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JH Audio JH-3A

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  1. Trogdor


    I don't know.  It would seem low profile would be harder to get in and out....maybe not...but I would think you would have more to grab onto when you are placing them in your ears.
  2. qusp Contributor
    yeah I didnt ask for low profile and I have zero trouble lying on my side. one word of caution with sleeping with these in, the pins are not what I would call robust. I have had to bend them back after this, with the stock pins anyway. that was a long time ago.
  3. kayser
    Can you guys give me a quick response?
    Today I read the following:
    Since the device is manipulating the amp levels all in realtime to pull off the active crossover, the signal must always be digital before the amps. So consequently, even an analog input must be converted to digital inside the device before becoming analog again for your ears. So, a fancy DAC will not help us at all here...
    I suppose, I can not expect the best possible SQ if I use the line-out of my DIYMod or of a HM-801, as the signal will be converted twice. Am I right? 
    Also, will there be a difference in using an iPod Classic with LOD, let's say, and a HM-801? I mean, if the JH-3A converts the analog signal into the digital one, does it matter what DAC is used in the source.
  4. cooperpwc
    Follow the logic above to its conclusion. Therefore it also doesn't matter whether you feed Abba or Weather Report into the analogue in. Since it's being converted to digital, it will sound the same. In fact the upside to working with analogue input and the JH-3A is that you only need to have one song in your music collection so you can buy a really tiny music player. Once you convert it to digital, it's all going to sound the same.
    Do you think that you can answer your own question now? (Careful whose analysis you listen to.) Cheers! [​IMG]
  5. Br777


    thats not what he asked...  unfortunately i don't have enough knowledge in this area to help out any further than that.  but I too am curious to understand how this works.
  6. cooperpwc
    It is exactly what he asked. Unfortunately some people are missing the point on this. Okay, I'm headed to bed but let me try to be clearer. When using the analogue in:

    High quality signal in > High quality signal out
    Garbage in > Garbage out

    ....same as:

    Weather Report in > Weather Report out
    Abba in > Abba out
    To say that a fancy DAC will not help us at all here is as nonsensical as saying that the artist doesn't matter.
  7. warp08


    iPod with LOD=Analog output=>JH-3A analog input=>DSP(DAC) Processing=>Opamp=Analog HP out
    HM-801 Digital-Out (USB or Coax Digital)=Digital output=>JH-3A digital input=>DSP(DAC) Processing=>Opamp=>Analog HP out
    Higher quality source and less A/D D/A conversion will yield higher SQ out of the JH-3A or any other amp/headphone.  No matter how good the JH-3A may end up being, it'll be constrained by the quality of source input fed into it.  That was Cooperpwc's point.
    Hope this helps.  Or not, but it's another take on the same thing.  BTW, cables/interconnects also matter a great deal.
  8. Trogdor

    Cables/interconnects actually don't matter at all as long as they are well shielded and relative short in length (I doubt anyone here is using a 50ft cable).  I whole heartily suggest you pick up a good cable at Best Buy or Radio Shack that's on sale.
    The issue as many have pointed out is that with an analog signal something (DAC) has to clock it.  In the case of the HM-801 for instance, the ANALOG output would feed the JH-3A which would clock the incoming analog signal and convert it to digital (if you think of audio as a waveform, its trying to represent that waveform in the digital domain, 1's and 0's).  As the digital signal hits the DSP (digital signal processor that does the active crossover), it will analyze the waveform coming in represented in the digital domain and reconvert it back into an analog output.  In fact it will do this on the fly and *drive* each transducer (the little speaker in your ears) accordingly.  Again, as above, if you have any software changes you want to make to the signal, say -3db of bass, the DSP will factor that setting in when it reconverts the signal back to analog (A/D).
    So with an analog source, you have A/D->D/A->Slayer's World Painted Blood. 
    Less conversions typically means higher sonic reproduction.  So, you might want just D/A->Megadeth's Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? which means you need an optical source which will be stream the bits directly to the DSP for A/D conversion.
    I have not proof read the above....so others feel free to chime in if I am off....
  9. Bina

    Since when have Hifiman digital Out?
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  10. Trogdor


    It doesn't.
  11. travisg
    I would like to get mine done in high profile so they would stick way out like cans. That would awesome! LOL
  12. ianmedium


    Actually your analogy is erroneous as one example is measurable the other personal opinion. However, according to album sales your analogy is incorrect again as ABBA has outsold by huge proportions Weather report in both album sales and concert attendance! So there are plenty of folks out there who think ABBA are far higher quality than weather report!
  13. travisg
    Wow! ABBA Really?...I mean Really?
  14. Br777
    dont even think about turning this into a cable flame war.
    This statement is not being addressed to anyone in particular, except the people its being addressed to... You know who you are, and you know better.
  15. ianmedium


    Oh yes! One of the most successful acts of all time and even though it is almost thirty years since they were together they still shift a great many albums!
    I have been to see the Stones, Lennon, jackson and a whole bunch of other top acts and ABBA was one of the most enjoyable and musicianship standards excellent. not a dyed in the wool ABBA fan and I do like Weather report as well!
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