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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ProtegeManiac, Aug 2, 2017.
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  1. ProtegeManiac Contributor
  2. Mojo65
    Right, the price is appealing... for those aiming at the first planar looks like a very good chance. the drop is for 500, huge number but the price is tempting. I'll follow carefully.
  3. loki993
    Im cautiously optimistic about these. It doesn't say the drop is for 500 it only says the first 500 will be guaranteed a serial under 550. Please hope there aren't just 500 because they will be gone in seconds if they're is that many, hell they could probably do 5k like the original debacle 6xx drop and sell out in minutes. There is actually very little information, which is the cause for caution, on the headphones, the quantity or when they will actually ship. remember the HD6xxx aren't shipping until december!!!

    Also in the comments they claim to not be able to discuss the drivers or really anything about the headphones..aside from the fact that they are planars.

    They better be making a crap ton of these otherwise they're going to have even more angry people then they did with the HD6xx drop.
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2017
  4. DancingShade
    I like the form factor of the HE4XX but other than the slightly lower price why would anyone buy these over the Monoprice M560s which are available right now?
  5. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Ergonomics. M560 has slightly smaller, closed back cups. HE4XX has slightly larger open back cups.
    DancingShade likes this.
  6. Dragon13
    They've updated the description to say that 2500 will be available.
    trellus likes this.
  7. DancingShade
    That's a pretty fair point actually. Ergonomics are everything in the end.
  8. Soundwave76
    It's now available. Just pulled the trigger! :)
  9. DancingShade
    Wow 577 already gone and it's not even an hour since the drop started. Got to admit the price is excellent for what look like decent open planar headphones after reading Tyll's short review.
  10. Mojo65
    We will see... when I ordered mine I was surprised to see "only" 156 units sold in 3 minutes. But now are almost 1000. With such pace the 2500 should be reached sono I guess.
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2017
  11. Humblepie
    M560 is closed or open depending on if you take the side wood plates off. The earpads aren't much different in size compared to the H400i stock pads either. The M560 is heavier though in weight by a bit since there isn't a lick of plastic anywhere that I can see on it. The focus pads the 4xx comes with are the same the 400i and 400s come with.
  12. loki993
    I honestly thought they would be gone by now, I've been in work meetings all morning and I thought I had lost my chance. But in struggling with what these will be like. There seems to be some secrecy around the drivers and things like that. No one seems to know if they will be more like the 400s or the 400i or completely different.

    Im also wondering if someone would want these over the monoprice M1060...the price if definitely more attractive.....but if Im only going to have one pair of planars.....

    The december ship date is sort of a killer though..that's the thing about massdrop that I struggle with.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2017
  13. 007shark76
    I was tempted by these. I decided to pass, though, since I already have the HE400S. I was hoping for a 5XX.
  14. Nells
    Looks like they lowered the weight from 440g to 370g as well. Pretty damn good deal overall, but I think the 400 has an odd sound signature, especially in the treble, and people buying these on impulse without doing research could very likely be disappointed.
  15. TMRaven
    Many measurements have been provided on these already. From the measurements and impressions, they fall more along the lines of the 400S or to a lesser extent, the 400i.
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