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JRiver Media Center 18

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by blackstonejd, Dec 23, 2012.
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  1. Theogenes
    The primary benefit I drew from Fidelizer was the elimination of extraneous noise (primarily pops, but also some static sounds among other annoyances). As I use my primary computer for listening, I couldn't abide by the slowness the higher settings caused elsewhere on my computer. Definitely very appreciative of whatever change the app made to my system though-- it wasn't some borderline-imaginary subtle shading of a difference, it was the complete removal of a blatant intrusion and irritant into my music. Seems to be a bit of a touchy subject with some people though... see the other two threads on the app on HF to see what I mean.
  2. StudioSound
    The buffer size is set incorrectly for your hardware if you are hearing pops and clicks during playback.

    This sort of thing illustrates that the program is definitely "doing something."

    These changes should have zero impact on audio quality though.
  3. Trendin
    Do you guys know of any good plugin for displaying a pop up notification when a new song is played?
    I found a plugin that does it but it was very buggy and didnt work when MC18 was minimized and a song ended by itself.. 
  4. Theogenes
    @StudioSound: You may very well be right. Whatever it was, it was extremely irritating and using Fidelizer fixed it. Haven't used the application since then though and made sure it doesn't run at startup.
  5. Suopermanni
    Has anyone got any idea how to get ASIO working on MC 18? I have a Creative ZxR and MC does not seem to want to play with it!
  6. thegrobe
    After reading some of these last posts regarding Fidelizer, I decided to give it a try with MC 18. Using Windows 7, ASIO output to an Audio-GD SA-1.32 DAC. It seems to actually make things worse. I'm getting ticks and clicks in playback, dropouts when changing tracks. If I restart MC I can sometimes get it to play without audible problems.....but even then MC crashes every 15 minutes or so.
    What the heck? Anybody else have these problems?
  7. Roseval
    ASIO is a proprietary protocol (Steinberg/Yamaha).
    If it is not supported by your soundcard you can’t use ASIO in JRiver.
  8. john57
    I do not use Fidelizer since it tries to shutdown windows process it thinks that are not needed for audio playback. What setting are you using on the Fidelizer? I am guessing that everything works fine without using Fidelizer. I just believe that using a program that shuts down windows process will cause more issues in the long run. I have not seen a list of the process being shut down using the Fidelizer.
  9. silversurfer616
    As mentioned earlier,I have a laptop dedicated to audio only and use MC18 and Windows 7 going into a Audio GD NFB 17.32 DAC via Halide bridge.
    It works fine and fidelizer always needs to be newly activated once the computer is on and running.
    In the meantime I think I like my music more without fidelizer as it is too much clarity for me....give me jitter,I dare say!
    It leaves more flesh(noise)on the bone which does sound more musical and engaging.
  10. Clemmaster
    What ASIO drivers are you using? The custom wrapper using ketnrl streaming or the true VIA ASIO ones?

    They are part of the 2.0 drivers package but don't seem to install properly because I cannot see them in MC18 :-\
    Do I need to copy them to some specific folder to have them in jRiver?
  11. thegrobe
    I tried the "audiophile" and "extreme" mode. Had the same problems with both. The only thing I can figure is I had previously made a couple adjustments to my PC according to a guide (I forget which) about optimizing for audio playback. They were just a few power settings and I think switching priority to background services or something like that. Maybe Fidelizer only works if you haven't already tweaked any settings. Hmmm. Maybe undo those changes and try again. Or not... I only wanted to try Fidelizer if it was easy. I don't really want to make myself a headache out of trying it. My PC already seems to work pretty good already except for an occasional latency spike (according to DPC) which never happens if I turn off wireless.
    I am using the VIA ASIO drivers provided by Audio-gd. Firmware #7 and 2.0 drivers. As far as installing in jriver, ...off the top of my head, if I recall..
    In the main Audio-gd download folder click "setup" application. Run all that, following basic instructions and restart PC.
    In the Audio GD software download, in the "viaudusb" folder there is a "VIAASIO" folder, and in there there is a file viaasio.dll. Copy that and paste it into the jriver "Plugins" folder with all the other dll's. 
    In that same folder "VIAASIO"  there is also a "InstallASIO" application. Run that to install it. Then after it's installed run it and check the box for your device and set it to "32 bit" and select a buffer size. 
    Restart PC...
    Then in Jriver "playback options" set output mode to "ASIO" and in output mode settings dropdown, you will now see "VIA Direct KS ASIO" Of course select that. 
    I **think** that's how I did it...if that doesn't work PM me and I'll try to help. 
  12. StudioSound
    JRiver can output Kernel Streaming directly. There's no reason to install an ASIO wrapper for it - at least that's what "VIA Direct KS ASIO" would appear to be.

    Unless your device comes with a native ASIO driver from the manufacturer, you shouldn't be using ASIO - you should be using WASAPI.

    Usually ticks and clicks during playback mean that the wrong buffer size is being used, either in JRiver's settings, or the ASIO driver.
  13. Clemmaster
    Yep, there are both the "VIA Direct KS ASIO" and a "audio-gd ASIO" drivers.
    At least I saw the audio-gd one on several pictures on the forum and I was told this was a true ASIO driver but I don't know how to install it.
  14. thegrobe
    The ASIO setup is using the ASIO driver package provided with my DAC. I wondered what the "KS" in there is for however. I can try other things too but it seems to work fine as t is...but as I said the ticks and clicks are only when using Fidelizer. Changing buffer sizes does nothing. I was wondering why something designed to give process priority to audio is causing pops and MC to crash when everything works fine without it. 
  15. thegrobe
    Oh I see what you mean. I guess I have the "KS" wrapper one installed on my Windows 7 machine, and the real ASIO driver installed on my Vista machine. If I recall the real driver in the package is only XP and Vista. What OS are you running?

    Edit: No I have the "wrapper" On both machines. Switched to kernel streaming. It actually sounds a bit cleaner and is less buggy

    So the "KS" setup on my Win 7 machine is bogus? I should be using WASAPI instead. Maybe the Fidelizer destruction has to do with that being a wrapper. Let me try it with WASAPI on Win7
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