I could go on but, any device will have pros and cons. But to blatantly just call the Zune HD "inferior" just smacks of ignorance, sorry. There's a ton of material out there, and I'm going to assume that the OP did some based on the fact that he/she/it has waited so long to "upgrade" from the old stuff to something a bit more current. The OP did say he's prioritizing the device for music and video use and not apps (which remains to be seen in force or quantity but I'm sure Microsoft has many surprises yet to come...).

Inferior... I mean really.
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The power of the GPU in both units has not been tested directly and cannot be. From some reports, the GPU in the Zune is actually weaker than the touch. Couple that with every single item you mention could also be said for the touch. There is not reason to get into a tossing war - as it would not end well for either side.

Let's just help him enjoy his new player.
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The iPod touch can output HD, true 720p HD? News to me... scratch one.

The OP will either love it or hate it, that's been the case with every review or comment I've seen about the Zune HD so far. We'll see what happens I suppose.

The very best thing about the Zune HD? It's not an iPod.

/me ducks...

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