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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ProtegeManiac, Aug 2, 2017.
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  1. The Socialist Nerd
    I just got my pair this week and been running these to university with me quite often. Easier to drag around than my Audeze LCD-2CB's which are now sitting at home happily :).
  2. leeperry
    my 3.5mm 4XX is internally wired in TS, having R connected to T gives no sound whatsoever.
  3. BobSmith8901
    Thanks lee. I was doing some searching last night and found someone that made the same observation as the ring often not having a connection with the standard TRS jacks. I also read that the termination, TRS or TRRS ( or I guess even TRRRS) will work as long as there are two contacts in each cup (which the TS provides). It does seem that the dual TS connection should work normally with the 4-XX but as someone with limited hands-on with cabling I'm open to any further comments. Thanks again for checking.
  4. leeperry
    R on a stereo mini plug will connect to S inside the phone
  5. mattiav
    My Meze 99 classics cables (mono 3.5mm t/s and the cup end) work perfectly with the HE4XX.
  6. BobSmith8901
    That's great to know. Thanks!
  7. The Socialist Nerd
    Where can I order that cable?
  8. BobSmith8901
  9. mattiav
  10. ayres
    what do you all think? can the shanling m2x power the he4xx (and sound good)?

    the last time i went down this road, i was using a fiio x3ii with the 400s. while it worked, i felt it was underwhelming.

    i realize i can get a separate amp to drive the cans, but for now i'm more interested in not using one. any opinions welcomed!
  11. BobSmith8901
    Still enjoying my 4XX's after almost a year. Lately running them from a Cayin C5 with FiiO X5III w/stock firmware and Tidal streaming via UAPP, primarily. Find that they are a bit more lively, especially with 2K-20K equalized up a bit and the Cayin bass boost and hi-gain employed, than either my Senn 6XX's or 58X's altho the latter 2 are enjoyable in the own individual ways and setups.

    I got them in Sep of 18 and I was lucky to get a pair that, so far, haven't been plagued with construction issues.

    Still haven't decided on a new single ended cable but for a very minor mod try I took off the screens and cleaned up a bit of glue and paper stuck to the magnets and took off the little thin dust filter on the screens. Without the dust filter I found the sound a bit more airy although after about a week I thought, totally unscientifically, that they were a bit too open and not even slightly outside-noise dampening. Plus, I though the sound stage lost a bit of its coherence without the filters. I reattached them to the screens (they didn't "stick" as well as originally but they were attached well enough). When I listened again I though, yeah, that's a bit more like it, music just sounded more right, I guess.

    I know there are many more mods that can be attempted but for me, I think just getting sufficient power and then tweaking the EQ is a simpler solution, for now anyway. I think I will eventually try new pads as the stock Focus A's are OK but they can get itchy and the cloth gets sort of irritating against your hair and scalp at times.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2019
  12. turbomustang84

    I just got a Loxjie P20 Balanced Tube amp and it works very well with HD-4XX and HE-4XX with the Geshelli Enog2 I'm done buying components for a while .
    For $99 it's a bargain
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2019
  13. Vitandus
    Picked up a 4.4mm terminated cable and can now drive my set with the FiiO M11. Works pretty well!
    lotonoro likes this.
  14. genck
    How do these sound compared to the HE-400 (not 400i, original 400). I see the 400i being compared to it but not the 400
  15. turbomustang84
    I Have the Original 400 (Blue ) and the HE-4XX beats it in build Quality and sound Quality except the highs are a bit toned down on the 4XX in my opinion but in a pleasing way.
    I would actually sell my 400 but they really have not held their value so I may not use them much however I can't really sell them without giving them away.
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