Introducing the MA650 Wireless and MA750 Wireless

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  1. Churchill Wu
    For those with the MA750 wireless, does NFC pairing work with the earphones turned off? I can only pair through NFC after I turn on the earphones, which is something I'm not used to because I can connect my Sennheiser momentum 2.0 via NFC even if the headphones are turned off.
  2. clerkpalmer
    If anyone is interested in a set of these, pm me.
  3. Hoplite
    What do you think of this earpiece if I may?
  4. mickeydean
    So far enjoying the MA650 wireless. Does RHA have international warranty? I had to import these.
  5. birarda
    Any updates on this? I have an unopened set of MA750 that I'd really like to upgrade to the MA750 wireless.
  6. RHA Team
    Not at the moment, unfortunately! Should we ever have a program like this I will be sure to update the thread!
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  7. clerkpalmer
    Sorry for the late response. I think these headphones are excellent. They are up there with the best sounding BT headsets I have heard. I posted a comparison to the V-Moda above which I also think very highly of. I have some concerns about the open USB-C port and use in the gym but I have used them several times with heavy sweat and not had any issues other than the buds do pop out when working out because there is no ear fin or stabilizer. If you do not plan to use these in the gym, these are probably the best BT wireless available (note I have not heard the Sennheiser Momentum IEM BT). If you are looking for gym use, I would probably go with the V-Moda because of the more secure fit. I found the RHA to be warmer sounding with a bit more bass and the V-Moda to be more focused on mids and highs. Both are excellent choices.
  8. Vandal
    Specifically why would you say this? I'm considering these for treadmill running maybe 5-6 km. Is the fit not really secure?
  9. clerkpalmer
    No it's not. No wings or stabilizers. Plus once you sweat they'll come loose. My experience anyway.
  10. Vandal
    Ah, I do have oily ears :frowning2: damn, what would you recommend for wireless headphones for running?
  11. clerkpalmer
    My ears are fussy. I've had luck with Bose soundsports wireless and truly wireless versions. Good sound quality and they stay put. The MA750 are a step up in sq but not sure they form factor is ideal for running. They do work well in the gym generally and have a good sweat rating. Perhaps get those and some cheap bt from Amazon just to run with. The vmoda Forza metallo wireless comes with ear stabilizers and may be a good choice for running.
  12. appleidappleid
    Hello, will RHA be running any Black Friday deal this week?
  13. RHA Team
    We recommend signing up to the RHA newsletter by tomorrow afternoon...
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  14. Ultrainferno
  15. kellbell88
    Has anyone compared the sound quality of the 650 vs the 750? I know it has the more intense driver (650 has the 380.1 and the 750s have 560.1)

    I loved the sound on the Bose Soundsport Wireless but hated the fit/design/noise isolation. I love the fit/design/isolation on the MA650 (just got them today) but the sound doesn't seem to be as robust as the Bose. Just curious if the 750 driver would make a difference.
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