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JH Audio JH-3A

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  1. sling5s
    Thanks to a generous head fi member, I will have some headphone gear (some to borrow and one to keep) to hold me out for these three months.  
    Thank you again in a huge way [​IMG]

  2. customNuts


    I absolutely agree. Slander never turns out well for anyone.
    Any way, still love ya Jezza!
  3. Trogdor

    I think it was New Joisy leaking through....
    With that said, if I take your posts as a whole, you definitely seem a bit upset about this whole ordeal which is understandable.  You of all people are extremely reasonable with your assessments (minus that RSA house sound you cling onto!  just kidding).
    Product has delays, Jerry/Brittany are on top of it.  I agree, talking about Macbeth was not the right move even if its the truth.  You got to stomach that and move on.
    Looks like though it is going to sound spectacular...
    Btw Aaron, I assume you are still all IN?  :)
  4. Br777
    11 weeks - 6 days to go! [​IMG]
    I'll give my two cents....
    One thing I have come to terms with is audio can become a bottomless pit that can't be filled
    if you are one to have to follow every whim and opinion of the latest reviews.
    Long ago I bought my pair of KEF 104.2s and still have them to this day. I listened to them and was immediately impressed. There were higher end models that sounded a little better but the difference wasn't that great to warrant spending additional money. To me they were the pinnacle of a design that to this day are rated highly. So I say to myself enough.
    I built a nice home theater with equipment that in my opinion is the pinnacle for what my needs are. I will be good for a long time so I say to myself enough.
    When I listened to the JH-3A at CanJam I bought them on the spot.Sometimes you hear something that you can say to yourself this is the pinnacle of what I been waiting for. I enjoy music immensely and this set up moved my soul in a way that I have not experienced in a long time. I ask myself how much better can this get? It may in time but I know I will be satisfied for a long long time.So for me I say enough.
    There is a guy I work with who teases me when he overheard a conversation I was having with another music lover when I told him I could hear when a drummer was using plastic tipped drum sticks or that I could hear that the drummer was using a wood mallet on his kick drum or that I could hear the early reflections off the small room he was in.I enjoy all aspects of music...from the artistry of the musician to the sound technicians overall creation of putting the sound together
    To each his own. I did tell him he would be happy with headphones made of two transistor radios help together with a coat hanger...
    So in the grand scheme of things if the JH-3A's are not for you don't buy them. I enjoy reading the posts on here but there seems to be those who enjoy creating drama for reasons known only to them. Or maybe they don't know themselves and it's just a lifestyle they lead.
    How about we celebrate Jerry and company's creativity and passion for music and his willingness to step outside the box to bring to music lovers such as you and me what the masters of music of old could not even dream about was possible......
    Inspiration is a wonderful thing.
  6. jp11801 Contributor

    I'm not a lawyer but I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night and can google a common term
    If one reports what occurred then it is not slander or defamation, providing what Jerry stated is true there is no slander or defamation.


    –noun 1. defamation; calumny: rumors full of slander.

    2. a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report: a slander against his good name.

    3. Law . defamation by oral utterance rather than by writing, pictures, etc.

  7. violinvirtuoso


    According to the definition, it is only slander if the statements are false. If the statements are true, it is not slander. Correct me if I am wrong.
    I am not saying what Jerry Harvey did is right, but I don't think it was really a bad thing. After all, most people could have figured it out anyway.
  8. Br777
    I think im gonna request mine to be low profile.. JH said they do this. its a common request for musicians.  It basically means you have them make the IEMS flush or flat so that they dont stick out at all.
    anyone have any experience with this?  any known drawbacks?  any photos of this?   anyone know for SURE if any of these are low profile. some of them look like it but i dont know.
  9. immtbiker Moderator

    Of course I'm still all in. I think that Jerry Harvey is one of the great innovators of modern audio.
    Also, if I could stay married to my ex-wife for 12 years, then I think I can weather lesser storms.
  10. thread

    I, too, am interested in this... Can one lay on the ear more comfortably with these? I've heard of low profile customs a few times, but not much.
    Edit: LOL at the quoting issues. Jude tells me the Huddler guys are working on that one...
  11. Br777


     I would only assume so.. well i just requested it, so i guess we'll find out.  If not soon from someone chiming in, then in about 14 weeks... :wink:
  12. warp08


    These are excellent questions, but if you are happy with the current combo and what SQ a Nano as a source can provide, I can't see a JH-3A adding much benefit at all.   It would require a higher quality source to shine regardless of how good it is when it's released.  Unless there is a drastic change in the design I'm not aware of since the Can Jam prototypes were demoed, it is more of a transportable than a portable amp, better enjoyed out of an laptop/netbook.  I would go with a TWagged JH16 or JH13 Pro (which I have) and remain ultra-portable unless you plan to adopt the JH-3A platform as a desktop solution in addition to your current one.
    That's how I plan to use mine when it arrives.
  13. Br777


    well i dont have any head time with either of these, and i cant find warp08's full post, but if this person is going to drive jh16 from a nano (dont know what amp etc. is used if any) vs jh3a from a nano.. then their certainly SHOULD be a pretty big benefit even if he's using a really good portable amp with his jh16's... isnt that the whole point?
  14. Br777
    just confirmed with Jaime - i'll be getting mine done "low profile"  - seems like you cant really go wrong with this.
  15. Trogdor


    Touche!  :)
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