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Introducing CL2 Planar (Impressions Thread)

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  1. stereonerd
    Not that it matters really but I believe I have over 60,000 albums in my collection - which is my point, it’s too much to condense in to Micro SD cards and manage with a portable device. Tidal for me solves the issue of physical storage and mobility, and to my ears MQA is not a compromise to the HD/24-Bit albums I have in my collection.

    In fact, I find not being tethered to a gigantic personal collection freeing and Tidal makes it easier to find what I want to listen to.
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  2. warriorpoet
    same, but not nearly as many in my personal collection :)
  3. rantng
    Just received my CL2 that I ordered from Amazon Warehouse....Unfortunately, whoever returned them swapped everything out and replaced it with a cheap no-name IEM. Literally the only genuine item was the box and airplane adapter. A quick search and I was able to find the cheap earphones - https://www.amazon.com/Headphones-L...tachable&qid=1566502508&s=gateway&sr=8-8&th=1

    Unfortunately, since it's a Warehouse item they weren't able to do an exchange, but UPS will be picking these up tomorrow. My CL2 ownership will have to wait. Good thing I believe in karma
  4. Tragic
    People suck.
    Good luck!
  5. szore
    I never heard of buying off Amazon and not being able to return it.
  6. deafenears
    I think he meant 'exchange' it for another CL2. I'm sure he's able to return and get the purchase refunded, just not exchange for another CL2.
  7. rantng
    That's correct. Amazon stated that since it was a refurbished/used item, they wouldn't be able to exchange it, but they would accept a return.
  8. szore
    Something fishy about that post...
  9. szore
    Oh, it seems he did return it, my bad...
  10. Doctordoom16
    Love my CL2's. So much I bought a second pair.
    Can anyone compare their cl2 to the CA Solaris, fearless Roland, and/or the new Andromeda gold?
    All 3 are on my radar as I'm a sick person who can't ever be happy, even if what he has he loves (CL2). !lol
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  11. antdroid
    CL2 vs Solaris - CL2 is super hyper fast compared to it, and will accentuate female vocals and strings much more than Solaris ever will. Solaris' bass will have a more natural decay, and lower mid range (male vocals) is thicker and heavier, sometimes muddy especially if you're comparing it to the CL2. Solaris' treble is more extended from memory, but CL2 may sound airier due to its fast speed and elevated upper treble. Solaris will also have a more wider and deeper soundstage. All in all -- I think they sound pretty different from each other. It's been a long time since I've heard the CL2 so this is just from memory, but I had CL2 for a few weeks and Solaris for several months.

    I havent listened to Roland, but warriorpoet loves them. Andromeda Gold, I've heard is quite good too. I'll check those out this weekend!
  12. 518013
    I just want to take a quick second to say, yeah there are other IEMs out there, some very good ones at that, but I have yet to hear anything like what I am hearing here.
    The quality of sound has been pretty incredible for me so far, I've never really been a big fan of monitors, and especially headphones for a variety of reasons, but I am having a really hard time putting these down. This is music done right.... With high quality files...I am gone. Total immersion.

    I am also interested in hearing where these land among the other iems out there, because the only thing that to me sounds even remotely close to these are my speakers.
    Anyways, get my new cable tomorrow hopefully :) can't wait.

    The bass on these has been quite a revelation, it's especially nice with psychill/edm music, just puts me in that trippy headspace., the speed is something else.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
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  13. szore
    My suspicion is that the negative reviewers are not using quality source components. The CL2 is very revealing and sensitive (oh ****, Don't Stop Me Now just came on In the pub I'm sitting in...got chills..) any way, and with crappy components it reveals the crappiness. Need quality source, files and cables to really let it shine.
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  14. 518013
    I second that. They sound very mediocre out of phones or other weak sources, but that is to expected, Planars( including full size speakers) are notorious for needing a good source and extra power.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2019
  15. Doctordoom16
    I third that. I've been using the cl2 out of the hiby r6 pro balanced. So dynamic. Bass hits hard and controlled. Mids so beautiful. Treble well controlled. My Hiby r6 pro was sent back as it was holding a charge for 2 hrs. So I've been using the r3 balanced w the stick silver cable. If this is what I heard w the r6 I would have returned the cl2. The r3 gets loud but it sounds so thin. Mediocre at best. Boring is more likely me it. It's not the volume. As noted it gets very loud out of the r3. But it just isn't good. I hope musicteck holds true on their promise to replace the unit as it got so hot and then the battery issues.
    The hiby r6pro balanced is the perfect fit for the cl2. I also used my mojo w the r3 as the transport. Better than r3 but still missing the magic I heard w hiby r6pro.
    I have fiio m1. And ak sr15 coming in so will also compare. I ordered the hiby r5 w hopes it would give the r6pro magic too but in a smaller footprint. Will see
    So the cl2 are amazing but only w the right source and w the right tips and fit. Otherwise they are boring.
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