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JRiver Media Center 18

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by blackstonejd, Dec 23, 2012.
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  1. john57
    You then should then try direct sound and all audio devices should work with direct sound. Second make sure that output mode and the output mode settings are correct. If the direct sound works then reinstall drivers for your DAC.   
  2. anoxy
    So when I have JRiver open, other applications don't get sound (youtube, games, etc.) I have to exit JRiver to hear anything else.

    Anybody know what might be up here?
  3. BigCabDaddy
    That's how it works for me as well I think.
  4. meat01 Contributor

    I believe this is the whole idea behind the soundcard giving priority and resources to your music and not interrupting or skipping a beat when you are using another application that uses the soundcard.
  5. anoxy
    Oh shoot. Well alright. I was hoping I could just pause my music when I want to watch a video or something. Oh well.
  6. zenpunk
    Just choose direct sound as output and that should work as it goes through the OS mixer. ASIO and WASAPI are a direct connection to your hardware.
  7. Clemmaster
    Choose WASAPI - Event Style and disable the "Open device for exclusive access".
    I have sound from both JRiver and Youtube as I'm writing this :wink:
  8. Battlescarze
    I have recently switched to MC18 from iTunes...huge difference...I have even bought the MAC version of MC18 in its Beta stages to use throughout the house...love the interface and focus on SQ.
  9. Clemmaster
    I put my SBT in a drawer and bought a laptop for it too :wink:
  10. anoxy

    Strange, didn't work for me.
  11. Chodi
    I have both JRiver ver17 and Foobar on my computer. If I play the two with exactly the same setup and no dsp they sound exactly the same (as they should). Once you introduce dsp things change and JRiver can handle some dsp better than foobar. The 64 bit volume control also makes a difference if you actually need to use it (I do). So my take on this is that JRiver sounds better with some dsp plugins than foobar. Frankly, I find JRiver overly complicated for basic music payback unless you like to spend your time organizing music files. I use ASIO output cause the KS output with JRiver crashes my windows 7 computer. Never had that problem in foobar. Doesn't matter as the two result in the same sound. I downloaded ver 18 just to try it and I can't hear any difference with ver 17 on my system. Even the people at JRiver don't claim any sonic difference.
  12. john57
    I also have J.River ver17 and found the library functions a bit complex The volume control works on one of my DAC in WASAPI event setting. It turn out to be better that Direct sound with less signal degradation. I also use it for my video playback as well.
  13. BlackstoneJD
    It is only 64-bit volume control if you use the internal volume setting.
  14. StudioSound
    64-bit internal processing has some merits.
    A 64-bit volume control is meaningless - the output to your DAC is going to be 32-bit at most, and is more likely 24-bit dithered.

    So the reality is that you only have a 24-bit volume control in most cases. But that's more than enough.

    Most 24-bit DACs are around 20-bit SNR (120dB) at most, which gives you 24dB of volume control before it even makes a measurable difference. (measured at the output of the DAC)
    And I doubt anyone is listening at high enough volumes, or even has content with so much dynamic range that they can make use of the full 96dB dynamic range that 16-bit audio allows for, so you really have 48dB of volume control before you are even approaching an audible difference.

    And one could make the argument that in most setups, you could easily go down to 14-bit without there being an audible difference.
  15. BlackstoneJD
    I understand. Using the internal volume control, I think I can shave off only 1-2db before I hear a real difference. There is something that seems to kick in when the volume control is disengaged or disabled, however. As soon as I lower it even a bit something changes about the presentation, although it is subtle. There seems to be better detail retrieval when it is disengaged. I don't think I have 24db to play with. Your mileage may vary.
    What I try and do is set my headphone amp around 1:00 which is unity gain and that generally is the right volume for most recordings. Then if something is too harsh I tweak it 1-3 db on jriver's internal volume control and that usually fixes it. My amp has no remote volume control, so there is no alternative. Getting up to adjust the volume control for every track is just not practical for me.
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