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IBasso Audio IT03

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  1. nmatheis Contributor

    Yes, I believe that's true. They share a similar tuning, though don't they? In any case, I found the Fender IEM bass response sloppy for the most part. Glad to go back to IT03.

    Any thoughts on 1-Plus similarities to IT03, Peter? You're a 1-Plus fan IIRC...
  2. Jackpot77

    Hey Peter

    Nice to see another familiar face here! Sadly, I fear you are right, which is sad as they were the three models I liked the most out of all the Aurisonics range I have heard so far! :wink:

    Maybe the Ibasso team can take up the mantle and put some more models to compete - if someone could put the Rockets tuning in a better shell with a dash more bass, that would be something special...
  3. peter123

    Ha ha, you're correct I really enjoy the 1PLUS a lot.

    Unfortunately I don't have the IT03, I'm just a curious reader :wink:

    It's my understanding that the Fender line doesn't share much with the ASG line from Aurisonics but Jackpot77 would be my go to authority on this since he has got a wide experience with Aurisonics/Fender.

    Hi my friend, nice to see you here as well. I'm afraid you're not the only one feeling that way about the ASG line. It would indeed be amazing if iBasso could build a strong series of IEM's and I'd certainly be all over those upgraded Rockets you're describing :wink:
  4. Jackpot77
    If I had to compare them, the 1Plus is the closest, but as mentioned, the mids are more forward and the overall sound is smoother on the 1Plus from memory (as in less audible micro detail). Bass is capable on the 1Plus due to the huge Aurisonics inhouse drivers, but not tuned to be as substantial in the subbass as the IT03 without EQ. I think they could be considered cousins rather than brothers, but if you like the IT03 If be very surprised if you didn't like the 1Plus (and vice versa for you, Peter).

    The thing I keep coming back to is that I am just enjoying my music through the IT03 - they are very reminiscent of the effect the AQ Nighthawks have on me in that regard.
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  5. Jackpot77
    One for you as you like your classic rock, nmatheis - just listening to "When It's Love" on Spotify Extreme by The Circle (Sammy Hagar's latest supergroup) on the IT03 - not the best quality live recording, but the texture and body of Michael Anthony's bass in the track is just putting a massive grin on my face (I was a huge Van Halen fan in the Hagar era, to be fair) - that's what this hobby is supposed to do, right?
  6. nmatheis Contributor
    I prefer Diamond Dave. However, I did see Alice In Chains + Van Hagar back in the day. Good show except Michael Anthony decided to book his bass guitar up to a midi controller and made it sound like whale song. I mean, I just stood there with eyes and mouth wide open. I just couldn't believe what was happening, lol :p
  7. Richsvt
    I am really liking the signature of the IT03. I am listening I Still Believe by The Call and just some grinning going on. I have put these through the paces and have reached about 120 hours so far. Just really like the presentation. The bass is enough to make you realize there's more to this than just BA drivers. I was listening to my Jupiters last night and they are great but I look forward to putting on the IT03. Went for a good long hike today and isolation is decent with the stock blue tips. I find these are the ones I grab most often right now because of the sound they are giving me. Wondering what's going to develop at 150 hours? Can't wait to find out. Curious to see how foam tips will change the sound. Don't have any with the right fit so still searching...
  8. Jackpot77

    I like the early DLR stuff like Dance The Night Away, but some of the post reunuon stuff just isn't the same. Listening to DLR on live recordings these days is line listening to Jon Bon Jovi - they sound like bad karaoke versions of themselves. To give Hagar his credit, he's still hitting the high notes into his late 60s. Must be all that own brand tequila.

    Anyway, a very pleasant detour - only meant to listen to a song or two and have just done the album. Damn IT03s! :wink:
  9. audio123
    Have both the asg 1plus and it03. Based on technical performance alone, it03 is more capable in extension while asg 1plus thrives in its lush midrange. It03 is tighter in bass.
  10. nmatheis Contributor

    So, I actually sat next to Bon Jovi's band on a plane ride back in the day. I was in middle school and was returning from visiting my dad in Denver back to my mom's house in Portland. I was in between the bassist and drummer. Jon was in the back of the plane, which was curtained off.

    I was doing some homework, and the bassist said he'd pay me $10 if I could spell Czechoslovakia. I'm not even sure why that came up, but I was a good speller and am darn sure I spelled it right. But the dude wouldn't pay up. Jerk :p

    They looked like this, lol:

    And this was the video they had on mtv:

    Hey, man. Thanks for the thoughts on these.
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  11. jmills8
    Runaway, their best song from their best Album.
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  12. Subhakar

    Maybe he didn't know if you spelled it correctly himself?! :wink:
  13. cylpol1
    Also people who ordered from Penon directly can someone let me know how much they paid exactly, I plan on ordering from them directly and just wante dto know how much exactlt it is including shipping etc and if they will tell you that at checkout thanks.
  14. jamato8 Contributor
    Since Leonard Cohen passed, I have been listening to a lot of his music. I have the Utopia and even the HE1000V2 but the intimacy and texture of the IT03 make listening to his music very enjoyable. The texture of his voice, the excellent bass foundation lend to a very meaningful and engrossing sound. 
    One thing I have noticed, in general, about the IT03 is that they don't make my ears ring. I can always tell when something isn't right, even if I can' hear it outright. I have had ear buds and some IEM's that after a while, would make my ears ring. I never get this with the IT03 even if I play them louder than normal. I have also noticed this about the HD650. I used to get a lot of ringing and when I would use the 650's it would go away. Nothing like being able to listen to music and cure a type of tinniest at the same time. Well the IT03 does the same thing, no ringing. 
  15. WeeWoo

    I paid exactly what they listed it for which was like 259$. Shipping is free. Took about a week to get to my home in California. One thing to note is that there was no warranty card in the box. I asked about it and they said they take care of the warranty. Not sure if this is the norm or not.

    Their exact words, "hi dear friend
    pls do not worry , due to we will take the warranty for you , so the warranty card is not in the box .”
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