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Introducing CL2 Planar (Impressions Thread)

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  1. Duncan Moderator
    I'm back with the CL2, and have gone for a simpler setup, and am very happy...

    iPhone 11 Pro Max (Amazon Music HD) -> CCK -> DFR -> SPC cable -> CL2 (JVC Spiral Dot ++)

    For me, the enjoyment is more than with the WM1A - Guess I'm not always cut out for the technically correct sound - this OTG setup sounds genuinely engaging and fun :)
  2. szore
    Im selling my 1A: get or demo the M11 Pro...
  3. twiceboss
    M11 pro sounds better to you?
  4. szore
    Yes, hands down...
  5. twiceboss
    pm ing you for more...
  6. Spie1904
    Does anyone have experience with linum superbax cable?
    Is it any good with cl2? I'm looking for a highly comfortable cable without memory wire?
  7. marcusd
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  8. szore
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  9. marcusd
    Thought you might be looking forward to that :wink:
  10. szore
    Well, it is a great review, very detailed and it was fair. I do disagree on a few points. I enjoy all genres on the CL2 and find the highly resolving, detailed nature of the cl2 more dependant on the quality of the source recording and less the genre or instruments being listened to. The soundstage is deep, it is also wide and tall when it needs to be. It is also highly cohesive. I find multiple BA iems to sound too boom boom teeet tweet. The cl2 is one cohesive continuum presentation. Also, the cl2 has incredible detail imaging and staging. Then the price... This IEM sounds better than many others costing double its price. Ive listened to several iems in the 1000-1500 range and the cl2 easily leaves most of them in the dust. Main flaw tho is it is revealing so poor recordings do not sound too musical. But I am a fanboy and rather biased.
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  11. Spie1904
    For me these are also one of the best in ears that I've had the joy of using.
    However I believe that it is also due to the fact that it just fits my ears so perfectly.
    I use it with Sony Triple Comfort (Foam / Silicone hybrid) and the comfort is better than a custom for me.

    I also enjoy almost every genre with them but I do find they sound that much better on my AK SP1000M as opposed to my Samsung Galaxy for example.
    The AK takes the open / airy / detailed signature to the next level and really allows planars to shine in my opinion.
    My two most used pieces of gear are: RHA CL2 & Audeze LCDI4 so I may be a bit planar biased (I like my sound speedy and controlled).
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  12. szore
    Also planar in general and especially the CL2, love voltage... The 1000M, which I owned for 8 months, drives the CL2 rather well out of balanced.
  13. szore
    Eye candy time! Lets see those rigs!

    PW Limited.jpg
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  14. Raf2411
    Hi all, just to let you know: the CL2 is available for approx. 450 $on Amazon!

    Just ordered mine... Will use it with both my Cowon Plenue 1 and Cowon Plenue 2!
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  15. BiggieBig

    Just received mine today , (200hrs already burnet)
    I have to admit I have an ok fit and these too my ears have too much emphasis on the mids and treble, it makes the bass feel weak ..

    I have to admit at first instance it was complete rejection, but the more I wear them the slower you start appreciating the micro deal.

    i'm using an ibassio ib13 cable with ibassio dx220 amp9..

    wondering it's a bad seal or is this the process of getting use to PM earphones. or these may not just be the IEMs for me
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