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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ProtegeManiac, Aug 2, 2017.
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  1. leeperry
    I tried M1060C that sounded metallic, thin & shrill, unbelievable :xf_eek:

    A friend of mine compared that cheapo 560 from Adorama to 4XX and said that the former had more resolution but less bass.
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  2. hsdrggr
    I agree 100%
  3. hsdrggr
    Did you happen to upgrade the op amp in the NX3s? It’s sound profile is so much nicer.

    Since you are so happy with the Burson Fun, they just ran a 48 hour sale and I purchased their Fun and Bang with classic V6 op amps too. Buddy, your making me spend too much money!
  4. Shane D
    Wow! You really went all in. I love my Fun with Classic opamps. MassDrop was just selling the Classic Opamps. I am waiting for the Vivid's.

    So, will you use the Bang to run speakers and the Fun as a pre?

    I didn't play with the NX3s at all. The sound really didn't do anything for me and I don't really need a portable. I will likely be selling my NX3s, A5 and even the HE4XX's.

    I am Really curious about the CFA Cascades and the Focal Elex. I would like to buy at LEAST one of these by Christmas. Perhaps both if I can find used.

    Shane D
  5. hsdrggr
    Yep. Fun as a preamp for the Bang in my garage. But still going to try the Fun for headphones even though I have a real nice tube amp.

    Since I changed the op amp in the NX3s it seems I use it a lot for my IEMs and HE4XX. It is a much better sounding amp now. More laid back, warmer, wider, clearer and highs are tamed a little. I can listen through it for hours. If you don’t go portable I can see you getting rid of it. But if you don’t, PM me your address and I’ll send you a LT1364 op amp. I have a spare I can send you for free.

    As for new stuff I have a set of Verum 1 planar headphones and Moondrop Kanas Pro IEMs coming soon. I’m hoping the Verums will be better than the HE4XX’s.

  6. Shane D
    I think the best set-up would be an SS amp AND a tube amp. I am very interested in adding the Loxjie P20 as my headphones are very efficient.

    Thanks for your kind offer, but I am up in . Plus I don't want to scratch it up as it will be moving along.

    I have heard the Verum name. I think I am going to give up on Planars. The HE4XX's and the Oppo PM3's both underwhelmed me over the long haul. Both were great at first, but...

    I can't do the IEM's thing.

    Shane D
  7. The Socialist Nerd
    Still debating on grabbing a pair of these suckers for school usage. These look more practical than my Audeze LCD-2CB's.
  8. turbomustang84
    I love mine and I'm not even a Planar guy I own only these and the original 400 but prefer these .
    I think they along with the 6XX and the 58X are really great bang for buck
  9. hsdrggr
    HE4xx’s are open back headphones so everybody around you will hear what you’re listening to. Externally they are louder than the Sennheiser‘s. In the evening I will be in the living room listening to music and my wife will complain in the bedroom when she’s trying to go to sleep. Just keep that in mind if you listen to music loud and use use hifiman planars.
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  10. turbomustang84

    Has anyone tried a comfort strap on your HE-4XX ?
    The only discomfort I find is the headband and I saw this on eBay and was curious
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  11. Shane D
    So, how is the Fun working out for you?

    Shane D
  12. BobSmith8901
    I had a look at this on ebay-looks like a good idea but would like to see a bit more detail on its installation and how it actually feels on the head.

    Wonder if anyone does indeed have any experience with it on the 4XX or one of its siblings. The 4XX headband does get a little uncomfortable at times.

    This gave me the idea to try an HD600 headband pad I have and see if it provides some comfort in the "crown" area. Those 600 pads can be attached with a few rubber bands to see if they work.
  13. hsdrggr
    I went with the ZMF Pilot Pad. It works great. However I have to run the ear cup yokes to max extension to reach my ears properly. But very comfy. The original HE4xx rubbed my pointy head too much so I had to do something.
  14. hsdrggr
    Shane, The Burson Fun works well. I wasn't real impressed with it initially when listening with the HE4XX headphones, However, the new Verum One Planars sound really good on it. The Verum One headphones had a defective left channel input socket, that I just replaced. Since I have them torn apart I'm going to roll pads with Mr. Speakers Alpha Pads, and remove some of the damping material on the grills. I then think they will sound really amazing on the Burson Fun Classic. But I have an alternate plan for the Burson Fun anyway; it's going to be the preamp for the Burson Bang in my Garage/Shop. Thanks for the rec.

    P.S. I recently ordered a set of Beyerdynamic DT177X Go headphones from Massdrop, so I'll be interested about how they sound on the Fun.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2019
  15. Shane D
    I found it good with most headphones, but magical with my Grado's.

    I didn't find it anything special with the HE4XX's, but I do have to dig them out and give them another try.
    I just got a Loxjie P20 hybrid amp and will have to try the HE4XX's with this rig too.

    Shane D
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2019
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