1. mark2410

    Trinity Techne Review by mark2410

    Trinity Techne Review   Thanks to Trinity for the sample and collaboration.       First Impressions:  Once more this is pre production set so no nice box or packaging.  So there really isn’t anything much to talk about pre going in the ears.    Sticking them in my ears.  Hmm well...
  2. Brooko

    Introducing Trinity Audio Engineering

    INTRODUCTION I’ve been dropping a few hints around the forums recently regarding a new company (with a new product range of IEMs) which will be making themselves known to the Head-Fi, and global earphone market in the near future.   I can now reveal a few more details, and introduce you to...
  3. Trinity - Techne Dynamic IEM

    Trinity - Techne Dynamic IEM

    The Techne is designed to be worn over the ear and uses the same Trinity neodymium 8mm driver as in the Hyperion with the addition of our filter tuning system so you can switch from 3 sound signatures, Fun (bass), Smooth (neutral) and Vivid (treble enhanced). Its like having 3 in-ear headphones...