1. DblTap

    Regarding frequency range in portable sources...

    Hello everyone, first post in your rather informative forums, and as such i don't think there could be a better place to ask my question!   If I did somehow miss a thread containing my question during my search, please point me in that direction, if not then this thread should be of some...
  2. Poetic

    Sansa Clip + vs Zune HD

    Im looking to upgrade my Zune HD to a better sound quality DAP, I was looking at the Sansa Clip +. Do you think this would  be a better sound quality upgrade? I don't care for anything fancy like a 1080p screen or camera or any of that rubish. Im going to be using the Sansa Clip + with the Fiio...
  3. Megazine

    Which gives a better sound, iPhone 4 or Zune HD?

    Is their even a difference that we would notice or it's very close? I heard Zune HD gives you a better sound? I'm a iPhone 4 user.
  4. superson!c

    Zune HD and headphone amp

    Just purchased a Zune HD refurb for cheap before I realized that it doesn't support LOD  xD   The headphone out does sound pretty **** good as is, but am wondering if it's wise or necessary to add a headphone amp if your cans don't need the extra power? (Denon ADH-2000) If it may sound...
  5. PixelSquish

    Of the Top Universal IEM, which is easiest to drive?

    so i do love my Triple fi's but on my zune hd i have to use volume 23-25 out of 30 to be happy with the volume, and this is probably hurting my battery life quite badly. any other IEM's on the same level as the TF10's that have a noticeably easier way to drive them loud enough?
  6. onebandonesound

    The EARGASM thread

    I am starting this thread to start a list of Head-fi members' first Eargasm. this is a momentous occasion in an audiophiles life. I don't mean the little time that you go, "this sounds good", I mean when you hear something and feel the need to grab everyone within a half-mile radius and force...
  7. TheLaw

    iPod Touch 4G + Line Out? (And iPod Touch vs Zune HD)

    So you might have remembered my thread asking about good portable players. It was suggested that I get a Clip + and as much as I like the idea of a cheap high capacity player, I do appreciate the iPod Touch's UI and functionality.    I have quite a few questions. If you can answer just one...
  8. Orky261

    Anyone with HFI-2400 ?

    I'm going to buy a new headphone and I've decided I'll buy HFI-2400 but there's a lack of review on the internet, especially from the users, I want to know other people's experience with it, and what good amp should I use ? I'm going with no amp for now because I already spend too much lately...
  9. Zedd1

    A Portable amp for Zune HD?

    With a budget of $500 I decided to get a new rig to be used mostly with these two IEMs: Sennheiser IE8 and MT pro copper. So I needed a new DAP, a LOD cable, and an amp. I was interested in the new itouch 4 ($299 for 32gb) and the headstage arrow 12he 2g ($265). I decided to compromise and go...
  10. genesis

    Zune HD -> cmoy -> um2

    I am a bit new to the whole amp concept. So I would like some advice. I was looking for something portable and cheap. I was looking at the cmoy amp that everyone was talking about at it's price point. I wanted a little more bass and increase in volume. I seriously don't want to spend...
  11. A

    New iPod Touch 4G first impressions

    Got mine yesterday, the design is even better than before and it feels faster than my old 3G.   Important for me is the sound, so I tested the same lossless file at the same volume with the same headphones, and the 4G definately sounds better, more dynamic sound, and a tad warmer and natural...
  12. Woozle Wuzzle

    Zune HD vs Sony X

    Hi, Im just debating whether or not to sell my Sony X for a Zune HD. I realize how amazing the SQ of the Sony X is but the Zune is very enticing. I believe the Zune will have a good SQ as well and its more of a all rounder device such as the ipod touch. Thanks
  13. smachine

    Zune HD + TF10s - Would an amp help?

    Was just wondering if I would get any benefit on my Zune HD and TF10s with an amp like the ibasso t3? I already like the sound im getting, but was just seeing if I have been missing anything by not using an amp. There is no LOD on the zune, so I would only be able to connect an amp through hp out?
  14. kidgfoo

    Zune HD or Sansa Fuze v2

    Ok guys, i am trying to get into this greater sound quality appreciation that you guys are into (audiophiles), slowly. I doubt that i'll get to audiophile status, but still like good sound. I lurk around here more than post, so please excuse my low post number. Now, my question to you guys is...
  15. kite7

    Zune HD + Dock = Very good quality line out?

    Once in a while I like to do a reality check with my DAC compared to something else because sometimes I generally accept expensive gear being better without really testing. However, I am always willing to save money.   Today I chose to compare my $449 Nuforce HDP's DAC against my Zune HD +...
  16. lozanoa11

    Worth it to get cheap customs?

    I have wanted to get a good portable setup for a while but do not have a large use for it. I just found out Im going to africa again that includes a 16 hour flight :O, and want something good for that. The custom IEM look very attractive to me but the price is not so attractive. I see some...
  17. Maxvla

    Best Wi-fi DAP?

    Been using my 8GB flash Zune for a few years, but recently found out the iPod touch has built in Wi-fi, which surprised me and got me thinking about a new device with wi-fi built in.   I'm not entirely anti-Apple, but would prefer a different company if possible, and not loyal to Zune at...
  18. gimmethatbeatfool

    $150 Budget = Fun, Bass heavy IEMs?

    I've been looking at the Hippo VBs, the Klipsch S4i, the FA Eterna, and the ATH CKS 70. I'm looking for something that has great, quality bass, a nice soundstage, without losing too much on the mids and highs. I've been most interested in the Hippo VBs, and my main question is, with the...
  19. younglee200

    Samsung P3 16GB deal

    http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/products/All_MP3_Players/productdetail.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=dhs&cs=19&sku=A2780375&dgc=CJ&cid=24471&lid=566643&acd=10550055-1225267-u0t2119304f9fp0c0s441   for 125 + tax on some states.   one of my favorite PMPs of all time.
  20. 2rooi123

    most versatile dap?

    so after a long wait on the s:flo2 and using it for the past few weeks, ive come to realize it is not what i need. The sq might be better than average but the ui just looks plain and dull, has no reverse/forward track buttons, most importantly battery life is too short (which leads to charging...
  21. LurkerJeff

    Alternative to ZUNE HD

    So I've decided that I want to buy CD's and convert them to FLAC myself. This is a bit ambitious and expensive, who knows if I'll actually do it.   Anyways, I absolutely love the ZuneHD interface and would hate to part with it. Doesn't play FLAC files though so I kinda have to.   Any...
  22. H22

    the ultamate porteable media player......wishlist

    If you could design the ultimate personal media player (UMP?), what features would it have? Size? UI? Chipset(s)? inputs? Outputs? features?   I have 3 players now, a sonyX, clip+, and a 2Gtouch.   Outside of the hifiman HM-801, (witch is pushing it for portable) seems most...
  23. Kirosia

    Kirosia has ordered a Zune HD, please show pics and say nice things to comfort him

    After years of not having a new portable player (been using an iaudio u2, 5g ipod before that), I finally decided on the Zune HD. I know it's inferior to the ipod touch, particularly in regards to functionality and apps, but in the end I wanted to prioritize music and video playback. I've been...
  24. sultanomar

    zen x-fi2 or zune hd

    i have x-fi2 but the using is terrible touch screen doesn't respond sometimes and i have some problems with x-fi2 i sent my x-fi2 to guarantee place thats my question: x-fi2's audio quality is very high x-fi2 have best audio quality for me(cowon d2, iphone 3gs, ipod 3g, sony x1050) but i...
  25. daglesj

    ZuneHD...so does it sound good?

    As I've gone through several articles and a few reviews to no avail I thought I'd ask a basic question. Is the sound quality up to expectations? Is it better than expected? Its just that no one seems to have stopped messing around with the UI and software and actually plugged any...