1. RHA Team

    Head-Fi Referral Reward Program

    We are pleased to announce our new referral program that we are opening to Head-Fi users. We want to give something back to all the users that are recommending our products day in day out and so we have developed the following program to do just that …. Whilst also giving the person you are...
  2. djdeanz

    New pair of iem's under 100

    Hey, I am thinking of buying a new set of IEM's because my old ones broke. I've had the Shure se112 earphones, which sounded good, they broke many times (the piece where the wire goes into the earpiece started coming of after a period of three months) I mostly use my Fiio M3 to listen to music...
  3. RHA Team

    Introducing the MA650 Wireless and MA750 Wireless

    After posting a couple of teaser videos below we are thrilled to announce our two new products, The MA650 Wireless ($99.95/ £99.95) and MA750 Wireless ($169.95/ £149.95) Due for release later this year. Full specs can be found on our website, Any questions just ask! Bluetooth wireless...
  4. RHA Team

    Special May Day offers

    We are pleased to offer a special 10% discount on our S series (S500/S500i) this weekend across our UK,US,EU and JP stores Until 23:59 BST Monday 1st Of May! This offer also includes free delivery. Just add the product to your cart for the discount to be applied. Any questions just ask!
  5. RHA Team

    Custom RHA Dacamp L1 Giveaway @ CanJam Singapore

                                         We are excited to announce we will be offering a one of a kind giveaway, a unique Laser Etched Custom Personalised Dacamp L1!   One lucky winner will have the chance to win a personalised Dacamp L1 at the upcoming CanJam in Singapore.   To enter simply...
  6. RHA Team

    RHA - Shows and Meet Up's 2017

                                                                After a quick look at the calendar we thought it would be good to make a quick announcement as reference point for what shows we are attending in the coming months.   We will also update on this thread with any show...
  7. RHA Team

    Introducing the Dacamp L1, flagship CL1 Ceramic and CL750 from RHA

      RHA has announced that it will launch three new products as part of a collection of specialist, high-resolution personal audio equipment at IFA 2016.   The new range includes the company’s first portable DAC and headphone amplifier, the Dacamp L1, and two high-resolution in-ear headphones...
  8. RHA Team

    RHA T10 Now Available & Review Opportunity!

    Hello and happy new year! We wanted to let the community know that the non-remote variant of the flagship T10i in-ear headphone, the T10, is now available from the RHA online stores (UK/US/Europe) and Amazon (US/UK/DE). The T10 features the same high fidelity dynamic drivers (model 770.1)...
  9. Zelda

    REVIEW: RHA MA750 - Flawless Victory!

    REVIEW: RHA MA750 - Flawless Victory!         Specifications:   Driver: 560.1 Dynamic Frequency range: 16-22,000Hz Impedance: 16ohms Sensitivity: 100dB Rated/max power: 1/5mW Weight: 35g Cable: 1.35m, reinforced, OFC Connections: 3.5mm, gold plated   And of course, there's a...
  10. astroid

    Reid Heath Acoustics 950i review.

    Glasgow - Scotland , cold, dark and inhospitable. Populated with pasty faced ginger haired men wearing tracksuits, eating battered batter and listening to techno , sung by smurfs *.   Not the backdrop you would expect for a high tech headphone company to reside in. I am a Scotsman (via...
  11. RHA Team

    RHA's running a MA750 and MA600 review programme

    Hi All,   As you may have seen, RHA has just launched two new in ears and we’d like to run a sample programme for both MA750 and MA600.   In order to reflect the community-minded nature of Head-fi, we’d like to distribute samples in pairs. If you would like to receive a sample set to review...
  12. RHA Team

    RHA will be at CanJam

    Hi All, We just wanted to introduce ourselves and let you know we'll be at CanJam this year. We'll have sets of our new MA750 and MA600s available to check out- so please stop by and say hello! We look forward to meeting some of you and hearing your feedback! Thanks, RHA
  13. RHA Team

    RHA Products now available in Philippines and Singapore!

    RHA are delighted to announce a significant expansion to our international availability as we partner with two new international distributors, Digits Trading and Eng Siang, in the Philippines and Singapore respectively. RHA products including the flagship MA750i and 2013's MA600i will now be...
  14. RHA Team

    RHA Headphones Now Widely Available In Japan

    We’re delighted to announce a significant expansion to our Japanese distribution thanks to the appointment of our new partner, Knicom Corporation. RHA products including the MA750i, MA750, MA600i, MA600 and MA450i (black) will now be available through Knicom’s network of partner stores  in...
  15. RHA Team

    Introducing the T10i, an all new IEM from RHA

      RHA today announced the introduction of the T10i noise isolating, in-ear headphone featuring high fidelity dynamic drivers with interchangeable tuning filters. The T10i will debut at Berlin consumer electronics trade show, IFA, from 5th September.   Using a handmade dynamic driver (model...
  16. RHA Team

    Reviewers Wanted: Be One Of The First to Experience the RHA T10i

        RHA would like to offer the opportunity for three members of the community to be amongst the first in the world to hear and write about our revolutionary new IEM, the T10i.   The T10i is a high fidelity in-ear headphone constructed from injection moulded stainless steel featuring a...
  17. RHA Team

    RHA T10i On Sale this Saturday, 1st November 2014

          RHA is delighted to announce that the T10i in-ear headphone will be available from Saturday 1st November!   The all new flagship IEM will be available via Amazon (USA, UK, Germany, Italy, and France), the RHA website, and RHA's pop-up retail store. The T10i will subsequently be...
  18. slim01

    The noob asks - do you have to run in headphones?

    sorry if the questions already been asked, ive looked and can find no guides... but then i am a noob to head fi.   got some RHA CA200's and they dont sound too great... dont wanna bass em if it gonna hurt em   thanks
  19. RHA Team

    Season's Greetings from RHA!

      At this time of the year, we wanted to make a quick post to wish all Head-Fi members a very Merry Christmas and the all the best for the festive season.   We really appreciate the energy and enthusiasm of Head-Fi members; there’s no other community in the world which is as engaging and...
  20. warrenpchi

    UPDATE: RHA has released a new revision of their MA150 IEM

    A few months back, I had a chance to audition the RHA MA150... billed as a bassier and more affordable entry level IEM to their MA350.  What I found was ONE OF THE BASSIEST IEMS I'VE EVER HEARD.    And I was not alone in that impression. Armed with that feedback, RHA has gone back to the...
  21. hsingh95

    Sennheiser ie80, RHA T10, or DUNU DN-1000?

    Hi all!  So I'm looking into buying some new iem's, and I'm having a tough time choosing between the three choices in the title. I'm mainly just a mobile listener, but I've got lossless files where I can get them. My main media player is a Oneplus One (using RocketPlayer for my flac files) and...
  22. warrenpchi

    New RHA MA150 universals launching today! Will this be a new price/performance ratio champ?

    Okay, it's not often that I get excited about a new product launch these days, but here's something that I'm pretty interested in so I just have to share.   It looks like RHA is coming out with a new set of entry-level universals - their RHA MA150 - and it's aimed at being an affordable way...
  23. RHA Team

    RHA products now available in UAE and Hong Kong!

      RHA is delighted to announce two new distribution partnerships, widening the availability of our range of award-winning in-ear headphones in Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates.   DCH Digi distributes internationally-renowned home appliances and high-end audio-visual products in Hong...
  24. RHA Team

    RHA at CanJam SoCal 2015 (28-29 March)

      With CanJam SoCal just days away, RHA is excited to reveal details about its plans for the USA’s biggest standalone headphone event!   Members of the RHA team will travel from the UK to Costa Mesa, California with our full range of in-ear headphones including the flagship T10i. All products...
  25. RHA Team

    RHA T10i in-ear headphone wins prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design

    RHA has announced its flagship T10i in-ear headphone has been selected as a winner of the prestigious “Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015”, recognising outstanding product design and innovation.   The Germany-based Red Dot awards began in 1954 and are celebrating their 60th anniversary this...