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Introducing CL2 Planar (Impressions Thread)

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  1. szore
    You don't find DSD files to sound a little smeary? The 11.5 isn't so bad, but I think hires flac to sound the best, anyone else feel that way?
  2. 518013
    Not at all. Resolution is higher, and the image has less distortion and is clearer than 24/192 Flac. DSD's usually have a -3db Volume difference, but it is a higher quality file.

    Ad: The CL2 is resolving enough to tell the difference between 24/192 and DSD pretty reliably. At least that is how I am hearing it.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2019
  3. twiceboss
    Im running my CL2 single ended, stock cable, spiral dot tips, direct on s10plus with this eq on UAPP.

    Perfection. Soo sooo details and the tonality is just perfect couldn't ask for better tonality anymore. It is already spot on. No weird BAs mids etc. See the highs boost? Try it. Cl2 driver is really capable. Zero distortion. That gives tons of air and sparkle. The more i play with eq, the more i think this can be my endgame.
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  4. szore
    I have no Idea what I'm looking at, but i like it...
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  5. twiceboss
    UAPP app, usb audio player pro on android. It has the best parametric eq on android device in my experience. It can play any thing dsd etc as long as u pair it with dac. Else, you still can play thru phone for lossless flac. Big big plus it is integrated with Tidal, Qobuz, etc too so you still can use the PEQ on streaming services. Just a stubborn spotify doesnt give permission to them to integrate with their app.
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  6. twiceboss
    One thing about cl2, it resolve really darn well especially if you boost the 10khz and above. It can match the kse1200 highs. Kse1200 highs is really detailed and layered but somehow EST for mids isn't the best. It sounds weird a lil bit. The bass on KSE is decent and the highs are just beautiful. So if you boost the cl2's10khz and above. You will get so so much resolutions and can be matched as kse.

    Add: kse highs are layered, you can hear every single detail without OCD listening. It is just there. Everything is layered one by one. But when it comes to tonality, cl2 won.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
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  7. szore
    My philosophy is to not use EQ at all, it messes up the fidelity of the overall sound.
    And HairOh, it may be that my CL2 isn't broken in yet, or it maybe the quality of my dsd files, but I had the Queen catalogue on my 1a in DSD, but switched them for flac, they just didn't sound right... So I put some Yes DSD on last night, and I'll take a look. In fact I'm listening to Yours is no Disgrace, DSD, and it sounds pretty good, so maybe the Queen stuff is just not good files. Honestly, I don't have much DSD stuff...
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
  8. twiceboss
    there is no such thing messes the fidelity to me. DSP in audio is common. iSine needs DSP and purposely being tuned to get the lowest THD possible in order to tweak in DSP, the cipher cable. CL2 has one of the lowest THD level. My HD800 DD driver is one of the strongest DD to tweak too. Most speakers in industry using DSP in the dac/amp and somehow people didnt about that. Yes, get the perfect tuning from the ground is the best but dont forget that each driver has its own ability to handle distortion.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
  9. 518013
    I tried your DSP values, doesn't do it for me I am afraid.
    I am enjoying the stock tuning very much, The CL2 to my ears sounds like my full size speakers with just the right amount of sparkle without causing fatigue. Mids with the WM1A and the copper cable are not harsh on any of my high res albums, they sound beautiful and very detailed, and I agree with you 100% timbre is just about perfect.
    The cool thing about this driver is that you can EQ it however you see fit, so there is no right or wrong way to listen to it, and even with EQ distortion is almost non existent.
    It just happens that my audio sensibilities coincide with whoever tuned this at RHA, so in a way I lucked out :)

    ADD: Would definitely like to check out the KSE 1200, but if tonality is not on par with the CL2, I don't think it'll be my cup of tea.

    If you get a chance to listen to it, check out The Abyss AB-1266 Phi TC, it is amazing as far as planar drivers go.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
  10. twiceboss
    Ive tried abyss back then in Canjam, iirc it is the best headphone ive tried in canjam next to my all time fav hd800. KSE highs is really good, really detail without being harsh. But you need use the foam tips to correct the tonality.
  11. twiceboss
    Ive tried eq ing the highs 10khz on isine20, but it's bad. Cl2 is far ahead.... i cant enjoy my isine20 enough even with cipher now hmm...
  12. 518013
    ISine 20 is not on the same level Sound Quality wise. The longer I listen to the CL2, the more redundant and obsolete other iems have become, at least for me.
    Let's see how the KSE1200 goes next week.
  13. twiceboss
    you bought KSE1200? The highs on that set is OUTSTANDING. Layering and imaging of the highs are top notch.
  14. McMadface
    I'm going to buy the CL2. You, Kitechaser, and Szore have convinced me. You both are so passionate about it. Got to be something to it.
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  15. szore
    Make sure you break it in for 100 hours
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 26, 2019
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