Introducing Trinity Audio Engineering

  1. d13m
    So, news regarding my order #9247.

    1 month later after ordered. I still didn`t get parcel with Virus2.

    No any tracking information was provided. Just 'Shipped' status and of course I`m not sure if they really have shipped it or no, because usually from UK I could get parcel after 10 days.
    So, I have written to support and they very easy canceled my order and now I`m waiting for money refund.

    Honestly, I don`t want to buy anything in future fromTrinity Audio Engineering. It`s bad service, bad logistics, no tracking info, no any status.
    Let`s see how many time they need for refund.
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  2. spetrushin
    Only one month? Mine come after 8 :)
  3. RedTwilight
    Unfortunately it has been well past 21 days and still not a sigh or a peep from my PM6. It's really turning out to be a master phantom ... Nothing on KS whatsoever. Has the company folded or something??
  4. R0blo
    As a former backer of the PM6, who waited for over 1yr. I endured many false promises and straight up lies. i finally got fed up and asked for a refund (thanks Kiegan). All I can say is there are many many well established iem companies out there who will treat you the customer with a little more respect. The allure of cheap hifi is tempting, but not at the cost of your self worth.

    I ended up purchasing from 64Audio and couldn't be happier.
  5. RedTwilight
    How did you get a refund? Was yours through the Kickstarter? I would like to get mine refunded too.
  6. bichpm
    Just write them an e-mail
  7. jacko5
    Had a email today. New Trinty X hybrid-b earphones have come on there website.
    £50 pre buy.
    Look good.
  8. RedTwilight
    The last time that happened for the PM4, it took months before they were willing to consider that possibility..

    I will give it a try this time.
  9. Joethebeat23
    I preordered Atlas Deltas about 8 months ago. This week I received a pair of Icarus III as replacement. They're great of course (like most reviewers concluded) and I'm glad I didn't ask for a refund, although I'm not sure whether I would go through all the waiting and asking again.
  10. RedTwilight
    Well as it turns out they don't offer refunds for KS things, so all I can do is wait again for the final final batch of PM6 that they will supposedly ship out by 21st Sep.

    So much for early bird lol. Hopefully the worm decides to crawl out right at the end.
  11. Blazer39
    Im looking forward mostly to Icarus 2..more info please :triportsad:
    What's the DAC and AMP?!
  12. San Man
    I would not give a red cent to this company after the Phantom Air fiasco (still haven't received mine, early KS backer too), nor would I recommend anyone else to do so either.
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  13. Sladeophile
    Right there with ya. It's so frustrating having bought so many of their products to get jerked around like this.
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  14. d13m
    Little update: I received refund. Already bought Beyerdynamic DT 880 from newegg with huge discount (around 120$).

    Order from Trinity Audio Engineering was my mistake, I wasted time (more then 6 weeks) and lost little bit from currency exchange, I will never buy anything from such companies which can`t provide even tracking number. Only tested shops as amazon, newegg etc.
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  15. Midgetguy
    Wouldn't say it's your fault. It's TAE's fault. No company should run the way they've been running. It's ridiculous.
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