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  1. OliverBB
    I've had both the Sabre and the Mee Audio P1 (the reg version not Massdrop though I think they're sound sig is pretty much the same) and ajaxender is right. The Sabre are quite vivid-actually too vivid for my tastes. They are quite hot for me in the high mids/lower treble and accentuated sibilance (I'll admit I am pretty treble sensitive). The filters only changed the bass quantity. the P1's were not as bass heavy but bass is still certainly present. The treble was tamed a bit vs the Sabre's but still very clear but not harsh like the Sabres were to me. The big thing I also found was the soundstage. The P1's have a great soundstage and is imaging is great. Really has this cool 3d like quality to it (great sense of depth). Sadly I had to return those also because I have a terrible time getting in earphones to fit as I'm usually that one guy that has fit issues . Almost everyone else I've read about that has tried these love the comfort it seems including one of my friend's who has a pair and loves the comfort and sound.
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  2. Carlsan
    Still waiting on a pair of PHANTOM MASTER 6 order #2690.
    Ordered these in June 2016, Not sure what happened.
    Can someone help and explain?
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  3. Rawratchu
    I just received an email with a ton of details and updates, i thought you guys may appreciate it posted.

    Dear Customers and Backers,

    Its time for a Trinity update and this one is pretty packed with info!

    Master and Icarus III

    Thank you to all of you that have provided feedback on the Master and Icarus III so far, its always great to hear such positive feedback. For those that have not received their Icarus III, all UK, EU and rest of the world Icarus III have been shipped and there us just a handful of USA order left that will ship on Monday.

    Discount codes

    Well as many of you know we recently announced the stopping of our discount codes and our headphone (Phoenix) is our last big pre-order discount. We have been listening and many think this unfair or silly but the reality is that as Trinity has grown and so have the costs and offering such huge discounts does not work for the future of Trinity. Having said that the Head-Fi discount code will stay in effect for the foreseeable future and we will issue a special code for backers shortly offering the same discount as members.

    Now lets answer some pre-order/kickstarter questions like, where is my Phantom Air, Master 6, Hunter, Delta or Atlas Delta?!

    • We have shipped 928 Hunters globally leaving just 72 left to finishing building and ship (will ship within 21 days)
    • We have shipped 792 Master 6 (pre order and kickstarter) globally leaving 208 left to finish and ship (will ship within 21 days)
    • We have only 58 Delta to ship and have emailed those 58 offering upgrade options
    • We have only 176 Atlas Delta upgrades to ship and should take less than a week to ship
    • We have shipped the updated Phantom Air to select backers for testing and evaluation and all reports are now back and we will begin shipping again once all updated units are back from our manufacturing partner which will take 7-10 days from today.

    What happened to the customer service?

    Many of you may have seen a dramatic dip in customer service. Sadly as many of us have been concentrating on various other aspects such as shipping and manufacturing we had taken our eye off the ball and allowed a customer service staff member to get away with exceptionally low standards of service and has caused huge issues of concern for some customers (as well as our selves). This staff member has now been removed permanently from customer service and Kieran is now taking over his role. Kieran has been doing an amazing job with his friendly yet brutally honest manner but he does have a little catching up to do as he works his way through the other staff members emails.

    What else is news worthy?

    Behind the scenes there has been many things going on. First of all lets Welcome Dan Nundra as the new head manager of Trinity Audio. Dan comes with years of experience in the Audio industry with his last appointment at one of the worlds most renowned audio manufacturers.

    This appointment also marks the end of another. Bob was Trinity’s lead designer from the beginning and helped shape the sound and design style of Trinity. Bobs last day is officially 31st July but has agreed to stay on for 4 weeks to help with any hand over to Dan. Bob has asked us to convey this message to you all.

    “I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of Trinity and making people smile with new audio gear, my only goal has always been about bringing as much audio enjoyment as possible. Along this journey I have learnt many things not only about audio but about myself. I cannot imagine ever leaving the audio game but it was time for me to make some big changes to my working and personal life. I have lived and breathed Trinity as the head design engineer but its time to move on. I wish Trinity all the best for the future and hope to see many of the amazing customers around at shows and events in the future”

    So thats all for now and as you can see from above we are almost back on track. We have had some major mountains to climb over these past 6 months and feel positive about the future.

    Thank you to all our supporters who have weathered the storm with us and its great to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Thank you

    Trinity Audio
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  4. dlayman
    Don't have a horse in this race, but first two updates convenitely add up to exactly 1000 orders. Highly unlikely. Completely discredits it to me, as a buyer and backer of another failed product and campaign. Bob is taking a walk? That also follows my experience with another product. My advice, again I have never bought a Trinity product so feel free to write me off or bash me, is get out. This company and its products are DOA. I hate to see this garbage ruin the hobby and experience.
  5. ajaxender
    They definitely exist, I received mine.
    (I then sent them back due to a big channel imbalance, measured them roughly and the right side had a massive low-mid hump. I corresponded with Kieran who seems to be on to it, as written in the update above, so I'm fairly optimistic I'll get them serviced or replaced correctly, if slowly. For what its worth, the left side sounded pretty clear, I am looking forward to trying a good pair)

    Not sure about the PM6 but the Hunters are specifically a run of 1000, each year (well, if they ever get made again, that is).
  6. IamMe90
    They were preorders limited to 1,000 united each. Trust me, a lot of things don't add up about these numbers, but the fact that... the numbers add up to the number of orders placed is not one of those things.
  7. dlayman

    Well, I hope so for the customers sake. But building exactly the same number of units as sold is a sign of failure, at least in my manufacturing experience. Again, I may be wrong, happily so, but I would view this as a red flag if I were a Triniry customer, based on professional, and portable audio experience. Really hate to see what's happened to Trinity, 4hey were exemplary for a while
  8. IamMe90
    Well, at this point we're really just splitting hairs over what constitutes a red flag. I think we both agree that there are many, lol
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  9. d13m
    I have ordered Trinity Vyrus v2 (order #9247) 4 days ago, still no answer and status "unfulfilled". Maybe they are not huge company and it`s normal practise, but I hope get new headphones in 2 weeks in Ukraine. Thanks.
  10. Midgetguy
    You clearly haven't read anything in this thread yet. So good luck.
  11. d13m
    5 minutes ago I got next message:
    So, I`m waiting, maybe not so bad service as you tried to say me. :)
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  12. Midgetguy
    Forgive me for still being a bit skeptical, but literally everyone in this thread has seen that message before. And to most of us, it meant nothing; "your order has been fulfilled" and "you will receive your item in a couple weeks" are phrases thread regulars are all too familiar with. Did you order with or without tracked shipping? If you got tracked shipping, then the Trinity store's tracking page should have some section that says "Tracking number: [None]" with "[None]" hyperlinked, which would indicate that your tracked package has indeed been shipped. If you didn't get tracked delivery, then we'll find out in the next couple of weeks if you're in the same boat as many of the other people here and if it continues to hold true that they can at least get "in-stock" items out the door in a timely manner.

    Believe me, at this point, all of us here love to be proven wrong about Trinity's recent delivery ability. It's been appalling to say the least.
  13. d13m
    I got your point and then (after my previous post) I received new message :dt880smile: "Your order will be shipping for you tomorrow. It should arrive between 7-14 working days."
    I`m becoming to be pessimist like you :ksc75smile:

    Yes, I asked about tracking number otherwise parcel can be lost by ukranian post))))
  14. Midgetguy
    Wish you the best of luck. I'm lucky with packages where I am. Sounds like a much lower chance of losing a package here than in Ukraine. Hope it shows up in the time they say. The Vyrus 2 is a good IEM.
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  15. PatRamirez
    Are there any reviews of the updated Trinity Master?

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