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JH Audio JH-3A

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  1. Sceptre
    So I've been away from this forum listening to music for the last 6 months or so.
    Seems I haven't missed much in the JHA3 world!  I still vote for TosLink capability.
    Look forward to hearing the reviews of production units soon.
  2. Kunlun

    post edited!
  3. Trogdor
    @Kunlun:  Apology accepted.
    I actually spoke to Jerry 2 days ago and they are at the mercy of the manufacturer to deliver the units.  They were told any day this week they should arrive. 
    I'm not even sure if anything has really changed.  Can someone confirm what exactly has changed?
  4. Kunlun

    Hey bro, no harm intended, only kidding around. I've deleted my post. If you like, you can do the same. 
  5. Trogdor


    Wait a minute...
    Jerry as I understand it is waiting on manufacturing to deliver the final units which is anytime this week.  The 20th is TOMORROW.
    You say you *guess* they are delayed once again...huh?  Did Jerry say that?
  6. Kunlun


    That seems like a sensible thing to do.
  7. bneiderman

    I still find it strange that they have no idea when these things are arriving. I guess that is what happens when you manufacture overseas.
  8. Kunlun

    If you look at previously hyped products, like the Earsonics SM3, it took about 3-4 months before a real picture of the sound started to show up in reviews. The first three months were people saying wildly hyped things. I think that's human nature, and it will be amplified (pun unavoidable) with an expensive, new-tech, hugely delayed product.

  9. ianmedium


    They are making these overseas? I thought all their stuff is made in the States?
  10. Trogdor

    They are a small outfit which has to rely on a third-party to actually assemble the boxes.  I don't know who they use as their OEM but obviously given their projected volume (a high-end audio niche product, 100 units) they are not going to be the top priority.
    Thinking (more like feeling) aloud, I am kinda perplexed though why the OEM is so late here...I mean Jerry is the OEM's customer and I would expect the OEM give some level of reasonable expectation with respect to ship time. 
    BUT AS FAR AS I KNOW, there is no NEW DELAY other than waiting for the OEM to deliver the final JH-3A units.
  11. Bina

    There was no info where they make these units, I think bneiderman  is just guessing.
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  12. ianmedium


    Ahh, OK, I thought it was odd!
  13. blessingx Contributor
    Blue Jeans mini-rca coax just came in today. Now just need the other half. :wink: Posting though as for those who haven't ordered from BJC before the craftsmanship on this 1505F cable is quite solid. I'm impressed. And for those wondering, yes the mini plug is mono. Course I can't test sound until that other half comes in, but pretty confident there.  
  14. boomana


    Of the people I know personally who have actually heard the A3 and purchased it (I certainly don't know everyone who has), none are prone to hype, though they are prone to enthusiasm.  All have experience in pretty much everything that's considered high-end in the headphone world for the past 5-10+ years, many have extensive experience with audio gear in general (speaker rigs, recording, etc.), are adept at critical listening, and are well aware of the importance of accuracy when posting impressions. I think it's good that you're suspicious, but consider your sources when evaluating what is hype and what is just praise.  Some opinions are more informed than others.  That's true pretty much everywhere in everything.  To dismiss all impressions that are positive as hype would be arrogant.  If you're suspicious of positive reviews of the 3A, I strongly recommend you find out more about the people who are posting the reviews (their experience, their tastes, etc.) before you judge.  I strongly recommend you do that with any reviews you read around here.  If the 3A/16 I'm hoping to receive shortly sounds anywhere near as good as the demo I heard, I welcome you to challenge my future enthusiastic impressions as I type them out here, but allow me to challenge you back if you call my words hype.
  15. Hero Kid
    Great post boomana. Your typo in the first line had me confused at first but then I realized it was simply a typo.
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