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JRiver Media Center 18

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by blackstonejd, Dec 23, 2012.
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  1. StudioSound
    Outrageous? $50 to be the backbone of a whole-house audio and video system, controlling multiple zones and devices, it was the cheapest upgrade to my system relative to the features it brings.

    There is very little commercial software out there that has a free cross-platform license.
    I do think they should consider offering a discount if you already own a license for one version, but they were already selling the Mac version heavily discounted for the last few months.

    There has clearly been a lot of development work done to bring the software to OS X, and I think they deserve to be paid for it.
    But you have already demonstrated that you don't think companies deserve to be paid for their work by building a "hackintosh" to begin with.
  2. anoxy
    lol at people getting so butthurt over my opinion.
    And for your information, I have owned three macbooks, a 27" iMac, four iPhones and many iPods, so Apple has enough of my money. I built a Hackintosh so I can upgrade it whenever I please. Can a real mac run Crossfire 7970s? Nope. 
    Yes, another 50 bucks is silly for a client whose competition is free (iTunes, Plex, Foobar, etc.) I love JRiver, but I could care less about any of the media center features. I just use it for audio.
  3. BigCabDaddy

    So use a free one on whatever you want and be happy? I paid my $50 after trying the free alternatives and deciding it was worth it. When I added a Linux server, the evaluation process started anew. /shrug
  4. Timekiller
    Has anyone tried the JRiver for Mac.  I'm interested in a comparison to Amarra HI Fi.
  5. x838nwy
    Out of curiosity I downloaded a copy of jriver for my macbookpro. Took ages to import/analyze every song.
    Once done, I played some songs...

    Am I imagining things or does music sound different through jriver compared to itunes? I'm listening through my mjolnir/gungnir stack btw. Thanks
  6. spkrs01
    Not different but just better!!!
  7. x838nwy

    How is this possible? I thought all the software does is stream file data to the dac??
  8. preproman
    I have the PC and the MAC versions.  The MAC version still has the WIndows look and feel.  Like the startup feature still says "Windows Startup" [​IMG]  
    They're still not all the way there yet.  I would assume it will get the full MAC look and feel with all options and features for MAC soon.
    However, it does play music and it plays it pretty well.  
  9. Theogenes
    Been running JRMC since 16, love it. Ran into a few problems a couple of years ago, and their forum was VERY helpful, lot of knowledgeable guys on there. Anybody on the fence should at least give the free trial a go, IMO. I grew up with a (completely unreasonable) disdain at the idea of paying for software, which I still have to fight to this day-- but I still pay for each upgrade to JRMC gladly. Killer app!!
    BigCabDaddy likes this.
  10. silversurfer616
    Using JRiver for 2 years now and it is worth the money(also,just added fidelizer which is free).
  11. Moolok

    Does Fidelizer really make an improvement on system already running JRiver in bit perfect? I'm tempted to try... Do you use "standard", "audiophile" or "extremist" settings?
  12. spkrs01
    Wow thanks for the heads up!!
    What a great app.....sounds so much cleaner and more dynamic[​IMG]
    I tried Extreme and it was a bit extreme............so settled for audiophile!
    Even on Audiophile setting, it slows the system down quite significantly....but the sonic improvement is quite a step up!!!
  13. x838nwy
    What does fieldizer do, exactly?
  14. BigCabDaddy
    Is it possible to easily go back and forth from using it?
  15. silversurfer616
    I use fidelizer on a laptop which is dedicated to JRiver only and I use the "audiophile"setting.Everything seems to be on a new level of clarity.
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