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IBasso Audio IT03

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  1. jmills8
    "dear friend" means customer or buyer in Chinese.
  2. Jalo
    Hi John, I have the IT03 also, but you bought up a very good point that I want to compare notes with you.  I listened to the Utopia last month and even though the sound is totl and very high end but the whole sound presentation of the Utopia seems to be farther away from me comparing to iems.  In the last little while I have been listening to iems more frequently than fullsize headphones because I am always on the road or in the air. Comparing to iems including the IT03, I just find the Utopia less intimate and immersive almost feeling like the music is not in my head.  I don"t know if it is because of the nature of iems listening but I really prefer to high end iems over to the Utopia.  What do you think?
  3. pr0b3r
    Warranty with Penon is top notch!  I had a problem once with a DAP and they gladly replaced it.  Problem solved.  Just try to communicate with them first through their FB page, Penon Penon.
  4. borjok536
    I hope someone here do have oriolus forsteni and IT03 to compare. Im just curious if they have same sound signature, and if the IT03 is more of a practical choice considering the price. or there's a big difference in terms of tonality and overall sound signature.
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  5. jamato8 Contributor

    Yes the Utopia is further away and a different sound. They are excellent. Wonderful headphones and sound unlike any of my other phones. With the IT03 I am more immersed in the sound. It is still in front and to the side of me, whereas my other IEM's, including the JH13 Pro freq phase are around and even a little behind me. That is what I like about the IT03, I am immersed but not like sound sound has no placement. I get imaging and layering that is in front of me, which is more natural, IMO. 
    Do I prefer a good IEM over the Utopia? No, they both have a quality I enjoy but for a lot of listening I am now using the 03 more and more, which surprises me because the HE1000 V2 and the Utopia are excellent (and they sound different from each other). The 03 are pretty much unnoticed in my ears and I don't have the weight of the headphones on my head. 
    I am listening to Band of Horses, Acoustic At The Ryman and the sound is superb. With piano, voices and acoustic space it is a real treat. 
  6. cylpol1
    For people that have the iem, specifically for this iem can people tell me how sturdy the mmcx connectors and how durable they are and if they think they would hold up later on as the connectors may spin in place so wondering if anyone sees that as an issue for this iem. Also please describe the fit with these connectors as it has been heard that these connectors make the fit weird sometimes.
  7. Vulpix0r
    Hi, does anyone have better replacement cables to recommend? The ones from iBasso are kinda garbage, they tend to "twirl" by itself rather easily.
  8. pr0b3r
    @nmatheis sir, or anyone who have tried, how would you compare the IT03 with the A91? I know the comparison is unfair and the latter would probably be better. Just curious how IT03 stand up against Fidue's current flagship. TIA!
  9. jmills8
    He had the A91 first and he had an urge for this so guess the A91 enjoyment didnt last too long. ☺
  10. pr0b3r
    Didn't really think of that.  I know he's got a lot in his hands, literally.  So I was thinking maybe he enjoys them all.  Just curious about the comparison if he ever did a/b them.
  11. nmatheis Contributor

    Sorry, I haven't heard Sirius. I know someone who owns both, though. audio123, can you give a quick comparison?

    I second the request above for IT03 vs the new baby Oriolus. I'm really curious about that...
  12. ezekiel77
    Hey Nik, how are you enjoying the IT03 next to the FLC8S? It's probably the only IEM I regret selling.
  13. nmatheis Contributor

    Different sounds with the way I've got FLC8S set up. FLC8S have a more linear sound with fuller mids - and consequently a fuller sound. IT03 has more bass punch and leaner mids, with a very nice sense of space. That's one thing I really like about IT03 - the sense of space they provide, not just soundstage but space between the sounds. And they accomplish the sense of space without resorting to overblown highs, which I greatly appreciate. IT03 took a bit of time for me to get acclimated to the sound, but now that I am they're really growing on me. I'll take another week or two and then put up a review.
  14. ForceMajeure
    A bit more bite from the bass on the FLC8S could have been perfect. What config do you have on the FLC8S? Thank you for this comparison, it helps drawing a line between the 2.
  15. ezekiel77

    Thank you so much for the impressions. The FLC8S wasn't particularly airy or spacious, but I really loved the fun factor and tuning. Learnt to appreciate and actually prefer an airier sig now, so the IT03 might just be the ticket.
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