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  1. Brooko Contributor


    I’ve been dropping a few hints around the forums recently regarding a new company (with a new product range of IEMs) which will be making themselves known to the Head-Fi, and global earphone market in the near future.
    I can now reveal a few more details, and introduce you to both the new company (Trinity Audio Engineering), and also their new product line.  There is no incentive for me doing this – other than the fact that myself, Mark2410 and H20Fidelity have had the opportunity to provide our input into the development (we’re doing this gratis by the way). We are receiving test samples (how else would we evaluate them?), but I'd be involved in this anyway even if we weren't getting the samples, and I'm sure Mark and H20 would be as well. I'm absolutely impressed with what I've heard so far.


    Trinity is principally the brainchild of Bob (you know him as RockBob) the Head Designer of the current line-up of the Rock Jaw UK range.
    Bob was with Rock Jaw from the beginning, and while he’s extremely proud of the Rock Jaw range, he wanted to build some very different IEM’s to those in the Rock Jaw range. So he got agreement from his Rock Jaw partners that he could pursue his dream to build IEM’s that were made just to his spec, while still remaining at Rock Jaw as the Head Designer.
    So with Rock Jaw’s blessing, “Trinity Audio Engineering” has been formed. The underlying vision and philosophy behind Trinity is that high quality audio should be affordable to everyone – and without compromising on build or materials.
    In the last few months, Bob has been quietly working behind the scenes to engineer three new IEMs.  He originally made 3-4 units of each model before decided on the direction of the products you will see in this thread.  Once the basic design of each was decided, he requested the help and assistance of Mark2410, H20fidelity and I, to assist with fine tuning, and brain-storming of final fit and finish. Bob has reached a stage now that Trinity is almost ready to launch the products to everyone, but before they do that, they are putting together a Kickstarter campaign to help see the project through to production.
    One of the main purposes of this thread is make Trinity known to the Head-Fi community, give you info on the Kickstarter campaign, and give you our impressions on the product range.


    The 3 models that will be available at launch are:
    The tiny “Hyperion” is a dynamic driver IEM using Bob’s in-house designed drivers.  They might look like a small unit, but it delivers big sound! Indicative RRP is £30.00/ $50.00 USD


    1. 8mm Neodymium Drivers
    2. Impedance: 16 ohm
    3. Sensitivity: 108 +/- 3DB
    4. Frequency response: 19 - 21000Hz

    83db2fb7_HYPERION_3.jpg 96ac829f_hyperion_tiny_1.jpg 528cdd4d_HYPERION_2.jpg

    The next model is the “Techne” (which Mark has at the moment, and Luke and I should have shortly).  Bob tells us that he’s drawn on many influences to end up with one of the most comfortable IEMs he’s ever used. The cable is worn over the ear and will feature a changeable filter system.  Indicative RRP is around £65.00/$95.00 USD

    1. 8mm Neodymium Drivers
    2. Impedance: 16Ohm
    3. Sensitivity: 108 +/- 3DB
    4. Frequency response: 19 - 21000Hz

    17c18d98_techne_small_2.jpg 86e8cceb_techne_small_4.jpg dd635853_techne_tiny_2.jpg

    The last model in the line is the “Delta” (my favourite so far) which is a hybrid design, consisting of a single 8mm dynamic + single BA. Again Bob has incorporated a filter system with 3 different tunings. RRP is around £90.00/$150.00 USD


    1. BA + 8mm drivers
    2. Impedance 16Ohm
    3. Sensitivity 110 +/- 3DB
    4. Frequency response 19 - 21000HZ

    4cd37f9e_delta_tiny_1.jpg 73a153f3_DELTA_1.jpg 316a7900_DELTA_2.jpg

    All of the above feature a new OFC cable design, which should appeal aesthetically to most Head-Fiers, but is also very light and comfortable to wear. All units are made from high grade CNC machined aluminium and will come packaged with plenty of accessories, such as a portable carrying case, 4 (S/M/M/L) pairs of silicone tips, 2 x memory foam tips (M/L) and a pair of double flange tips.
    All filter models will come with their own filter storage tubes which are small enough to carry with you or store in your portable case.


    This is now underway - and can be found here :
    My advice would be that if you are interested in snatching a bargain, get in early, as some of the offers have limited numbers.  On most deals, savings against retail is around 30% ! 


    As reviews and impressions are posted, I'll try and keep the links updated below.  Mark, Luke and I will also be happy to answer any questions you might have.
    1. Hyperion review - Brooko
    2. Hyperion review (short) and full review - Mark 
    3. Delta review - Brooko
    4. Delta review (short) and full review - Mark
    5. Techne review - Brooko
    1. Hyperion vs Tenore - H20
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  2. earfonia
    Thanks for the info!  Looks promising, especially the Delta!  [​IMG]
    If Trinity is looking for other reviewers than the 3 of you, I would be happy to participate [​IMG] 
  3. Brooko Contributor
    No problems.  I'll make sure Bob is aware.  Will try and post personal impressions over the next few days - but for starters I can say:
    • Hyperion
      Really tiny - but the build was brilliant (really robust).  Very clear, very detailed, and reminded me a lot of the Altone200.  Vivid, V shaped, fun.  Really "big" sound for such a tiny IEM.
    • Delta
      Reminded me lot of the Kommand - but with slightly different tuning.  3 filters - not sure what Bob is going to call them, but my thoughts are
       - "fun" (silver - at least prototypes were) = V shaped, some heat up top, deep bass with good impact, again similar to an Altone200 type sound 
       - "smooth" (gun-metal) = slight V shape, but really natural progression from bass to mid-range to treble.  Very natural sounding.  Clear but non fatiguing.  I loved this filter.
       - "vivid" (originally gold, but think final colour may be purple) = a little less bass, and subsequently more mid-range and treble emphasis.  Again really clear.
    Unfortunately I don't have any of them with me at the moment, so I'll need to update again once I have the "near final" samples next week.
    Oh - and the cables are gorgeous!
  4. hqssui
    Great ,thanks Brooko for sharing your early impression .Subbed .
  5. DJScope
    Awesome! Sub!!
  6. thatBeatsguy
    So it's made by RockBob -- explains why they look a helluva lot like RockJaw IEMs, except with different branding. Looking forward to reading your impressions, O great @Brooko.
  7. Brooko Contributor
    I'm probably going to wait until I have the finals in my hands (either late this week or early next) - just so I can give more up to date thoughts on the overall package - as so far I've only heard the prototypes.
    I think Mark has the finals already though - so I'm really looking forward to his impressions.
  8. Brooko Contributor
    Oh - and the photos above aren't mine - although I dearly wish I had a set-up that could capture that sort of quality.  Going to try and build myself a lightbox this weekend.
  9. Wokei
  10. Rockbob
  11. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Likes been mentioned, I have a large portion of Trinity prototype samples here with me atm, these have come from Brooko to me personally (why he's without any currently).
    I could post up some pictures of these and give impressions though the (close to) final products are nearly with us and changes have been made. I think my end samples may be a day or two away going off the tracking. I can tell you the two I have heard (Hyperion and Delta) punch well above their price, I think Delta is very appealing product for its price point, particularly with one of the filters that tickles my fancy. I've been running it from Shozy Alien, DX50, DX90, and they can cause a storm in the sound department. But what you'll notice with these Trinity products is the little attention to detail. Things like the CNC housings, extra reliefs on the jacks, little things that often aren't put into affordable products Trinity have covered for the consumer.
    A lot of the sound in these has been tested and spoken about between Bob, Mark, Brooko and myself, so there's some decent knowledge and thought behind them.
    Please keep in mind this photo is only 'a teaser' of what I have currently, things will (and have been changed)
    Stay tuned guys!... [​IMG] 
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  12. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Choo Choo!

    All aboard!
  13. mark2410 Contributor
    good sir you do indeed think right.
    living on the same side of the planet as bob has its fringe benefits [​IMG]
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  14. fnkcow
  15. mark2410 Contributor

    yes yes the camera on my phone sucks, i know.
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