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JRiver Media Center 18

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by blackstonejd, Dec 23, 2012.
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  1. jcn3
    the only problem with that is that you will limit the output to 16/44 (which may not be a problem at all).
    if you want something more than 16/44, you'll have to use exclusive access and only operate one application at a time.  i've found you have to literally close one program and open the other program to have a smooth transition.
  2. anoxy
    Is there a way to edit metadata in JRiver? For example, in iTunes I could highlight an entire album or single track and change the year, artist name, genre, etc.
  3. cute
    Go to the Action Window, lower left, and select tag.  You can select all tracks, and select the year in this frame, or you can edit tag for each separate track!
  4. anoxy
    Perfecto. Thank you :)
  5. cute
    You are well cum....been using jRiver MC for years, best out there.  Audiophile settings work very well for me!
  6. derbigpr
    I just installed the Jriver 18 trial....didnt mess with absolutely any settings, its just stock as it is for now...and I prefer it over the highly tweaked and set up to perfection Foobar2000. I cant put my finger on it, but music just sounds nicer. Somehow smoother, more organic.
  7. Moolok
    My trial time of JRiver Media Center 18 is allmost up and I think it's a keeper.
    I think I will buy the licence for this software because since I started to really use JRiver I have barely touched Foobar. What I like most is that it offers as stock the features I have had to install as plugins in Foobar. And after I got the hang of tagging and other "advanced" features in JRiver it's been a pleasure to use.
    I prefer using WASAPI event style, replaygain and headphone crossfeed (subtle) when using cans (disable when using speakers).
  8. anoxy
    Just purchased the full version a few days ago. No regrets :)
  9. thegrobe
    I'm a few weeks into the free trail and loving it compared to Foobar2K. Using ASIO out to DACmini. Pretty good setup. I like the VST setup here better, much more straightforward to run a couple plugins like EQ and crossfeed. 
    I'll probably be buying it as well.
    Does anybody know how to remove replaygain info from tracks in J River after using the "analyze audio" feature? I scanned the whole library and there are a few wonky tracks/ albums that I want to remove it from but don't see a clear way to do it.
    In the volume leveling tab, I have to choose "track based" or "album based" leveling. No "off" setting without disabling volume leveling altogether. There is no way to turn off replay gain and leave fixed leveling on. Follow? So I want to remove replay gain data from certain selections so for all purposes it is "off" when playing but the fixed adjustment remains active.
  10. hedphonz
    who uses jriver with their HD800's  ?
    my pair have a treble peak so have been using the parametric equaliser to add a low pass  filter at 6000 hz - this tames down the sibilance on vocals and the tizziness on cymbals etc. Still dont think I have it set up correctly though - anyone here using eq or parametric at all with their HD800's ?
  11. Roseval
    Yoy can edit ReplayGain like any other tag
    Choose blank
  12. Roseval
    If it is about a peak, a low pass filter is a bad idea as you roll of everything from 6 kHz on progressively.
    Better use the normal “equalizer” and lower the slider at 6 kHz
    Best but very complicated: measure the response of your headphone and compensate for peaks using “Convolution”.
  13. hedphonz
    thats exactly the kind of advice i was hoping to get 
    i will adopt option 1 for now - for option 2 i have the sennheiser freq response chart - will do some research on convolution and fiddle around with that
  14. thegrobe
    Thanks for the tip...I tried that and the field goes blank but the RG still is changing the volume of the track..?? Am I missing something? Thanks
  15. silversurfer616

    I have the HD800(serial 854.....very early number,I know)and I don't have a treble peak/sibilance/harshness issue and I don't use the J River software EQ as it degrades the sound IMO.
    Run them completely balanced with Audio GD DAC and Phoenix amp and even better through a vintage 1974 Pioneer receiver that puts 6W in the headphone stage.
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