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JH Audio JH-3A

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  1. immtbiker Moderator

    10 or so years ago, my first .mp3 player (wasn't a DAP) was a D-Link, which was the same size as the original walkman, and it was Hard drive based and had an ~ 800MB capacity. It was horrible. It was firewire and when you deleted songs, certain sectors of the song would be un-deleted and show up in the middle of other current songs [​IMG].
    D-Link couldn't figure it out. It was a known problem for them.
  2. violinvirtuoso
    No offense, but there is a thread for showing off your 1st DAP:
  3. thread
    I went back and forth on the cable length a few times, but ultimately settled on the 64". I figure it's not something I get to change (easily anyway) and I would like a bit of extra freedom. A 48" cable pretty much tethers you directly in front of the unit. Standing up to stretch, for instance, could be difficult.
    I intend to use the 3A as a transportable on a desk etc, so the 64" seems to make the most sense to me.
    I didn't even know 18" was an option... That sounds ridiculous.
  4. silverlight
    To the question a page back, plan to use the JH3A with an iPad using the USB out (using either a Kimber cable or Wireworld USB I have around).  While I'll be maxxed at 16/44 or 48khz, I converted my WAV library to ALAC 16/44 for this anyway (downsampled the hires files).  
    It would be INCREDIBLE if apple would support the usb output on the iphone/itouch.  strongly recommend anyone with any interest in this leave feedback for apple here, it's the best way to make things happen (and only takes 30 seconds):
  5. violinvirtuoso


    I usually use my IEMs sitting down, or with my DAP in a coat pocket. 48 inches (4 feet) is way more than necessary for me. You are right though, you can't really move around that much without moving your DAP (and Amp).
  6. Br777
    i figured if worst comes to worst they will certainly sell replacement cables.  you could just buy another length if needed.  so i picked 48" as that is the ~ length of "average" headphone cables.
  7. blessingx Contributor

    When not going transportable with an iPad, I'll be using a 20' coax from a Squeezebox Touch across the room and then a 64" cord from a small table to a couch or chair. When going with the iPad I figured 64" shouldn't be much of an inconvenience. See little downside of the extra inches and freedom of movement if not being used portably often. Have 48" for my standalone JH13s though they're primarily used for walking.
  8. monsieurguzel
    The only size for the jh-3a is actually 48".  There isn't any choice as of right now even though a few options are listed on the website.
  9. Br777


    and the only cable color available is clear..
  10. Steve1456


    The 48" cable seems to be the logical choice for JH Audio to go with for the launch.  I dare say it won't be too long before aftermarket cables appear after launch.
    The only question I have is that with every set of earphones being tuned to the amp, could an aftermarket cable have an effect on this?
  11. thread
    They absolutely have at least 48" and 64" cables. They are both options. (I haven't heard about 18" except in the recent post.)
    Also, if you change cable lengths, you SHOULD have JHA make a minor calibration change. Jerry told me at CanJam that it can change the bass level a tiny bit, I think it was. So you should stay with the same cable length if you get an aftermarket cable. (Or ask JHA about recalibrating your device.)
    Apart from this issue, I think changing out the cable (for another of the same length) should be fine.
  12. boomana
    I got my call from Jaime last week re hoodie, chatted with Zac re design, and am now very eagerly awaiting the arrival of my 3A/16s, which I'll be using, for starters, with my ipad and the camera connection kit.  
  13. immtbiker Moderator
    I think that the difference that the cable would make would be negligible.
    When I hold an amp/dap combo or pocket it in the cold months, the 8" would be fine.
    But, when I sit in a car outside or in a park and wand to put the units on the floor (with something under it, of course), than 60" is a must. It is too constricting being 5'11" and having the unit constantly pulling on my headphones. In this case, longer is better (I don't care what women say [​IMG] ).
  14. roy_jones
    I wonder if there will eventually be a revised version of the JH3A, sort of like what happened with the HiFiMan 801, whereby JH will be able to shrink the size of the unit to something more consistent with the current generation of portable amps.  If I could afford it, I'd certainly be intrigued by the JH3A, and would almost certainly opt for that option over other high end monitors, but the size would be a problem for me.  At it's current size, I consider it more of a transportable system, rather than a truly portable solution. 
    I'm really curious to see how quickly the new concept and technology get adopted by JH's competitors.  One of the things that would really bother me, if I was Jerry, is that the delays after the product was announced will likely decrease the time that they're in an exclusive position with the technology.  If you look at how quick the market was to respond to the JH13pro, the window before some other company tries to duplicate the concept of the JH3A is probably not going to be huge. 
  15. bozebuttons
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