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Introducing CL2 Planar (Impressions Thread)

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  1. 518013
    They look sweet.
  2. 518013
    To the ones that have a WM1A, give Firmware 1.2 a shot.
    Great synergy with the CL2.
    More BASS, fuller sound, more Coherent, Vocals are smoother and emotionally expressive.
    More Organic presentation, just sublime.
    Compared to the 3.01. Both Direct Source on.

    Gregory Porter sounds amazing.....HD Tracks.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2019
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  3. jbr1971
    After some tinkering around on both my desktop and portable rigs I was able to get the new sleeves EQ'd close to the sound I had with the SpinFits, but I am not a fan of EQ.

    I am also too OCD to leave it alone, so today I took my Dremel and drilled out the bores to try to shape them into a "horn" type setup. I almost doubled the inner diameter (to 4mm) for the last 5mm of the bore, and as you can see in the picture below on the right, I flared out the end.

    To my complete amazement they sound really good with these changes. I am going through my test tracks right now and I think these now sound as good as the SpinFits do. The mid hump has been tamed, and high-end extension is back, with no sacrifice to the low-end.

    I have a feeling most people will not have to go to this extreme to make these sound good as I think my hearing is very different from most, so I still wholeheartedly recommend these. Again, if anyone is interested, PM me for a discount code.

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  4. twiceboss
    cl2 shape itself is one of the most comfortable iem ive ever had though

    edit: always tempted to make a custom tip but never pull a trigger yet :/
  5. 518013
    If the Spiral Dots didn't fit me as well as they do, I would be getting these tips 100%. They look very nice

    On another thought, I am absolutely loving the 1.20 firmware for the WM1A, it is an incredible match with the CL2.
    Been listening to the combo all day now, simply cannot put it down.
  6. Owludio
    I'm considering buying Cozoy DAC from Linsoul. Has anyone had any experience with it, especially with CL2?
    Both P1 & CL2 sound pretty good with Creative Super X-fi but SXFI cannot go above 48Ksps, so I'm missing out on my portable setup. CL2 with Monster tips is surprisingly comfortable and isolation is on par with my daily driver - Roland. Also, has anyone compared CL2 with Obravo Cupid?
    (The cable on the pic is 12" Fiio spc which I additionally secured with heat-shrink)
  7. amature101
    How does this compare to sony m9?
  8. twiceboss
    Totally different tuning. CL2 has boosted upper midrange. The female vocals are mostly inside our head. M9 is the most balance iem ive ever had.

    im leaning toward m9 personally due to relax but clear sounding. The spatial cues/imaging of m9 is almost on par as kse1200. Meanwhile, cl2 is really intimate sounding. I would say intense intimate.
  9. 518013
    This IEM is tuned like a full size Electrostatic Speaker, so it's going to be very different than everything else out there.
    There is only one way to know whether you are going to like it.....
  10. cr3ativ3
    I’m considering to sell my cl2 , someone here interested?
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  11. 518013
    Sorry for beating a dead horse....
    But just switched to Firmware 2.0 with the WM1A...and it's a really good match with the CL2.
    How I would rate all the firmware paired with the CL2 is as such
    2.0>1.2>3.01>1.02....3.0 and 3.02 for me were not enjoyable in the least.

    2.0 has the bass that the CL2 needs, and Holographic 3D Staging. Resolution is higher than the 1.2
    2.0 also gets rid of some of the 1.2 Mid-Bass bloat.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2019
  12. szore
  13. benchallenger
    Hi there, I tried this and the dragon fly cobalt on my iPhone with tidal. It was excellent. I had a really tough time deciding between this and. The cobalt. It was very detailed but wasn’t quite as wide a sound stage as the dragon fly - but a bit brighter. I ultimately went with the dragon fly due to its ability for MQA but it took me a good 3 hours to decide! PS this was with my CL2’s.
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  14. Spie1904
    To each their taste I guess :)
  15. cr3ativ3
    Im not really sure , maybe I just keep them in my collection. I like them , but I got recently 2 new iems , which I adore more , and with my legend x it makes 3 .
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