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JH Audio JH-3A

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  1. BoogieWoogie
    I have a cousin that has a friend and that friend has another friend whos cousin is a Phd audio engineer, whos name I'm not throwing out for obvious reasons, says that the JH-3a sucks too and LC2 is much better.
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  2. Trogdor


    I am cancelling then.  That was my only fear really.  My God, why didn't anybody tell me?  I am down already a fruit smoothie and maybe down another one in 7 weeks 1 business day.  Why?  Why is life so cruel?
    If a cousin of a friend of a friend who happens to be a Phd audio engineer thinks its worse than the LC2 - I'm out.
    Aaron and other senior Head-fi friends, the next time you DECIDE to hype up some terrific IEM product PLEASE PLEASE find a cousin of a friend of a friend (or friend's neighbor) who happens to be a Phd audio engineer and ask if its better than my TripleFi 10's?   I need to know this up front before taking out my plastic.
  3. Anaxilus

    Dude!  My friend's friend's godmother works w/ that guy's friend too!  Small world.
    @ Trogdor.  Peter Luger's Porterhouse.  I don't nibble on grass like some cats.  [​IMG]
  4. swifttal
    wow... What's with all the trolling? Understand the waiting on any new product grates on people, but I can't consider any of the above negative

    1. A few weeks is not a major delay for a product thats first of its kind. Now Grand Turisimo 5 on the other hand...

    Realistically I'm not holding my breath on the 7 week quote - Jerry isn't the one writing the code and therefore it's out of his direct control. I can only hope they're not blowin him smoke on that one - but regardless this product will be groundbreaking

    2. You get what you pay for - official reviews pending, show me a better IEM product that's sold cheaper and I'll buy it.

    3. Size - show me a product with a high-end dac, multichannel amplifier, and personally customized active digital signal processing that's roughly the size of my iPhone and I'll buy that as well.
  5. Br777
    having sold my entire custom Thunderpants ortho rig (which i loved so dearly) purely on faith that the JH3A would blow my socks off, I have to say at this point I am not shaken.  I still feel confident in my purchase.  Yes, waiting is a bummer, but I've blown money or very expensive products by other companies (non audio) touted as totally awesome and groundbreaking only to find they were rushed to production, full of flaws and bugs, and furthermore finding the company basically saying tough cookies to anyone who complains.   It is absolutely infuriating - especially when you are like me and dont have a lot to spend to begin with. 
    From my perspective JH has shown integrity in this process, and as a company throughout its existence.  Further delays or not, I feel confident that JH will release the product that they have intended to create.
    Last Time i spoke to JH, hours before the announcement of the delay, they assured me that the JH3A would be equal to, or better than they intended, and I believe that they will do what it takes to fulfill that claim.
  6. Trogdor


    Yes all well and good...really all well and good...but seriously, did you even READ the post above...
    A cousin's friend of a friend who has a P-H-D and is an audio engineer said the LC-2 was better!
    I don't know HOW you can argue with that.
    I love Head-Fi.  Most of you are insane...like me.
  7. wazzupi
    I love you guys too !!!!!!

  8. grokit

    I believe I know who this engineer is, and he has been called out for making over-enthusiastic assertions regarding the LCD-2.
    Having said that we all know that the JH3A combo sounds great because Jerry Harvey told us so in a uTube video [​IMG]
    But I can see your point about ordering before the availability date, or more impressions are available. But without a few Head-fiers taking a chance on these, how would we get those impressions?
  9. violinvirtuoso


    How can we have true head-to-head comparisons? The only people (AFAIK) that have posted impressions are people who have tried the demo (universal and not final production) version of the JH-3A. Another thing is the LCD-2 and the JH-3A were in different rooms (Can Jam). I don't remember, but I think the music on the iPads was different as well. I think general impressions are OK, and even general feelings of which one is better are OK; but actually assertions of which is superior seems quite premature.
  10. Anaxilus
    Is it even really appropriate to compare the LCD2 and JH3A?  This is like comparing Apples coated in caramel served on a stick, eaten outside on a porch under the midday sun to Orange slices served over ice in a fruit bowl w/ cocktail forks eaten on a Lazyboy sofa in front of the TV.
  11. Br777
    yeah.. exactly what i was thinking [​IMG]
    as far as buying without hearing, and being impulsive and going on others word, all that... thats how i've made every audio purchase to date.. and so far I've been thrilled with the results.. so im all for goin in blind!  [​IMG]

  12. Kunlun


    Coated in caramel? I don't think your comparison is valid at all!
    The JH3a doesn't seem to be really so walk-around-with-it portable, so, other than the isolation, why not compare it to other stay-at-homes?
  13. Kunlun


    Right, has he been around lately? I like that guy.
    Keep in mind, I'm not saying that people who listened to what they thought was a demo of the jh3a and believed in good faith Jerry's initial info and timeline on the Jh3a at Canjam and pre-ordered were making a mistake per se. Of course, people can take a chance on a new product and be a first-adopter (although that is really always a bad idea, as version 2.0 of any product is almost invariably cheaper or smaller or faster or better in some way, but, as you say, somebody's gotta do it). I only mean that those who have seen how things have gone and are now like, "durp, I'd better send some money right now today" are being super foolish.
  14. boomana
    I've heard the demo unit of the A3/!6, which I ordered on the spot.  I've also heard the the LCD2 with four different amps and sources.  Both headphones are pretty wonderful.  To speculate on which one is "better" is just stupid. 
  15. singh
    ^ +1, to the lucky few, buy both to others,
    buy any as per your preference, you cant go wrong with both.
    if you will be traveling a lot get the JH3a, if you will be near THE desk get the LCD2. because jh3a, though i wont call it portable(call it semi-portable), is easy to carry around compared to LCD2 ( with an amp/DAC)
    BTW, the technician who left JHaudio, did he leave JHA to join any other company? does anyone know about this, cause there might be another XX3A coming out soon, who knows?( don't flame me , i am just speculating )
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