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JH Audio JH-3A

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  1. Br777
    I think if we want to make a broad sweeping assumption with regards to sound quality, analog vs digital signal feed,  and the JH3A it might be as folllows:
    the better quality the signal you feed the jh3A, the better the end result will sound...which would mean digital signal is better than analog..... at least in theory that should be the end of it.
    which means...
    lets pretend you had a digital out (feeding the jh3a a straignt digital signal) from an ipod,
    you had an LOD from an ipod (feeding an analog signal to the jh3a which it then has to convert to digital then back to analog),  then in theory the digital out would sound better because it bypasses the ipods dac which makes for one less weak link and one less conversion the jh3a has to do since it would already be recieving the digital signal it needs. 
    i keep saying in theory because no one here has tried the jh3a from in ipod with both a digital out and a LOD out so we dont really have any idea how drastic, or miniscule the difference would be.
    that said.. the whole idea with this thing is that its STILL supposed to sound totally AMAZING even if you feed it an ipod with an LOD.  Jaime and JH audio told me just that.
    so the bottom line in all of this is - we shall see. 
    I for one plan on using an ipod to lod to jh3a most of the time and will gladly call it a day until someone invents an ultra small ultra cheap digital out for an ipod.
  2. SoupRKnowva
    correct, the hifiman does not have digital output, either in coax or usb, those are digital inputs.
    And feeding the 3A with a digital signal will obviously be the best option, but the higher the quality of analog input the better obviously. This is true, because even with a perfectly transparent AD/DA inside the 3A, you're still going to have the same waveform coming out the other side, which would lead one to believe that a better one, would be...well....better [​IMG]
  3. immtbiker Moderator
    Abba = Mama Mia! More money and fame.
  4. ianmedium


    Absolutley!! Add in Chess and the other things and it is no wonder that it was once said that they are richer than the royal family of Sweden!
    My comment was just a bit of fun, I know where the poster is coming from with what he means, heck it's the weekend..Time for fun!
    Oh yes, having just gone through a Divorce I can appreciate your other comment as well!
  5. Br777
    boy, i underestimated how rough it would be going from my $1700 ortho rig to a pair of klipsch s4's with a sansa clip+... I am REALLY gonna appreciate my JH3A by the time it comes!  Yikes!
  6. nc8000 Contributor
    Yep. Finding what is missing when going down is much more noticable than what is gained when going up
  7. khaos974
    If you need to feed the JH-3A with  an analog signal, the better quality the signal, the better the result will be, the most transparent DAC will be the best.
    BUT, the best signal WILL be a digital input, no DA/AD converter (as far as audio is concerned) is good enough to give you the exact original digital signal.
    Direct digital input will always be more faithful to the signal than using a DAC first, but one may like the coloration your own DAC brings into the chain.
  8. immtbiker Moderator

    I equate to power windows in cars.
     Once you've had power windows, it is mind boggling trying to go back to rollin' them up with a crank.
  9. Trogdor


    Tis true.  I like the roll off filters in the HM-801 so for all those out there, you may want to give it a go.
    Considering the JH-3A is 1k by itself, I would expect it to hold its own vs Lavry/Benchmark quality in terms of sonic accuracy.
    Oh well...11 weeks to go...
  10. Br777
    so... does anyone know the answer to this...
    if you use a player with a digital out, be it a player that actuallly has one, or say the ipad with the camera kit, or an ipod with that cyper labs gizmo... does it no longer matter which player you use?  will the quality of the player still effect the sound, or does it become irrelevant.   
    say for example you had an ipad with a camera kit vs a hm801 (pretend that it had a digital out)  ... would the fact that the 801 has better components matter anymore? or does the player simply become the device that holds the files and sends them to the rest of the rig and nothing more...
  11. violinvirtuoso


    You are correct, if you use a digital out, the DAP will not affect the sound quality in any way. Regardless of if you use the iRiver H1xx, a Macbook Pro, or an iPod w/ Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo, they should all sound identical.
    For everyone else, digital input should sound the best with the JH-3A. However, for analogue in, a better DAC will improve the sound quality.
  12. Br777


    boy, if someone could come up with a digital out for an ipod comperable in size to an LOD they'd make a freaking mint!
  13. violinvirtuoso


    FWIR, getting a digital signal from an iPod is a complex process. Apple encrypts the digital signal, so that only the DAC in the iPod can decrypt the signal. The Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo is the first device that decrypts Apple's digital signal. However, I agree, it would be a lot cheaper if Cypher Labs simply included the decrypter. Right now, there is not much need for the awesome DAC in the AlgoRhythm Solo.
  14. Anaxilus


    But FWIR, not all LODs are created equal either.
  15. nc8000 Contributor

    Portably yes but stationary there is the Wadia dock and others and there are also car docks that do

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