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Introducing CL2 Planar (Impressions Thread)

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  1. 518013
    Agree with ^^^^^^^^^^^ 100%
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2019
  2. Spie1904
    Thanks, I'm gonna give it a try! Without copper after market should I stick to the copper stock cable or is the balanced stock fine? If I were to order a copper cable for it, what would you recommend?
  3. szore
    I understand Peter Wong (PW) cables to be very good, I am personally planning on getting the PW Limited


    Effect Audio is good too.

    Last edited: Sep 27, 2019
  4. Owludio
    I believe that Full Range Speakers comparison is more suitable (and much used) for Legend X. With CL2 the comparison to Live Performance sound used by @AManAnd88Keys is the one I agree with.
    Also, when it comes to Planar IEMs - CL2 one year later, remains the least flawed.
    CL2 ability to scale is Legendary (and infamous as unforgiving), I even left big warning:warning: review on Amazon about it. Yet, it seems I may have underestimated it myself. Today I experienced shock from trying Tin Audio P1 with Creative SXFI portable USB C DAC. I didn't have SXFI yet at the time when I RMA-ed CL2, missed by 1 month :face_palm:.
    I'm looking forward to see how CL2 equally scales with it. :wink:... Monday I will find out... UAPP-SXFI-CL2:thinking:
    Have anyone tried SXFI with CL2?
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2019
  5. twiceboss
    Yes, im really looking forward to pair my cl2 with e1da dac amp! Surely will scale more. I have my xsabre-heron5 desktop dac/amp, unfortunately i cargo them back to my country. I dont have them with me currently to test out :/
  6. Owludio
    I recall, that I didn't need EQ on the Xonar U7 on the desktop (U7 is a USB sound card with very good sound but power output is so so).
    On that same U7 P1 didn't impress me, so when it blew me away today paired with SXFI - it was the last drop (why do you think I was hanging around CL2 thread?:beyersmile: ... other than sharing past experience of-course...) Ordered it today from Amazon. I've got to admit that Roland doesn't scale quite as much as Planars do.
  7. 518013
    Legend X by it's description probably sounds like Dynamic speakers with a sub-woofer attached (I have not yet heard it), The CL2 is tuned like an Electrostatic Speaker, both have that I am there (Live) feel to the music, I think that is the point @ANOpax is making.
    The Upper Mid bump is how you would hear an electrostatic speaker in an alive room,. The way the Cymbals crash is a dead giveaway (It is a classic panel speaker sound)
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2019
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  8. ANOpax
    This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ is totally on the money. The radiation pattern of planar and electrostatic speakers differs from dynamic speakers and this is what gives them their sound. It’s arguably more accurate but not everyone likes it as everyone has been conditioned to a lifetime of listening to dynamic speakers.
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  9. twiceboss
    just sharing my the best eq currently to anyone who is eq fan:
    these numbers follow by, Frequency, Gain, Width:
    1. 63, 7, 2
    2. 125, 5, 3
    3. 500, -3, 3
    4. 2000, -3, 3
    5. 4000, -7, 3
    6. 8000, 5, 0.5

    For 10 band, you can just try it without width. This is so details without being any harsh across any genres. This make cl2 sounds so holographic. Reminds me the holographic from andro green but with better2 transients and vocal separation.

    edit: any eq depends on the performance of the eq app. some eq app just bad bad. Pretty much ruin eveyrhting. A decent eq app will respond so much better.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2019
  10. 518013
    Most people can't afford Panel speakers, they need high end electronics and plenty of space to sound good. Dynamic speakers are cheap and easy to box up and sell.
    It's a simple matter of economics, sound quality is usually an afterthought.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2019
  11. Spie1904
    I ultimately decided to give these a go and I think after spending so much time trying to find an IEM that fits me both comfort and sonically, I have finally found my holy grail in this one I believe.

    For my small ears, the smallest bi flange tips are working Wonders. They van be inserted very deeply and while they are somewhat meh with my mobile phone, their sonic qualities are really good with my sp1km. I used both without EQ and with. Both felt pretty good and it's nice to be able to tweak it to my liking.

    I did find the seal to be really important though. With andromeda a shallow fit still sounds decent whereas this was very fit dependent in my experience but once I had the deep seal, it's really secure, comfortable and produces excellent tones.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2019
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  12. twiceboss
    i once using its dual flange tips too.
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  13. 518013
    Listening to the Nocturne - The Piano Album, artist Vangelis.
    Perfect Piano timbre, the way the keys come down, reverberate and just hang in the air, it's something special.
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  14. Spie1904
    For now I've settled on the sp1km + CL2 + Stock 3.5mm. As for tips, I've been using either jvc spiral dots (smallest) or the Final audio E smallest tips. Comfort wise I have a slight preference for final audio tips.
    With the final audio I don't use EQ because when I listen at low volume, I find the final audio tips already take some of the edge off.

    Has anyone by any chance has had custom ear tips made for these?
  15. jbr1971
    I was going to wait a bit longer before I posted anything, but since you asked, I received my custom sleeves for my CL2's on Tuesday and have been doing some listening tests with them to try to give some impressions for the thread.

    I had been looking into trying to make my own in CAD and get them 3D printed, but I kept running into roadblocks. By pure chance I came across a company from Boulder at RMAF that does custom earplugs, and also works with another company (either Final Audio or an associate of theirs) to make IEM ear sleeves.

    I gave them my CL2's for a couple of weeks so they could be scanned, and they took ear impressions at RMAF to be scanned as well so everything could be matched up properly.

    The fit is perfect, it just took some getting used to having the sleeves go that far in my ear. It takes a few tries to get the process down for insertion/removal, but it gets to be simple.

    They are 3D printed from silicone and are easy to clean with some warm water and a Q-Tip.

    As for sound, they do sound very good, but I am definitely noticing differences from my SpinFits. With the SpinFits I do not hear the 4k hump others do (I am guessing because of how large my ear canals are), but with these I am hearing some kind of mid bump, I think because of how far the sleeves reach into my ears, negating the natural size/shape of my canals. There is still great low end extension, but the mid bump is negating some of the high end extension I think. For some this may not be a big deal because they have already negated the mid issues via EQ.

    The sound is not bad, just enough of a difference to be noticeable.

    I am going to reach out to the company to see if there are any alterations that can be done to shorten the pieces, or adjust the bore diameter for any frequency adjustments.

    If anyone is interested, the company is E.A.R. Inc in Boulder, CO. You would just send them some ear impressions and they build off of that, which takes around 2 weeks after receipt of impressions (now that they have scan files from my CL2's). They gave me a coupon code for $20 off to share, so if you are interested PM me and I can give it to you.

    If you have any questions let me know.

    LRM_EXPORT_532724464873164_20191010_152545474.jpeg LRM_EXPORT_532688110839063_20191010_152509120.jpeg
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