1. Brooko

    Introducing Trinity Audio Engineering

    INTRODUCTION I’ve been dropping a few hints around the forums recently regarding a new company (with a new product range of IEMs) which will be making themselves known to the Head-Fi, and global earphone market in the near future.   I can now reveal a few more details, and introduce you to...
  2. mark2410

    Trinity Hyperion Review by mark2410

    Trinity Hyperion Review   Thanks to Trinity for the sample and collaboration.       First Impressions:  Once more it’s a pre-production sample I have so just a bare bone affair, IEM and a bag of tips.  So I guess straight in the ears they go.  Gosh, very open and airy sounding.  Vocals...
  3. Trinity - Hyperion Dynamic IEM

    Trinity - Hyperion Dynamic IEM

    The tiny “Hyperion” is a dynamic driver IEM using Trinity's in-house designed drivers. It might look like a small unit, but it delivers big sound! SPECIFICATION: ​8mm Neodymium Drivers Impedance: 16 ohm Sensitivity: 108 +/- 3DB Frequency response: 19 - 21000Hz