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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ProtegeManiac, Aug 2, 2017.
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  1. Nells
    Really? That's pretty cool. Maybe Massdrop should call them the 4XXS's instead.
  2. phthora
    As someone who already owns the 400i and has no interest in the 400S at all, I think I'm going to pass on the 4XX. It's hard to see the draw for someone already invested in the 400 series.
    xingfei and paradoxology like this.
  3. Humblepie
    Shouldn't have, since I have a 400i, but I went ahead by joining the drop. Already waiting until December for the hd6xx. Might as well double the fun with that.
  4. TomBombadil
    I'm joining the planar magnetic world. Adding to a NAD Viso HP50. Any idea what sort of improvement I'll be getting with these?
  5. Letmebefrank
    I also joined the drop today. Already waiting till December for HD6XX so why not another? I'll be doing all the popular mods to my 6xx to keep my 650s stock. Looking forward to having a hifiman planar in my lineup.
  6. cheungtsw
    Is it really H400i in disguise ?

    The hinges look different. The ear cup look different (400i is chrome like and XX looks like plastic).
  7. paradoxology
    I've got a HE-400i, an HD-6XX, and a T-X0 on order. I am not likely going to order one of these but it does look like a good deal! Tempting!
  8. KewlMunky
    A new world of comfort, at least in my opinion. I used my NAD Viso HP50 for all of 10 minutes and boxed them up for return. They did not fit me at all, and the improper fit also caused the bass to suffer.
  9. pbui44
    The frame of the HE-4xx is the original HE-400, whereas the drivers are likely to be HE-400i. The HE-400i ear cups are plastic, and the HE-4xx ear cups will most likely be plastic as well. Oh yeah, for those who think the HE-560 ear cups are wood: they are plastic covered in a wood veneer.

    The price of $170 is lower than a used HE-400, which is around $200. If you want a cheap way to get into open-back planars, now is a great time to do it.
  10. TomBombadil
    That's too bad. My only comfort issue with them is that the headband can press on my head a bit much during extended listening sessions, and since its a narrow band it has a fair amount of pressure.
  11. candysound
    same here , i just got the 400i and although these are a steal of a deal i dont really see the need for them ... maybe a 560 (5xx) or better :) in the near future
  12. phthora
    From the FR that Massdrop posted, the 4XX has some serious roll-off in the low-bass starting at 70 hz. The 400i has a much more linear extension. That may not matter much to you depending on taste and certainly there are cans like the HD650 which sound awesome and have similar roll-off, but the 4XX is missing out on one of the key characteristics of good planars (deep, linear bass). The 4XX may still have the fast transient response of the 400i (I'll believe it when I see it, though) and they may be great cans in their own right, but if you are interested in an introductory dip into the 'planar sound,' this ain't it.
  13. muffins
    I think I'll pass since I already have the original He-400 and the LCD-2. I came really close to pulling the trigger though... looking forward to the reviews in December!
  14. Koolpep
    Hahah, same here too, I have the original HE-400 ( my first planar) and since gotten a few planers - LCD-2, HE-560, PM-2, PM-3 and really like all of them, with PM2 and 560 being the top for me. But for $170 - hmmmm

    I have the HE-400' grill modded and with ZMF lambskin pads and like what I hear, however, they do sound less natural than the rest of my gang, but certainly are fun.
  15. muffins
    Oh I would have bought them if I wasn't saving up for a pair of CIEMs! Planar's have that special 'something' that I crave, I wish I had more tbh (the 560 is a tempting Can). Though it's sad to see once again Massdrop didn't just wait till the production was further along to tell us. I won't buy something when the lead time is 4-5 months -_-
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