Introducing Trinity Audio Engineering

  1. Rawratchu
    I sent in my hunters for a refunded nearly 4 months ago because they came defective. I still havnt received a refund and keiran stopped replying to my emails about getting it taken care of. At this point it seems like they have robbed me. This is surprisingly bad. Do you guys know of anything i can do regarding this or has anyone resolved their issues and if so, how? Or should i just assume i just lost $550?
  2. harry501501
    Ordered a set of Small Kombie Tips on the 23rd October and still not arrived to Glasgow, Scotland

    "We've accepted your order, and we're getting it ready. Come back to this page for updates on your shipment status."
  3. harry501501
    I love my 1st gen Deltas and had a good experience getting new filters (long time ago). It would seem from reading the reviews and complaints that Trinity took on more than the could chew. I'm forever seeing new products and pre order items, but maybe they should slow it down a bit and focus on existing orders and QC
  4. Midgetguy
    Many of us continually expressed our concerns about moving too quickly. And the concerns we made were the result of very simple common sense, but they didn't heed such warnings and now look where there are. They're doing worse than we thought. No one wants to see a promising company go down in flames, but that's exactly what TAE has been doing for the past year.
  5. harry501501
    Fully agreed. Coming from being a popular and respected contributor within the Head-Fi community doesn't mean they can forget the basic principles of running a small business, with paying customers, some who have placed (sometimes expensive) pre-orders on the good faith they'll receive them as close as to the dates they have been promised. It's become more like, "Hey, look what we can do" than making sure existing customers are getting the best possible service, products and communication. They have become VERY misguided sadly and I'm not convinced they'll be able to keep it up. There could be some very unhappy people if they don't take a reality check.
  6. myrottiety
    Well Trinity Audio brought me here to this forum. I ordered a pair of Icarus III. Shipped super quick. Showed up inside a week. One of the headphones was stripped and the filters would basically fall right out. So I ship them back. Cost me a $100 freaking dollars to ship them back. They've had them for a few weeks with no resolution. I'm just here to put a great big warning sign for others that find this. Proceed with caution. Super easy transaction, fast shipping, a solid product that sounded great. But resolving a QC issue could cost you a lot of time and money.
  7. Midgetguy
    I no longer recommend TAE to anyone. Forget planting a warning sign and proceeding with caution. The best course of action is to have a stop sign and not proceed AT ALL. Go spend your money elsewhere: Noble Audio, Shure, Campfire Audio, MEE Audio, Fiio, Empire Ears, or any other number of reliable and proven brands. TAE has been nothing but a disappointment for its once enthusiastic customers over the past year and a half.
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  8. Bprsnt
    Avoid Trinity Audio.

    I have had an order in for Phantom Master 6 since July 2016.
    I have at least 4 emails stating they are shipping this month. (March, May,September and November)

    I've asked for a refund or send me headphones that are comparable just to try and recoup my money. $273.00 USD

    No reply.
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  9. 2Dutch
    Stop ordering from them, seriously! It's like playing russian roulette with your money (and bloodpressure)!
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  10. Midgetguy
    I don't think any of us have ordered from them since the initial orders in mid-late 2016. You know, since none of us have received anything.
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  11. ckcdavid
    oh well, when I already give up my master 6, today I received an email said that the product is send out with track number. My order for last year christmas gift becomes the most surprising gift this year! Maybe it can give some hopes to all of you who still waiting?
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  12. Ancient.Dream
    Same for me (ordered Hunters).
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  13. originalsnuffy
    Only trust a shipment email when a fully functioning product shows up at your door.

    These people are masters of fluff.

    Had an email a while back from Bob for his new company. $500 preorders for a new product. As if he earned my trust with he first go round.
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  14. HungryPanda
    I bought Bob's R1's and am really enjoying them
  15. Migun
    Hi guys :) !

    Have a problem with my Delta V2's, only one earphone works, but if I switch the R earphone to the L plug it works, so its a problem with the cable, not the earphones themselves.

    So, can you recommend me a cable? Have any of you tried KZ compatible cables?

    Thank you !

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