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JH Audio JH-3A

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  1. thread
    I agree it's on the large side of portable. I intend to actually use it truly portably approximately never, though. It will be very nice to be able to easily move it between home and work, though. Size is just fine for my use.
    And yeah, no matter what the length, the cables are all clear for the 3A this time.
  2. 563
    To be honest, I'd be kinda scared walking around with all that valuable real estate on me, or using it at the gym - but then again, I live in the city :)
  3. maverickronin
    Generally someone has to know what it is before they want to steal it from you.  Just keep it on you and not in a bag or something.
  4. dallan Contributor
    And if they know what they are they know they are custom and only you can use them, unless they think it is worth it to go thru remolding and recalibrating some how.   The only theft would be someone thinking it was some type of ipod or something.
  5. GeorgeGoodman
    I am awaiting the inevitable raves that are going to happen when people actual get to listen to a pair of their customs from the JH-3A...[​IMG]
    In the meantime, I just want to point out that the QLS QA350 can be had for $180 bucks on Ebay, and has a remote control and digital coaxial and optical outputs, as well as a high quality line out and headphone amp. It is great. So if you don't want to break the bank getting some kind of device to stick on your ipod just to get digital, get this. It was designed to have virtually no jitter, and there are no moving parts. The downsides are that it only supports WAV from SD cards (that is not a downside for me) is slightly big, and hardly has an interface. I love the almost analog like experience of listening to music on it, though. For those with an Ipod, getting one of these or the Fiio X3 looks to be cheaper than any portable digital alternative. 
  6. blessingx Contributor


    Generally, is the key. I doubt the guy who broke in my car and stole my Livewires (in glove) did a lot of analysis during. That said, two friends have had their windows smashed likely solely for CDs and then the thieves seemed quite selective. Nothing worse then having damage and your taste in music rejected.:wink: 
    For those suggesting players, gotta ask, do you view the QLS, HifiMan, etc. as an addition to a wifi/3G-capable player or your sole portable/transportable 'transport'? Curious, as I can't imagine giving up all the content out there and going back to a non-networked player. Course $1700 to play even occasional 128 kbps radio streams, news podcasts or Pandora poses its own issues, but really curious if you use two players (even if one a phone) or just stick only to your own files?
  7. monsieurguzel
    For me the one reason I couldn't give up my iphone/ipod touch as a transport is some of the music apps that I use on a daily basis.  As of right now I'm totally addicted to MOG, which is a $10 a month service, but the beauty of it is that not only does it have an unlimited music catalog, but you can also download full albums/playlists/etc. at 320kbps, which to me is more than enough in a portable world.  Compare that to the clunkiness of storing just a couple albums on an expensive SD card in WAV format, without tag, which seems very unapealing and backwards to me (late 1990's mp3 players)
    Ever since getting this service, I pretty much don't use the ipod app on the phone anymore and just listen to and download all my music through MOG.  If I head an artist on the radio, I'll just download full 320 kpbs albums on the fly and listen as much as I want.  Highly recommended!
  8. GeorgeGoodman
    I never said the QLS QA350 even came close to the ease and convenience of an Ipod. What I did say is that it is a cheap, reliable, and enjoyable way to enjoy music, and a great inexpensive digital transport. It is kind of like a CD player, but that is part of the charm for me. I load the WAV onto the SD card, and am ready to go. There is not a ton of space, so I choose full albums of music that I really enjoy. I find having just ten or fifteen albums (I use an 8GB card) with me is actually freeing, as I know exactly what is on there and am not overwhelmed as I sometimes am by my player with a larger capacity. It is a different experience, and some will not enjoy it. 
    This is a fact: There is no cheaper and easier way to put a pure digital strema into your JH-3A right now, at least until the Fiio DAP comes out. It has super low jitter, so I also argue whether it is possible to get better CD quality sound into the JH3A, regardless of cost. I like it and think it is a great solution at great price with a few flaws, you may not agree. 
  9. maverickronin

    That's why I said to keep it on you as well.  Then it won't be stolen if someone steals your bag, or breaks into your car and takes everything that's not nailed down, etc.  Those kinds of thefts are a lot more common than muggings, which is how you'd have to get your JH3A stolen if you keep it with you at all times when your away from home.
  10. tigon_ridge
    Has anyone inquired JHA about whether a request for the 50hz sub bass bump to be void, could be granted? I'm not sure this coloration would be for my taste.
  11. Bennyboy71
    Those of you using a JH3A and JH13s/JH16s in public shouldn't worry about having them stolen, given you've more than likely got enough spare cash floating around to employ bodyguards to escort you everywhere.
  12. sling5s
    Anyone know if JHA received the units from their vendors yet?  Are they still planning to begin shipping this week?
  13. LionelH2


    I coud not agree more with this post! MOG is really high quality audio. Before you dismiss music streaming services, give MOG a try. Other services may have it beat in terms of features and interface, but it is at the top of the heap as far as audio quality is concerned.  
  14. Trogdor


    As of this morning, no and yes.  But that was this morning....
  15. blessingx Contributor


    I thought about this solution, but figured the ongoing costs could really add up. Went with the one-time island purchase instead. 
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