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Introducing CL2 Planar (Impressions Thread)

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  1. jbr1971
    I do find they need more power to really shine (they sound best balanced on my desktop rig), but the G7 drives them perfectly fine. The volume on the G7 goes up to 75. In normal mode it takes 65 to 70 depending on the tracks to get to the upper limits of my volume comfort. When I "trick it" into AUX mode I listen mostly in the 55 to 60 range.

    I had an external DAC/Amp with my old phone, and while it sounded awesome, it was a pain to carry around day to day. In looking for a 1 box solution I am perfectly happy with the G7. Between UAPP and Tidal I am all set file wise, and I find it is a great companion piece with the CL2's. I do not feel I have given up much from my old setup.
  2. Doctordoom16
    Cool. Thanks
  3. Aeskualpio
    I run the CL2s as follows,
    Via the included RHA BT cable to my Hiby R3, G Note 9 or the WM1A.
    Via 4.4mm terminated custom copper cable to the WM1A plus/minus the Monoprice THX AAA amp.

    I have the Mojo, haven’t paired it yet so can’t comment.
  4. stereonerd
    Would love to hear your mojo+CL2 impressions... The WM1A would be perfect for me if I could use Tidal, I wish Sony would get on board - They make beautiful hardware.
  5. szore
    You need to get on bittorrent and download some hires files!
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  6. Doctordoom16
    Prefer hiby r6pro mojo. Done plenty of back and forth. Selling the mojo
  7. stereonerd
    Interesting about the R6 Pro guess I don’t know much about HiBy, PM me about he mojo
  8. stereonerd
    I was a moderator and content contributor to a major tracker back a few years - Very tired of storing terabytes of music and managing files. I like tidal HiFi
  9. adeeb
    It seems like Sony has two new DAPs expected to be released soon, and both have Bluetooth 5 and Wifi support so we can assume they will support streaming services. One is from the A100(?) and the other expected to be called ZX500. If I remember correctly. Not sure if anything has been leaked about WM line.
  10. adeeb
    I agree that Mojo is definitely in its senior years. I have never heard it so cannot comment on its sound quality, but I don’t like its form factor or Chord’s illuminated bubblegum interface.

    I have been looking at the new FiiO Q5s that was recently released as a DAC/AMP as well as they optional THX amp module. Initial reviews seem to be good (for what i am looking for).

    I may be interested in the FiiO M11pro DAP that is yet to be released. Or possibly waiting for the new Sony DAPs. It’s especially difficult for me as there is nowhere to audition any equipment where I live. So all decisions are based on carefully reading reviews and feedback from users.

    Good luck with your hunt!
  11. szore
    But the sound quality isn't that good
  12. stereonerd
    MQA sounds pretty good to me. Is there something that sounds better?
  13. Tragic
    Sounds great to me.
  14. szore
    Tidal sounds better than HiRes Flac???

    OK, enjoy!
  15. joshnor713
    Do you even know what Tidal is? It's HiFi quality is CD-quality Flac (and MQA more so). I dunno what kind of overkill standards you listen by, but regardless, it in no means equates to "doesn't sound good".
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