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JRiver Media Center 18

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by blackstonejd, Dec 23, 2012.
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  1. Moolok
    Everybody probably already knows all this but I stumbled upon a nice tutorial about setting up bit-perfect computer audio with usb/dac equipment and both J.River Media Center and Foobar2k.
  2. anoxy
    Just bought JRemote for my iDevices. Freaking awesome. JRiver's products are expensive, but they are just so good!
  3. StudioSound
    64-bit EQ shouldn't be degrading the sound at all.
  4. thegrobe

    The "Gizmo" app for android is freaking awesome as well!

    I can control the player from my phone or tablet without meddling around with the computer.It's like having a music app on your phone but your cans are cranking out their full desktop rig goodness!

    Best of all it's free, incredibly awesome.
  5. Moolok

    Indeed the Gizmo android app rocks (pun intended). Now I can have my entire music library in my phone wherever I am. While writing this I'm listening music streaming from home over my (slow) mobile 3G connection. Awesome, no need to full SD card with flac files no more :thumbup:

    Sent from my LG-P970 using Tapatalk 2
  6. BigCabDaddy
    There is a an ios/pc/?? app called tonido that will let you do that gizmo type thing outside of Media Center as well.
  7. anoxy
    Google music is also great, especially if you're an android user. I know it had nothing to do with JRiver, but I thought I'd mention it since we're on the topic.
  8. Cla55clown
    What's the bitrate of music from Google music? Does it equal or surpass MOG? 
    I'm still on MC17 and haven't found a reason to upgrade. What's the typical upgrade cycle for JRiver...like once a year or so?
  9. anoxy
    Google music is 320kbps I believe. I wouldn't use a service with anything less than that.
  10. Greenleaf7
    How do i install a lyrics plugin/visualization? I've installed gooroomp but it doesn't seem to work.
  11. fluidz
    Works fine here, Mc 18.0.195.
  12. Moolok
    Same problem, using newest MC 18 version 195.

    Sent from my LG-P970 using Tapatalk 2
  13. anoxy
    Finally got my Hackintosh up and running so I've been using the Mac version of Jriver. It's mostly the same except for a few annoyances, but that's understandable considering it's a very early beta.
    However, what does really disappoint me is that JRiver will be requiring a separate $50 license for the Mac version, even though I already paid the outrageous $50 for a Windows license -_- Greedy arseholes
  14. zenpunk
    I believe it is standard practice for software companies. In the end, it had to be coded from scratch for a different platform/ OS so it is a different software. 
    You obviously didn't mind spending few thousands on your new Mac but find  50 bucks "outrageous". Stingy git...[​IMG]
  15. anoxy
    It's a hackintosh, not a mac. And yes, I'm happy spending money on ONE computer that runs TWO operating systems. And I would also be happy spending my money on ONE JRiver that supports TWO operating systems. Considering I can install the license on up to 10(?) windows computers, it doesn't make sense that when I boot into OSX on the same computer I need to pay another 50 bucks. 
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