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Introducing CL2 Planar (Impressions Thread)

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  1. stereonerd
    It sounds better than lugging around hard disks full of FLAC files that's for sure
  2. szore
    I have a Tidal account, yes.

    Calm down. If you prefer streaming your music, knock yourself out.
  3. stereonerd
    Offline MQA, not good enough?
  4. szore
  5. szore
    What percentage of the music on Tidal is MQA?
  6. stereonerd
  7. szore
  8. joshnor713
    I'm not un-calm. What you said begs to question. One has to provide rationale to statements like this or they're just going to look like a troll.
  9. Doctordoom16
    back and forth testing w MQA and same album bought off HD tracks, no discernible difference. Tested on Chord mojo, hiby r6pro, chord hugo2, with Senn HD800s, rha cl2, fearless s8f
    saving my money and stream or download MQA.
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  10. 518013

    This track on the Cl2 is something to behold, Juego de Relojes "Game of Clocks" It's a great test of percussion instruments, and the way the CL2 renders this track is simply breathtaking.
    The tone is extremely accurate.

    I am about a 100 or so hours into the burn in process, and these iems are turning into something very special.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
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  11. szore
    A lot of people claim there is a "treble peak" based on frequency charts; what do you hear? 100 hours of burn-in should be enough...
  12. Tragic
    Yeah someone better throw up some graphs
    before people start thinking these are good earphones or something.
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  13. 518013
    I have seen some of the graphs that show the peak., but to my ears this monitor is very accurate as far as percussion instruments, guitars, violins, saxophones etc are concerned. I personally don't get what people are complaining about, but then again I mostly listen to speakers.
    It could very well be that they are used to Bass heavy colored monitors. On some of the Jazz albums that I have listened to with The CL2, the playback is down right breathtaking, I don't have anything to complain about :)
    I'll say more after I get my hands on a new cable.

    To add: These have changed quite a bit with burn in, so I am looking forward to hearing where they are at hour 200-300 and so on.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
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  14. szore
    Don't mind me, i'm just trying to get my post count up to 1,000...

    Glad you are enjoying them. I owned the SS Andromeda's, and the Xelento's, and I LOVED them. Then I bought the CL2's, and the Andro's by comparison sounded raw. And the X's just sounded crashy and filled with distortion...Unlistenable...
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  15. szore
    I prefer this...
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