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JRiver Media Center 18

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by blackstonejd, Dec 23, 2012.
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  1. Roseval
     Yes, with USB audio devices WASAPI is the way to go.
    It gives you a bit perfect path between the player and the audio device and takes care of automatic sample rate switching as well
  2. spkrs01
    I signed up for MC19 last night..all I would say is the fact that it is cheaper than the MC17 to MC18 fees[​IMG]
    Anyone know when it is actually ready for download?[​IMG]
  3. darinf
    It's interesting to me as a software developer and an audiophile, to read all the price discussion about JMC. Compared to how much you actually use JMC and how big a role it plays in your listening systems, what percentage of the cost of all your gear is the $49? Or is the $18 for the upgrade? If you think of JMC as 25% of your system, I bet it's not even 10% of the cost of most people's gear. Yes, the percentage is arbitrary though.
    I can't imagine how much development time goes into such a complex piece of software, but $49 or $18 for an upgrade seems like a pretty small price to pay in the realm of high end audio.
    Yes, it's just software, not hardware, but it's still serving a large amount of the functionality of a listening system. Sure, doing the R&D and building a high end amplifier or DAC may cost more money, but in terms of "man hours", the amount of work to "build" software is non-trivial.
    OK, maybe I am biased, but at $49 a pop, I am guessing they have to sell a LOT of copies to just break even. Then you look at the time required to develop version 19, I wonder how many $18 upgrades they need to sell to recoup those costs.
    I guess in this day and age of $0.99 apps, $49 might seem like a lot.
  4. cute
    Ya right!  You would expect that if you paid for the upgrade it would work!  I upgraded from v16 to v18 and my system was down for two weeks.  Won't be upgrading again for sure as we are the beta testers.  They need us so they can fix the problems we encounter.  They don't deliver products that work before they roll them out!
    That is a problem for me!  Not worth the price for upgrades.
  5. anoxy
    This last point basically negates your entire post. When compared to the competition, JRiver's pricing is quite unreasonable.
  6. x838nwy

    Imho, one could look at it as a portion of the entire system certainly. But I think as an upgrade/update it is worth considering what one gets from paying 40% of the original cost. I understand that jriver may have spent millions of manhours on developing it, but if it does not have the improvements I need/want then it's expensive to me.

    Having said that, what's the difference between 18 and 19?

  7. Clemmaster
    I read somewhere there are none so far: the current MC19 is the last stable MC18.
    This could be wrong, though.
    Useless post, I know...
  8. StudioSound
    A different platform, not a different operating system. OS X is very different from Windows.

    What apps are competing with JRiver at $0.99?

    Remember, this is only a list of features which are currently in MC19 after 12 builds. I think they are looking to release a public beta in August.
  9. anoxy
    Actually, it's always a different operating system. Only sometimes is it a different platform.
    As far as competition, foobar is free. iTunes is free with OS X. Plex, WMC, XBMC, just google media player and the list goes on.
  10. preproman
    Plex, WMC, XBMC - Really?  These are not audiophile applications.  
    How about:  Just to name a few audiophile playback solutions 
    Yes Foobar is free and a good one at that.
    Decibel = $33
    Audirvana Plus = $74
    XXHighEnd = $100?? (windows)
    Pure Music = $129
    Fidela Advanced = $99
  11. ferday
    one of the not mentioned here attributes of Jriver is the amazing video support...i haven't checked out all of those you mentioned but most will not do video.  probably many of the "audiophiles" here at headfi are also into movies, and this software does a great job of organizing and playing videos, as well as simplifying photos and even documents.  so you get a piece of software that sounds great, has fantastic tagging features, infinitely customizable, and will work with your video and photo stuff as well so you don't need to use a bunch of different programs
    i don't care who uses what but i support Jriver and appreciate the program very much.  now that i have Jremote for my ios devices, it has become a huge part of my daily media life.
  12. preproman
    Yes, Yes - great point.  This is I would say the absolute best all in one solutions in the game.  Not to mention the best library support of them all as well.  So yes, you get more than just an audiophile music solution.  
  13. Tony1110
    I'm using JRiver 18, ASIO output, Burson Conductor's ASIO driver and still hearing music on websites etc. Is this supposed to happen?
  14. Clemmaster
    Yes, if you didn't check "?? this device for exclusive access" or something like that.
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