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JRiver Media Center 18

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by blackstonejd, Dec 23, 2012.
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  1. jriver
    Recognizing that you are unlikely to fall for any of our crazy marketing stunts, and that there may not be anything you care about in the changes we've made, here's what was new in the last stupid update (MC21):


    Here is the complete list through 21.0.84:

    NEW: North American television channels (ATSC) now carry transport
    stream ID and audio and video PIDs.  One can now specify which audio
    stream to be played by default by editing the audio PID on the channel.
    NEW: A "Favorite Channels" filter on standard television view.
    Selecting this from the filter box causes only the programs on your
    favorite channels to be displayed.
    NEW: Television gets its own logging in addition to regular log files.
    Important TV related (mostly TV recording) messages are logged in the TV
    logs.  The logs can be displayed in Standard Television view (just
    select "TV Logs" in the filter box).
    NEW: One can access "Show status" on standard television view without
    having to go into TV Options > Advanced.  It can be selected in the
    Filter box.
    NEW: An option to load default library at start up.
    NEW: Preliminary support for Sat>IP television devices.  Work in
    progress, totally untested.
    NEW: Added Options > General > Advanced > Support extra long filenames
    (experimental) as a way to remove the bounds checking from the path at
    import time.
    NEW: Double-click on the media server tray icon will show Media Center.
    NEW: A "Recording by time" option in Theater View to schedule television
    recording based on channel and time.
    NEW: Added a "Playable" field that's a checkbox and when unchecked a
    file will no longer add to Playing Now.
    NEW: Ctrl+I now shows the playing file in Theater View as well.
    NEW: Added support for .flac16 and .flac24 files.
    NEW: Copying from the Media Network Activity log works (fills the
    clipboard with the item text).
    NEW: Pressing Ctrl+I will jump the list to the playing song (if it's in
    the list).
    NEW: Remade the Thunderstorm skin so it's better on Mac and better on
    high DPI.
    NEW: 3D Blu-ray and MKV 3D support.
    NEW: Fading on pause now fades in when pause lifts.
    NEW: In Theater View television guide, a vertical line is drawn to
    indicate current time.
    NEW: Support for Hauppauge's new HD PVR60 device.
    NEW: Support added for saving/restoring Media Center customized views to
    the JRiver "cloud" using the "Doctor Who" user login.  Use the "Also
    save to Doctor Who..." checkbox when saving a view.  There is a "Browse
    views on Doctor Who" option as well.
    NEW: Added a ListContains(...) expression function.
    NEW: Added version 3 uPnP controller support. (fixes Jongo Pure T2
    rendering control)
    NEW: When subscribing to television shows, one can specify video quality
    preference (HD vs. SD) so MC will pick correct channel among channels
    that air the same show at the same time.
    NEW: Output Format DSP can lowpass the LFE/Subwoofer when downmixing, or
    exclude it from the downmix entirely.
    NEW: Added the option "Use gapless for manual track changes" to switch
    to gapless from whatever is configured when switching manually.
    NEW: When setting up recording with the remote control record button, an
    on-screen overlay message will show the action just taken
    ("Record"/"Subscribe"/"Subscription canceled").
    NEW: Slow-double click on tree items will rename them (if they're
    NEW: Ctrl + mouse wheel will adjust the thumbnail size in a list.
    NEW: Middle-click on a tab header will roll through the list styles.
    NEW: In standard television EPG view, the date column display format is
    configurable.  Right click the Date column header to choose.  "All
    Programs" and "To Be Recorded" views share the same setting, and
    "Recordings" view is configured separately.
    NEW: "Season", "Episode", "Rule ID", and "Rule Name" can be optionally
    displayed in Standard view EPG views ("All Programs", "To Be Recorded",
    and "Recordings").  Default is to show them all.  Right-click any column
    header to choose which ones to display.  Also "Recording Rules" view
    show recording rule ID along side recording rule name.
    NEW: Theater View flow lists (stacks of rotated images) support the
    mouse wheel for scrolling.
    NEW: Added a Wikipedia link to the video section which will search for
    entries relating to a selected video title.
    NEW: The 'Load / Save View' menu has a delete option to delete a given view.
    NEW: Added a 3840x2160 UHD/4K preset for DLNA and Library Server client
    image conversion.
    NEW: Added an "Eject disc" command to the Theater View disc tool
    selection menu.
    NEW: Added the expression function Literal(...) that just outputs the
    text that's in parenthesis (useful for making a readable block of code).
    NEW: Added "Season" to television recording rule setup.
    NEW: Added a MCWS function File/SetImage to set the image for a file
    (base 64 encoded image as the image parameter).
    NEW: Added MCC_PLAYBACK_ENGINE_VIDEO_ZOOM (28038) to set the zoom for a
    playing video.
    NEW: ">>" and "<<" keys on remote control shift Theater View television
    guide to the right (left) 24 hours.
    NEW: Added a mid-side encoding DSP to Parametric Equalizer.
    NEW: The action for a files command in MCWS accepts "m3u" to create an
    m3u format playlist.
    NEW: When in Standard Television view, the Delete key on keyboard will
    delete selected recorded TV shows and selected recording rules.
    to toggle Theater view guide grid's "hide channel names when channel
    logos are available" setting.
    NEW: Added new TVInfo() expressions ProgramChannelNumber and
    NEW: Added MCC_CLOSE_QUICK_SEARCH to close the quick search box (21034).
    NEW: Added an option in television properties "Hide channel names in
    Theater View guide when channel logos are available".
    NEW: Television channel logo support in Theater View guide grid.
    NEW: Added "Channel logo" menu when right-clicking on a single channel on
    Manage Channels dialog window.  The menu is the same as the Cover Art
    menu elsewhere.
    NEW: In Theater View television guide grid, a green triangle is added in
    front of the program name of a currently playing show.
    NEW: MC will create dummy programs to fill in gaps in the programming
    guide data.  Now all active channels will show up in Theater view even
    if they have no EPG data.
    NEW: Option to use the DVD episode order when doing manual Get Movie &
    TV Info lookup for TV Shows.
    NEW: Theater view television guide grid is color-coded according to show
    categories.  The following types are colored: Movies (of all genres),
    Educational, Children, Sports, News.
    NEW: Television guide grid in Theater view is updated every half hour.
    NEW: Added an MCC command MCC_SET_ZONE_VISIBLE (22033) to show the
    current zone in standard view.
    NEW: Editing a checkbox type field in the new Tag Action Window will
    show a checkbox instead of a dropbox.
    NEW: Improved support for video seeking with DLNA renderers which do not
    support time-based seeking (ie. byte-seeking).
    NEW: A new system of setting up television subscription recording.
    NEW: If a TV tuner fails to play a TV channel, MC will put it in error
    state temporarily, and retry playing, so it will find another tuner for
    the job.
    NEW: PercData.com EPG data service is integrated in MC.
    NEW: The 'Manage Plug-ins' button in DSP Studio has an option 'Show
    Always On Top' to make DSP Studio a top-most window.
    NEW: Expressions can take the data type &DataType=[Day] to be the day of
    a week name and then the sorting will be correct.
    NEW: Added 'Initial Key' field and support for the appropriate tags in
    MP3/ID3, FLAC, M4A and WMA.
    NEW: RIFF Metadata Tags in W64 files are imported into the library.
    NEW: Added a right-click menu to the Car Radio buttons that offers a
    choice of how many buttons to show.
    NEW: Added a Linkwitz Riley filter to Parametric Equalizer.
    NEW: When a user sets up two or more profiles that share the same EPG
    channel lineup, a popup message box is shown to offer to group channels.
    NEW: Ctrl+D opens DSP Studio.
    NEW: Added optional full strength TPDF Dithering in the audio engine
    (Options > Audio > Advanced > Dither Mode).
    NEW: Multiple mc2xml EPG loading methods can be setup, one for each
    provider selected ("digital terrestrial lineup", "digital cable", etc.).
    NEW: For playback you can select "Ask at playback time" and MC will ask
    if you want to play internally or launch a program.
    NEW: Added the expression function Translate(...) to give a string to
    the translation engine.
    NEW: Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+B for "Previosly played TV channel".
    NEW: Added the output format "Encode as 4xDSD in DoP format" for 4x DoP
    NEW: Added the choices 176.4 khz and 192 khz to the configure ASIO
    Line-In dialog.
    NEW: Added the sample rates 705600 and 768000 to the Output Format dialog.
    NEW: Added an image playback mode 'Display images using a 2D renderer'
    to the options of Images.  Will use a 2D space for rendering instead of
    a 3D space.  Mostly for Linux / Mac, but please test.
    NEW: Theater View background image slideshows includes sidecars that are
    next to the file.
    NEW: Added the MCWS/v1/Playback/PlayPlaylist function to play a playlist
    in a specified zone.
    NEW: Sending files to a particular zone disables Zone Switch from engaging.
    NEW: Volume Leveling uses the additional Headroom provided by Internal
    Volume for a more consistent experience on highly dynamic tracks or when
    NEW: Added a 'Clean results' checkbox to the Fill Properties From
    Filename tool that will fix spacing, capitalization, etc.
    NEW: Added an expression function Row() that outputs the current row
    number of a record.
    NEW: Added the command 'ZoneSwitch...' to the Audio options page.
    NEW: Added "Play in Media Center" to the root of the explorer context menu.
    NEW: Middle-click on a link column will open the link in a new tab.
    NEW: MCWS Browse/Children contains more information about the type of
    the entry, and the PlaylistID if appropriate (only when requesting
    Version 2).
    NEW: Keyboard shortcut 'D' for onscreen information display (equivalent
    to remote control info button) that toggles among "playback
    position"/"program name"/"program description".
    NEW: mc2xml is integrated into the program, so it can be used for all
    your EPG retrieval needs.
  2. cute

    I'm not impressed, LOL!  Every time I did an upgrade in the past, nothing but problems!
    If it ain't broke don't fix it, is my advice!  And no support for Jplay, what a joke!
  3. jarrett
    JPlay is the joke. I know it bothers people that perfect audio quality cannot be improved on.
  4. korzena
    Especially its price! But maybe if it's not expensive enough, people wouldn't appreciate the 'improvement' :wink:
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