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JRiver Media Center 18

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by blackstonejd, Dec 23, 2012.
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  1. BlackstoneJD
    I'm not a doubter, I've got plenty of expensive cables. If you like the re sample then do it, but I question whether the result is more true to the source. There is a difference, to be sure.
    I say, do what you want.  At the end of the day, it is your rig, ears and ultimately your enjoyment so what sound good to you is the most important thing.  There is nothing wrong with experimenting and finding out what sounds good and does not to you.
  3. cute
    And how do you describe true to source.......wow good luck with that one with all of the different, cables, DAC's, amps, music players with lots of settings, on and on and on.....you take 100 users, you will have 100 different hardware configurations.  I think it is up to each individual to determine if their results make them happy, too many varialbles to say what is more true to source.....what one person thinks is true to source may be totally opposite the next person.
    Are you saying what you perceive to be true to source, is your opinion, or how do you define it to say "there is a difference, to be sure".  We all hear differently, we all have our own sound signature peferences. 
    Enjoy your music, that is the reason for this hobby!
  4. BlackstoneJD
    I'm saying I do hear a difference when the tracks are played back at higher than native rates, I'm just not sure it is an improvement. Point one. Point two- Enjoy the music of course but if you are ever going to upgrade an ultimate component--speakers, amps, ect, then it would be nice to know more about what the resample is doing and why.

    I think the underlying issue is whether bit-perfect playback is important or not.

    I'm also attempting to write this on an iPad so I can't fully explain myself. The forums look great but posting is a hassle. I can't really write a treatise. I'll play with some settings some more and report more specific findings. Sorry!
  5. cute
    Some won't look at it as an improvement.....it is more of a preference/personal taste.  Just be flexable enough to try different things if you wish, nothing is permanent.  Playing from Media Center will always be bit perfect, just know there are many things that change the sound by the time it gets to your ears, heck everyone's ear canals ore different, another reason we don't always hear things the same way.  But you can't say that your way of listening is the best, please yourself first.  I am always looking for ways to make music sound it's best, "to my ears",   YMMV always applies, get it out of your head that there is only one way that is "right", there is no definition of right in this hobby!
    Enjoy your music!
  6. Clemmaster
    It can help NOS DACs not messing with treble with redbook materials.
    The Metrum Octave has no built-in upsampling, so upsampling 44.1kHz materials to 88.2kHz can prevent rolling off treble during low-pass filtering.
    Whether one prefer NOS or 2x upsampling is another call though...
  7. BlackstoneJD
  8. Clemmaster
    Non-OverSampling DACs. The digital to analog conversion and filtering is done at the incoming sampling rate of the digital data.

    This can cause treble roll-off (among other things) whith 44.1-48kHz materials if the slope of the lowpass filter is low. This can be good for some listeners, bad for others but can be solved by upsampling the material prior to sending data to the DAC (e.g. in the player software)
  9. spkrs01
    I have just received an update on my MC18...............
    It sounds so much smoother and more vibrant :)
    Slighter wider and better layering...also the backgrounds seems blacker too!
  10. bedlam inside
    Can anyone point out the actual improvements in J River 18 over 17?
    I looked through but could not find any updates regarding the audio playback side of things that improve the audio quality.
    JPlay with J River is better but it doesnt seem to run as glitch free J River standalone - certain files even though they are normal flac, seems to put J Play in a mood.
  11. nickt1
    Been enjoying JR18 and playing with the settings and noticed that it includes 24 bit digital output with dithering.
    Definitely an improvement in sound -both smoother and more detailed-more analogue.
    Did some research and it appears to works by adding a small amount of low level hiss thus reducing digital distortion.
    I know  the purists won't like it but I noticed an improvement.
  12. BlackstoneJD
    Can you post some of your findings regarding the new 24-bit dithering mode? Can you link some supporting documentation. I am not sureI understand the theory behind it, but it absolutely deserves some serious attention.
  13. silversurfer616
    Have tried the dithering method and I don't like it....makes the sound "unclean".....too much micro distortion,me thinks!
  14. BlackstoneJD
    It sounds smoother for sure but possibly at the expense of detail retrieval. I am not sure. I like it, but I have bright headphones.
  15. silversurfer616
    Have tried it while listening through a tube amp which adds its own distortion,so it was all too much for me.
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