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IMR - R1 Thread

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  1. mw7485
    I also found that the blues were too bright to start with, and used pinks for the first 25 hours. After that, the blues were fine and they have stayed in ever since. Approaching 50 hours now, and things have slowly developed into a fantastic sound - almost whatever I throw at them from my 13,000 track library they handle with aplomb. Absolutely banging sound; I think Bob has really nailed it this time around.
    davehutch and monsieurfromag3 like this.
  2. geagle
    Nice to know:) ... got them on burn in, myself, and I'll revisit what filter to use once they're done.
  3. Immortal
    just curious: how do you usually burn-in them? Did bob recommend something or just regular music/white noise/etc at mid to low volume?
  4. nlowran
    just use pink noise, he rec'd 40 hours
  5. mdtolic
    I use the hip-hop radio station over several nights.

  6. geagle
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2019
  7. Immortal
    many thanks to all of you!
    I'll leave them in the office during night hours to speed up the process a little bit. Just waiting for the shipment email!
  8. davehutch
    I bought three pairs of Koss KSC75 for my friends at Christmas and burned them all in for 50 hours or so. I connected them to a radio in a room we don't use too much and then put them between three cushions to keep the noise down, as those on-ears are pretty open.
    BTW, I found exactly the same thing as mentioned above regarding starting with pink and then moving to blue filters, so I intend to put these straight onto burn-in for at least three days and then go straight to the blue filters.
    Looking forward to receiving them very much.
  9. nlowran
    Has anyone used their modded orange filters on the Zeniths yet?
  10. Jasonsdman
    Received the Zenith last week. Using the black filter now. Hopefully after burn in, the bass will be good enough to use the pink filter.
  11. Sito Lupion
    Has someone received the shipping confirmation email?
  12. HungryPanda
    Not Me
  13. Sito Lupion
    HungryPanda likes this.
  14. dobis4ever
    as HungryPanda said:

    not me ... +1
  15. JohnRS
    Me neither. I know the email said he'd start to send them this week but a part of me can't help but feel a little bit disappointed, especially when some people have had them already.
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