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JRiver Media Center 18

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by blackstonejd, Dec 23, 2012.
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  1. nickt1
    Here is an article that goes some way towards explaining the effects of dither without getting too technical.
  2. BlackstoneJD
    For the record I am using the 24bit with dithering setting and I like it better than without. It might not be the right thing to do, but I prefer it with my Grados which are a little bright. It takes some sizzle out of the treble and it does impart a more natural, analog sound I think. The overall mix is a little warmer, but I don't perceive a loss in resolution--just less noise. However, that is not to say that what I am hearing is more true to the original source--I just prefer it that way.
  3. cute
    You were the one criticizing me for using 88.2 sampling for 44.1 source, that it wasn't true to source, bit by bit, as the artist intended, blah, blah, blah.....now you are using 24bit dithering?  Sounds like you aren't true to yourself!  As I said, everyone hears differently!
  4. BlackstoneJD
    I wasn't criticizing. At least that was not my intention. I don't even understand what this dithering setting does or what its purpose is. I'm also not sold on it as being superior. Today the difference sounded almost negligible.

    Subjectively, of course use the settings you like. I just like to know which settings provide the most bit-perfect output so when I test another component I know the source is not colored.
  5. BlackstoneJD
    My 40 day trial expired and so I had to purchase Media Center 18. Upgraded from17. Overall, this version sounded better to the point where the upgrade was a no brainer.
  6. Rawrbington
    i just updated from 16.
    Im not sure if i hear a difference or if my brain is just trying to convince me that i do.
    It might might maybe possibly be a tiny bit more revealing in the highs.
    the background does seem blacker though.
    my 16 would get all wonky if i used wasapi or wasapi event.  especially when using hi res files so i just went with direct sound after a couple months of battling it
  7. silversurfer616
    ....as I said before,I do think the sound is better with Version 18 but I also remember that someone once said "they all sound 10 years younger with Media Centre"!
  8. vincentc
    Hello everybody,
    I just install JRiver 18 to try, I have been using MediaMonkey for quite some times now. I have a problem (see picture) with JRiver and the WASABI-event drivers.
    I am using a ALO PanAm amp/DAC plugged to my windows computer with a simple USB cable. Do you have an idea on what the solution might be?
    Quick Update: In fact nothing works :frowning2:
  9. BigCabDaddy

    Bet it's the output format. Try 16/44 then up sample if you want. The latter only sometimes works for me for some reason.
  10. vincentc
    But I have some 192 KHz samples I do not want to change the output format... Is there another solution?
  11. Roseval
  12. john57
    You should try setting 24 bit into a 32 package. If that does not work try WASAPI only. You have to experiment a little to find what really is supported by your hardware.
  13. john57
    Like the pervious answer, your hardware is not going to support anything higher than 96k. Even if you had hardware that supports higher than 96K on the USB you are going to need a special driver for it. Just because you have 192k samples does not mean that quality will be degraded when down sampled to 96k.
  14. vincentc
    I tried all the plug-ins and all the outputs format. And it still does not work the only plug-ins that appears to work is the wave out one...

    I was down-sampling with MediaMonkey and WASABI plug-ins without any issue. The problem persists on JRiver even when I transform everything above 96 KHz to 96 KHz. Therefore it could only be a difference in the softwares.
  15. mnarwold
    I have MC17 and 18 (I purchased just before 18 came out, so I got 18 for free when it released), but I don't really use 18. If I plug my ipod 5.5 in it crashes MC 18 during the sync. Not really sure why. I looked all over the forums trying to get help, posted about it, never got any help. If you have any ideas I'm open, but in the end I want a Media Center that works for everything so I just use 17. I thought I'd give them some time to work out some bugs, but still doesn't work with the latest "stable" release.
    In other news, I use crossfeed (actually what got me into J.River to begin with) although I agree that it does cut out some of the low end. I also use EQ to flatten the response of my cans a bit. I've tried many crossfeeds and the one in MC is the most natural sounding. It doesn't overdue the effect and lets you just enjoy the music. If I put my cans on and start listening to music, it isn't immediately obvious that I have it on or off, although in A/B tests it's easy to tell apart.
    As far as dithering goes, it is a great little scientific idea for lowering the noise floor. In practice, all it does is lower the noise floor by an additional bit or two, giving you over 100db of dynamic range from 16bit (so more than you would ever need really). If you're hearing the noise added by dithering, it is either not working properly, you have super human hearing, or it's your imagination.
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