Introducing the MA650 Wireless and MA750 Wireless

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  1. Ethan Chlan
    I'm sad that the 750 Wireless already sold out. I was hoping that someone would have already come out with a review of the product. I have the T20I's and I really like them. The only problem I had with them is that some little thing would break whether that would be a connection or a small rip in the rubber cable that would turn deadly. If it wasn't for the amazing customer service I would stick with cheap headphones. I have a couple of questions:
    1. It would be ignorant to say that I wouldn't lose any sound quality by switching from the t20's to the 750's, but what kind of sound quality reduction can I expect? I know it might not matter all that much if you're working out, but it does make a difference in your workout if you can be immersed in the sound of your workout playlist. I used to work out with my T20's but they aren't really designed for that kind of stress and that's totally understandable.
    2. Will you ever make T20's wireless? that would be great.
    3. When will they come back in stock so I can buy them!? I'm subscribed to a notification when it's available, but would it be nice to know if it would be 1 month or 3 months when I could purchase them next.
  2. clerkpalmer
    Just got mine. Special shout out to RHA customer service for addressing the shipping snafu with me in a very satisfactory manner. Initial thoughts - build quality is superb. These things feel sweet. Awesome combination of metal and rubber. I would feel comfortable with these on wearing a suit in the airport or at the gym. Fit seems terrific and I'm usually not a huge fan of over the ear loops but these feel pretty stable. Couldn't run in them but I think gym use would be fine - lifting, cardio etc.

    Now to the sound. I've used a ton of BT headsets but am no audiophile. These headphones sound very very good. I don't own the 750s so I can't compare wireless versus nonwireless. I do own the VModa Forza Metallo Wireless and countless other BT IEMs. Sound signature is warm with solid bass response without going over the top. The highs are nice but not quite as sparkly as the VModas. I might give the Vmodas a slight edge in sound quality but it's close. And if you prefer a warmer sound, the RHAs are better. The VModas are a bit more balanced with crisp treble and mids.

    I definitely prefer the build on the RHA although the Vmodas offer wings for secure fit at the gym. I prefer the flexible neck band to the fixed version VModa uses. The RHA feels more premium. For the exact same price, I don't think you can go wrong with either. They are both great sounding options with different sound signatures. Also, these sound better than Bose Soundsports which I happen to think sound very good as well. These kill the Jaybird X3 on sound quality but probably won't be cross-shopped with those.

    RHA, a couple of questions. Is the idea to use the clip in front just above the two electronics modules? Or is there some other place to position it? Also, I wonder about the open USB-C port and sweat? Most headphones have some sort of cover over them. Any concerns there?

    Edit: having listened to these more today, I am even more impressed. Very warm and full sounding. Treble is better than my initial impressions Soundstage is more open than most BT iem. Between these and vmoda really close call. Both are the best I've heard except for maybe the beoplay h5 but they have other issues. These are keepers.
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  3. dfnj123
    Had a preorder/loyalty credit at a local RHA authorized retailer so I preordered the MA750 Wireless at that location a few weeks ago. Messaged RHA on Facebook a couple days ago and they didn't have a timeline for when stores will get the MA750 Wireless in stock. (I realize the RHA emmployee on Head-Fi may be the same person who mans their social media accounts, but you have any additional info on when the MA750 Wireless will get a wider release/shipments I'd love to hear it :) )

    Hate having to wait, but it seems like the features/battery-life/sound-qaulity at this price point should make these super competitive when whatever is out there at the moment!

    Anyone have a comparison to the Beyerdynamic BTA Wireless (other than the fact that the MA750 Wireless are probably a bit more tonally balanced)? Those have been my go to bluetooth earbuds for commuting over the past year.
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  4. RHA Team
    Unfortunately that would correct at this time, We are sending stock out to retailers as quickly as we can so expect to see them in the coming weeks. I would recommend discussing this direct with the retailer of choice as they will be able to give you precise dates when the stock starts moving. I will try and update the thread with stock updates when I can!
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  5. RHA Team

    Thanks for the questions!

    1] Personally I find the T20 sound stage to be wider and it offers a more detailed sound that being said the 750 wireless sounds incredible in its own right for a Bluetooth headphone, I have found myself leaving my wired headphones and switching to the wireless as they do sound great and the convenience of being wireless in the office or whilst travel is great.

    2] Never say never! We are always working on new products to bring to market, however, I can't comment on whether or not a T series wireless will ever see the light of day.

    3] I would expect to see them in the coming weeks, Unfortunately, I don't have a precise date. We have been blown away by the response and are trying to get stock levels back to normal as quick as possible. I will try and keep the thread updated as and when we get stock available again.

    Hope this helps!
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  6. dfnj123
    Completely understandable. In the grand scheme of life the wait won't be that long. Regardless if you could keep this thread updated on stock status I'd really appreciate it :)
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  7. RHA Team
    A small amount of stock of both models is available currently on Amazon UK direct from RHA. I believe we also have stock available direct from RHA UK/EU web-stores as well. Best be quick if interested as they are flying off the shelves!
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  8. Olchon
    Would these 750s be suitable for running or are they too heavy? Would the 650s be a better bet?
  9. clerkpalmer
    Just my opinion but I don't think the 750s would stay secure for a run. There really is no wing or other lock mechanism to keep them in there. They aren't heavy by any means but they are heavier than pure sports headphones.
  10. Thesonofkrypton
    They hold up surprisingly well for low paced running I found, it's when you start to pick up the pace, you feel the band a bit more, theres a tiny bit of flapping about. I came to the conclusion it's not a 100% ideal gym/workout set and that goes for all the neckband types. I'll look to get a truly wireless pair without wires. I had the apple airpods briefly and although the sound was a no go, the tech and the comfort in having no wires was 100% the way to go, so i'm considering the new sony wf-100x which are in ear.

    Although i def prefer a wired earphone, it has to be said, the sound from the 750 wireless is the best i've heard from a wireless earphone.
  11. visanj
  12. sgtbilko
    The techradar reviewer is an idiot.

    Clearly he failed to get a good seal with his pair. Having used mine extensively since I got them, the bass has really settled in and whilst it can sometimes be a little prone to push the mids back, the instrument separation is always excellent, particularly for a wireless set. If anything, the bass is more pronounced and certainly on a par to the wired variant.

    As for the claims about fit and comfort - I'm very fussy about the seal, preferring a very isolating fit (I'm a big ER4P fan) - the buds that were on the set I received seal insanely well and I haven't even bothered to try testing my go-to Hifiman double flange tips.

    Clearly, peoples mileage will vary, but having owned the wired 750s, I knew that the best sound would require a degree of burn in, and i'm not disappointed one bit. they just get better and better.

    In terms of the way they sit around the neck, they are by far the best, most comfy neckband variant I have ever owned, staying in place and all but unnoticeable when out and about.

    If I have one criticism, it's possibly that the cables are a tad long when not in use, hanging around the neck. But this is in no way a deal breaker.

    So, no complaints here, except for annoying journos that profess to know what they are saying, but really don't.
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  13. clerkpalmer
    I agree. These aren't perfect headphones but a lack of bass sounds like something wasn't right. Mine have very solid bass response. Deep punchy and not sloppy. Does seem like the reviewer had a bad set or something.

    Has anyone tried complys yet?
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  14. visanj
    Thats a relief..actually I'm waiting for the availability in India

    @RHA Team , I checked with Headphone Zone who is the authorized distributor for RHA but I got to know from them that it will take atleast a month due to delay from RHA. Could you please expedite this?

    I'm almost waiting for more than a month for this
  15. RHA Team
    Hi there, Unfortunately, most retailers are in the same position. We have been blown away by the demand for these and are trying to move stock as fast as we can. I would advise keeping in touch with headphone zone who should be able to update you should they get stock sooner.
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